There! I fixed it!

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0 responses to “There! I fixed it!

  1. OK, let’s see here….
    #1 has a car with fore and aft wheels turned impossibly. WTF?
    #2 looks to be a Good Idea, as I’ve done WAY too much drywall!
    #3 You’ve GOT to be kidding. Has WCB seen this? I thought not.

  2. #2 stilts are a common way to do drywall especially ceilings. #3 is the most boneheaded because it is lazy and thoughtless and almost invites a child to step on it and fall. hey lets put a rug over the hole yea its quitten time anyway just through a rug over it.

  3. And there are no beers visible, either.

  4. no beer no duct tape no .22 caliber nail gun


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