There Is No Birth Certificate

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Here’s a follow-up on my post, “Honolulu Chief Elections Clerk Says Obama Not Born in Hawaii.”
Now an English instructor at Western Kentucky University, Tim Adams was the chief elections clerk in Honolulu in 2008 and had access to all databases to confirm someone’s identity and birth. Adams is now speaking out because he is finally freed from Hawaii’s confidentiality clause.
The reason Adams can say with full confidence that Obama was not born in Hawaii is this: 

The Hawaii state government has no original or long-form birth certificate for Obama.

Nor do the two hospitals in Honolulu, Queen’s Medical Center and Kapiolani Medical Center, have birth records or an attending physician for Obama. 

In Hawaii, the long-form birth certificate is called a CERTIFICATE of Live Birth, like this one. Note how detailed it is, including the name of the hospital where the baby was born and the signature of the attending physician (“Attendant”):

What Hawaii has for Obama is a computer-generated short-form CERTIFICATION of Live Birth that does not identify the name of the hospital; nor does it have the signature of the attending physician. In other words, on the short-form, it’s just the parents’ word that the baby had been born in Hawaii. There’s no independent verification of either the birth or of the birth-place by a hospital and the physician who delivered the baby.

H/t Commieblaster.

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0 responses to “There Is No Birth Certificate

  1. I have been busy lately and haven’t had much time to read or post, but I just saw Atlas has a major story about The One telling the Egyptian Foreign Minister that he is, in fact, still a Muslim.
    Even before he took office I began having this overwhelming feeling that we are being forced into a particular paradigm. I have since revised this: a particular paradigm is being forced onto us.

    • Ted,
      I saw that too but decided not to post it because I couldn’t verify the information on the original source — an Israeli paper. I went on the Israeli website but could not find any article about the Egyptian Foreign Minister saying that about Obama. Did the Atlas article provide a link to or an URL for the original Israeli article?

  2. Well, that explains why the COLB says “AFRICAN” and not “BLACK” or “NEGRO” like it should because they can only copy what the original from ’61 would say– a PC Freudian slip.

    • Hmmm, Anon,
      Don’t you mean “because they didn’t know what an original birth certificate from 1961 would say” — which would be “Negro.” “African” is a recent PC term, not used in 1961?

  3. Eowyn,
    I think it was wise not to post it. After reading it more carefully, it looks like the source is not verified at this time. Good call.

  4. Exactly. (Yeah, I’m not being clear again, sorry.) Official forms like that didn’t even say “black” or “white” commonly until the early ’80s, too. (The COLB, to be a true authorized copy of the original, has to either say or abridge what the original says without otherwise altering its content.) “African” in the ’60s included white Kenyans, Rhodesians and South Africans so it would be too vague, too.

  5. It has been my belief for over 2 years that Obama is neither a citizen of this country, and he is here as an illegal alien just like the people who cross our borders daily with no legal immigration documents issues by our government prior ot their entry.

  6. I know you young folks don’t remember the 60’s but we called someone from Africa, “African” that would cover blacks, whites and asians.


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