There, I fixed it!

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You gotta wonder where some people get their ideas…

Sadly, I could use this…

Wonder if the operator got hazardous pay?

 Hey, at least he’s re-using!

I wouldn’t touch dare touch that…


Funny, I don’t see a problem with this one 🙂


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0 responses to “There, I fixed it!

  1. Love that building demolition technique.

  2. …I like the last one.The true American spirit…
    improvise , adapt and overcome

  3. About that cyclist photo… was it taken in Italy? Because if it was, then as those famous Italian-made shoes go around, they’ll make this sound: a-wop, a-wop, a-wop, a-wop, a-wop, a-wop-a!

    • LOLOL! 😀

    • Good one, Joseph! As an Italian yourself, you can say that and not be called a racist! LOL

      • Yeppers, and by the way, in Italy the politically correct phrase is that he “re-usa” his shoes!

      • At’sa right, LTG! But take it from me, dosa Sicilians are da Devil’s work, dey are! We should bore some reala bigga holes and sink dat damn island to Hell where dey came from!! And it’sa good thing I’ma Christian, or Id’ave sumtin bad to say about dem devils!! So, as ya say, it’sa gooda thing I’m nota racis, for sura!!!

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