These people need feminism, let me help them out!

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She’s found the cure for all rapists – a freshman orientation class!


The Second Amendment can solve that problem.


I’m sure Pajama Boy would agree with this one.


I’m sure there’s a required college course to help with that problem.


Charlize Theron would agree with this one.


As if feminists will return that favor to the other half of the population.


Pick a side girls…


The blue hair convinced me.

Here’s all you really need to know about feminism:

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  2. I need feminism because….
    Life is more interesting when seasoned heavily with liberal bullsh**t

  3. This is absolutely bizarre- not these women, this post. These women are responding to the “women against feminism” trend that has emerged. They are defending the movement that has given them a voice, an education, and the right o wear pants. Just because a group of privileged women no longer need the feminist movement (or so they seem to think), doesn’t mean that BILLIONS of women don’t. If you are a woman and like voting, having a job, having the right to divorce your husband, or press charges when you are sexually assaulted, or go out in public alone, or wearing whatever clothes you like- you need feminism. The whole point is equality. If you think everyone deserves to be treated equally, then guess what… You agree with feminism!

    • having the right to divorce your husband… I guess I did not realize this was a uh, right? Is it his right for him to get rape in the courts? One man actually killed himself because of it
      I reading what you post wrong? Clarity please, Peace.

      • By that I meant that men have had the right to leave (or do far far worse to) their wives for hundreds of years, while women could not, despite infidelity or abuse, because they were essentially owned by their husbands.
        The settlements in divorce hearings were not was I was talking about, but I do think using the term “raped in court” is just astonishing, especially following a post with a link to an article regarding the colloquial use of the term “raped”

        • Um, if he leaves she gets the house, the kids and half his income and if she leaves she gets the house, the kids and half his income (even if she cheated and shacks up with the guy who actually fathered her kids)… you’d call that “fair” and everyone else calls it “divorce rape” nowadays. Welcome to what “no-fault divorced” has now subsidized.

          • Huge generalizations. You know guys who have lost a lot in a divorce. So do I. I know women who have suffered the same. I know lots of women who have been literally, physically raped by their partners. That doesn’t mean all men do it. Women abuse their partners too. In my initial comment I said women have the right to divorce their husbands. Not that they had a right to claim sole custody, or claim some or all of the money, or the house. All I said was women should have the right to leave, just as men have. Are we not agreed on that? There are massive problems regarding custody and the rights of fathers in the legal system that need to be addressed. But 1) this is a post about feminism, not bitter divorces and 2) seeing as their is a disproportionately larger amount of male judges, politicians, and members of government (an improvement on a 0:1 ration, i will admit), why are women to blame for gender biased laws?

    • @Susie, aka Peaceful Anarchist:
      Your idea of feminism is anachronistic — that of the “First Wave” of the feminist movement. DCG’s post and critique is directed at today’s version of feminism, which is a far cry from that envisioned by the suffragettes of the First Wave. They would be turning in their graves at what “feminism” had morphed into, including the “right” to murder . . . the unborn.
      I see from your IP address that you’re Australian. This is an American blog and this post is about “feminism” in contemporary America. As the owner of FOTM, I ask you, politely, to “butt out!”

    • Just because a group of “privileged women” (is that code for conservative women now?) have their own opinion, doesn’t mean that BILLIONS of women don’t.
      “If you think everyone deserves to be treated equally”, then guess what, you haven’t seen what today’s (progressive) feminists have to say about conservatives:
      I find it bizarre that feminists want “equality” yet want more gun control. Guess I’ll just have to urinate or throw up on an attacker. How empowering.
      And yep, I liked having a job until Obama solved that problem:

      • No, by privileged I meant that they have access to a camera, the internet, can read and write, have tme to spare, and appear to be inside comfortable looking buildings. I am a privileged white woman. I need feminism. Being conservative implies having a political stance, earned for modern women by… ?
        On your second point, my response in my other reply is seems adequate.
        Finally (and perhaps a factor in some of the misunderstanding here) I am referring to to women and feminism globally. The US is not the entire world. Do you think that women in developing countries deserve to vote? And have the opportunity to go outside unsupervised, show their faces in public, go to school, get a job, get equal pay for it, have a say in who they marry, have access to birth control, and to disagree with men sometimes?
        These are the women feminism is supposed to be fighting for. I think we are all in agreement that there is a large number of “modern” or “progressive” feminists who want female superiority. They don’t speak for all of us. Saying “all feminists think this because of this” is only a small step up from “all women like x” or “all men do y”. You obviously don’t agree with everything Obama does, and I wouldn’t assume that you do just because you live in the states.

        • “Being conservative implies having a political stance, earned for modern women by… ?” By people who support women and their individual choices.
          We can agree that there are many women worldwide that suffer due the politics/religions of their nation. My posting did not mean to infer that those women don’t need support – whether it be having the right to vote, drive, divorce, etc. And in my opinion, I do not think feminism is the answer, especially in countries that practice Sharia Law.
          My whole point of this post was to refute the posters people were holding, and their specific claims for needing feminism. They don’t speak for all of us conservative women.

          • Yup, those ISIS folk love women so much they think every jihadist should own 4… not a peep from Sandra Fluke or Code Pink, though.

        • I suppose groups like the russian “p**sy riot” or “femen” are good examples? Oh wait, they encourage stripping down, using their nudity to try to shock and manipulate moral folk, offend the general population, encourage whoredom, and molesting orthodox monks… right they’re prime examples of global feminism. feminism and satanic communism are the same thing, and you would do well to read up on such subjects, like it or not, and U.S.A. or not, feminism in the current era has nothing to do with “equality” or “rights” it has everythign to do with denigrating women everywhere and trying to make them into complete sluts. Were you aware the namesake of “masochism” which is one corruption and disorder of the sexual function takes it name from one sacher-masoch, who wrote of feminist ideals a long time back ( “Auf der Höhe. Internationale Review” )?
          As for the “right to vote” have you noticed it is meaningless, how much has “voting” helped society at large? (Read: not at all, because citizen votes don’t actually count.) The truth of the matter is feminism is the worst insult to women and feminine things and traits that has ever been, as it seeks to completely eradicate all femininity everywhere and make women into men, as per gnostic/satanic commands. Current feminism *is* the misogynistic patriarchy.

    • “The whole point is equality.” The TERFs missed the memo on that one.

  4. Reminds me of Foxworthy’s here’s your sign. LOL.

  5. To be truly feminine means you are free to be how ever you want to be/as girly or anti-girly as you want. I spent many years in a man’s world doing the same job as a man [I rode race horses, back when there were no women riding] and The way you get respect is to be better at your job than most. Once they knew I could handle my horses and not cause them to be in a wreck, they became respectful, and I became one of the guys. It take lots of work and dedication. I still let them open doors for me or go ahead of them, and say thank you when they do. What is wrong with having manners? This is making everyone else responsible for how YOU FEEL about yourself. Total BS. You do not let how others feel, control how you feel. Lib crap, yet again!

    • “This is making everyone else responsible for how YOU FEEL about yourself.” Brilliant one sentence description.

  6. I have little doubt that each of these young people, minus the blue haired “girly” are products of current institutions of “higher education.” No one would think up this crap all on their own! It gag me that tax monies, in part subsidize some of these institutions–they pollute the minds of young people. Thus, they have an extremely dangerous effect on our civilization as a whole.

  7. Perhaps all these women who are worried about getting raped should take a karate class so they can feel confidant that they can defend themselves against rapists.

  8. The dude in the blue wig and dress needs to get naked and look in a mirror and realize HE IS NOT A WOMAN.

  9. feminism is destroying femininity…I think by design. Femininity is what makes a woman soft, vulnerable, trusting, and have an open heart to God. Femininity is full of prayer and love. The woman reaches out to God and feels His love and gives it in return to others. Feminism is about division, stress, anger, distrust, blame…it has created a powerful victim mindset. Feminism is not natural, it is manufactured. I don’t believe females today understand how to be feminine. They are filled with so many chemicals in their bodies and so much crap in their heads that they cannot naturally understand or comprehend feminine ways. They are also too busy competing with males to truly understand that we were not meant to be competitors with each other but complementary for one another.

    • Exactly, feminism seeks to eradicate femininity, and attempts to make women masculine, in accordance with the doctrines found in gnostic texts (you’ll find bits that speak of “making women like men” for example), which are luciferian by nature.
      The full truth is that “feminism” is not only out to completely exterminate femininity, but it is fully satanic (gnostic, same difference really).

  10. Went through the comments and hit the links to outside articles, read ’em all and still don’t know what they’re talking about. TERFs, radfems – never seen such a pile of messed up people. This is what happens when the family unit disintegrates. This “gender rot” (as I call it) for the most part is the result of the lack of biblical role models. These poor people are crying out for acceptance by demanding recognition. Really, really sad.

  11. My son will leave for his second year of college this week. If they try to turn him into one of those pajama boy wanna bees from this article he will be done with college. He can go to a trade school and learn something useful and not be made to feel guitly for being born a MALE. We as a country are doomed if this is what we are getting for all that money we pay for tuition.

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