Then & Now: What's Wrong With America

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Wanna see how America has degenerated into the cesspool it is today? Here’s a fisheye lens’ view.
The first video is of a Dance Party in the 1960s on Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Channel 6 TV, a local version of Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.

Flash forward four decades to 2011 for another Dance Party, a weekly happening of freaky exhibitionists hosted by San Francisco TV station KOFY:


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0 responses to “Then & Now: What's Wrong With America

  1. How did we manage to get so fat, freaky and ugly???

  2. C’mon… Really? What was the big difference between the two videos besides the genre of music and the style of clothes?
    I can only imagine the thoughts of the parents and grandparents of the kids in the first video. You know they were saying the same thing about them at the time… “What’s wrong with these kids these days, Dorothy?,” or “For heaven sakes George, look at those short skirts those girls where wearing!”
    The second video is mild compared to the trash shown on MTV these days. Kids are practically having sex with their clothes on.

    • You don’t see the big difference? Really? Time for reading glasses?

      • Watched both again… as I do wear reading classes, I can’t see a big difference. Prescription is up to date and everything. From a fashion standpoint, half are dressed hideous and look like Halloween costumes. Are you referring to the way some of them are dancing? Air guitar?
        Can you be more specific Eowyn (I’m not trying to be argumentative) about what bothers you in the second video? To me they just look like poorly dressed folks having a good time dancing.
        When I think of degenerates, this sort of stuff comes to mind….

        • Thomas,
          To be sure, Madonna-wannabe singers such as Britney and Gaga are raunchier. But then, they weren’t the subject of my post.
          Using dance parties as example, my post was about how ordinary Americans today are so different than those 40 years ago — not just in clothing, but in their demeanor. To begin with, American Bandstand-style dance parties are for teenagers, but many of the people in the second video look to be aging Boomers. As Siegfried observed, when did Americans become so fat, freakish, and ugly? But if you don’t see that, oh well….what can I say?

          • I get that you were comparing TV dance parties, but other than the clothes I see nothing that would qualify as a freak show.
            I really thought “freaky exhibitionists” were the core subject of the post… did you watch the video I posted? If that’s not a fine example of a true American freak show, I’m not sure what is.

            • You don’t find the aging fat woman in the zebra leggings a freaky exhibitionist?
              The video you posted is a freak show indeed, downright revolting! No TV station, not even San Francisco’s KOFY, would allow that tranvestite strip show on the air waves. LOL
              Take a look at this one of Gaga (I refuse to call her “Lady”), “Judas,” in which Gaga is in love with Judas (yes, the Judas who betrayed Christ). In an interview, Gaga said “The song is about honoring your darkness in order to bring yourself into the light” — whatever that means:

              • This lady gaga does the most unpleasant, nasty and evil videos ever… I find it hard to understand how her videos are celebrated. It’s a parade of uglyness… And apology to crime like in the telephone or the papparazzi video. It is the celebration of the nastyness!

              • Eowyn you are so good at judging other people that you fail to realize what a humble and decent lady you are yourself.

                • Dear Tom,
                  Though you meant it as an insult, I take the adjective “judgmental” as an enormous compliment. For this means that I actually discern right from wrong, good from evil — and publicly stand up for the Truth! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 🙂
                  Once again, you’ve acquired yet another IP address ( to add to the growing list of your previous IP addresses:
                  Once again, your latest IP address is from a vague spot somewhere in Kansas. Your ability to “anonymize” your real IP address points to a substantial organization behind you.
                  You can tell us: Just how much per hour are you getting paid by the White House to troll blogs on the net, um?

                  • Oh… i really thought it was an compliment… with a strange choice of words, but nevertheless, I thought it was a compliment… my bad, I thumbed it up!!!

                    • Siegfried,
                      Those words are not Tom‘s original words. My colleague and sister in Christ rewrote them into a compliment. The original version (“Eowyn you are so busy judging other people that you fail to realize what a disgusting wench you are yourself.”) was too vile for human eyes.
                      I consider my mission a success when I can provoke this commie troll to call me “a disgusting wench.” LOL

            • Not to mention Akon’s best… the real title is “I Want to F* You” (yes, “love” is replaced with the actual F-word in the album version… and all the missing words here are filled-in with objectionable ones, too). And, yes, that’s Snoop Doggie Dogg (taking a break from smoking dope and directing porn) singing backup. Had heavy uncensored airplay on the radio while I was overeas in an English-speaking African country that’d been destroyed by 15 years of civil war (in case you’re wondering what kind of conditions lead to that being “normal” music listening). May not be Gaga, but certainly nasty and sleazy in today’s bent on its own– big hit for Akon here, too (hard to find the “clean” version on YouTube).

        • This is one ugly thing! It is wrong in so many ways!

  3. CD player in my car broke sev weeks back & can’t afford to fix just yet. Which means I gotta listen to the crap spewing from FM. I notice the songs all have catchy beats yet when I finally understand the words I am shocked. And to think so many young kids enjoy this…sad.

    • I take it you heard Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (TGIF)”… which has lyrics about as racy as “Superfreak,” except that adult-oriented Rick James only mentioned menage-a-trois once in passing and Perry’s song is about innocent teenage partying (such as it’s conceived now) these days.

  4. in case ya aint heard it is the jews that are responsible for culture degradation thats how they get over on it like here.dick clark was just the bweginning of a contineum of progressive degradation.who owns the music industry?hhhmmmm? gaga is a jew just cuz she went to catholic high school dont mean anything you dont have to be catholic to go to their schools.

    • Interesting you call this site “bogus” yet take the time to comment on several posts. Guess we should be flattered. /sarc


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