There's Strength in Numbers

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H/T GrouchyFogie
~Tom in NC

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0 responses to “There's Strength in Numbers

  1. Lovely!!! 🙂

  2. take the bus. we the american people need to cooperate in a like manner in november and make sure to vote obama out of office omg obama must go obama must go

    • Well, since he is openly working in concert with the new leader of the Al Qaeda, to bring about regime change in Syria, Al Qaeda which is the sworn enemy of the USA since nine eleven, Articles of Impeachment must be served on him right away. He is knowingly collaborating with the sworn enemy of our Republic. He has just signed a bill into law that says anyone collaborating to the slightest degree or extent with known terrorist organizations must be arrested by the military and put in indefinite detention, so he won’t be able to put up much of a protest against that, because he himself was the one who signed the bill into Law. If we can’t rise to the occasion and get control of our republic and reclaim our sovreignty with such an opportunity at our fingertips like this, then we are co traitors. We have the ability to have our Congress to reinstate Glass Steagall so we can regain control of uttering our own currency, and we have the plans that will help us to recover economically, that is the human economy, not the financial well being of the oligarchs, which is what their monetary system does.
      We don’t need their monetary system any longer. It is unable to support the lives of the species that God created in his own image, because they are not interested in investing in the people or their well being, which is exactly what the US Constitution is all about.
      And the reason that we fought the War of Independence was to rid ourselves of their monetary system, and provide for our needs and improve our civilization and standard of living by employing the Alexander Hamilton model of economic support of the nation.

  3. Cute concept they came up with.
    Yet still couldn’t pay me to take the bus 🙂

  4. As a US Navy vet… yes and no on this one. Done both… Just gald they were not camera phones in my time overseas…

  5. All i know is that it’s time to do something now!! it may all ready be to late. I mean what more prof does country need, them muslim’s all ready have 35 of those camps set up to take us over. Ask yourself’s are willing to kill and die for your family,and the freedom you know.


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