There is good in the world

Amidst the Colorado horror and daily bad news, we forget there still is goodness in the world.
An elderly woman on a cane takes halting steps as she tries to cross the road.
Even though she’s in a marked pedestrian’s crossing, one car after another whisks by without stopping.
Then a dark SUV stops right in front of her. The driver steps out, takes her arm and escorts her safely across.
From the lettering of a store name and on the side of a passing truck, this isn’t in the United States or any English-speaking country. Probably some Slavic country.

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8 years ago

I’m kinda embarrassed to admit that when I watched this, I got a little – umm – I think Mike Myers on “Saturday Night Live” when portraying his Jewish mother-in-law called it “Verklempt”. It reminded me of how I felt seeing another, much sadder but still uplifting internet news clip about the Aurora shooting, where a girl was tearfully telling a reporter how her boyfriend had taken a bullet for her, throwing himself over her and losing his life to give her the chance to survive that terrible incident. There’s lots of good left in this world.

8 years ago

There are still plenty of good people, they just don’t get as much attention from the MSM. This happened just down the road from me and I had to find the story on the UK Daily Mail online?? What the heck? It will make you boo-hoo (in a good way)…

8 years ago

I was on a Greyhound in the UP 30 years ago when we stopped
for a mama duck and her baby chicks going across the road…
we all cheered the driver.
Not a babushka,but 30 years on I’m still thankful for seeing that
act of kindness.
May seeing this bless others ,as well.

Jonathan Hughes
8 years ago

You are beholding God in a human doing what you saw..NO greater love is there that a Person lay his life down to save another human. The one who laid his life down has a soul in him that will never die.That soul is with Gods in his holy light. In Gods time they will meet each other again.