The woman who alone spoke up for Christ in Washington National Cathedral

On Nov. 14, 2014, the Washington National Cathedral in D.C. — an Episcopal Christian church that calls itself “the spiritual home for the [American] nation” — hosted a Muslim prayer service that was by invitation only. (See also “U.S. Episcopal Church is vicious toward its orthodox believers”)
The cathedral did that despite the fact that the prayer service to “Allah” (a moon deity worshipped by Arabs before Islam):

  1. Violates the Second Commandment, “Thou shalt have no other god before me”; and
  2. Enables Muslims to claim the cathedral as theirs: In Islam, physical possession of an area by Muslims is regarded as spiritual possession by Islam, and the greatest gesture of Islam’s dominance over a particular area is when Muslims pray in it, especially when they perform the obligatory Friday jummah prayers in the place. (See “The folly of Washington National Cathedral’s Muslim prayer service“)

Christine Weick
One lone, brave woman spoke up against the blasphemous Muslim prayer service. As recounted by WND:

The stage was set. The prayer rugs were neatly arranged facing Mecca. The lights shone down on the imam for his opening remarks.
Not so fast.
Christine Weick, a 50-year-old Michigan woman with flowing blonde hair. . . rose from the packed National Cathedral, the hall of halls in terms of religious prominence in America, and moved toward the front of the church.
She pointed to the cross hanging overhead.
That cross seemed to be the one thing nobody wanted to look at . . . . “Jesus Christ died on that cross. He is the reason we are to worship only Him. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior,” she said. “We have built …allowed you your mosques in this country. Why don’t you worship in your mosques and leave our churches alone? We are a country founded on Christian principles.”

Below is a video of Weick’s witnessing for Christ, followed by her story as told to WND.

“It was quite an overwhelming day yesterday,” [Weick] said.
And while she was lauded for her bravery, she confided she was “literally scared to death” as she waited for the right moment to stand up and proclaim the gospel message.
“They never said a word to me. Two guys came up and got me. I remember one large man in a suit taking me by the arm, very strongly but he did not hurt me,” she said.
“He just put an arm on me and said, ‘We are walking this way.’ Then comes the police officer, and I’m thinking, ‘OK I’m done.’ I’m still in the sanctuary at this point, so I put out my hands for the officer to arrest me, but he just held my hand and walked me to the back of the church.
“He handed me over to a woman officer, who takes me to the front doors of the church. She hands me to another officer, who takes me to another officer in the foyer, who takes me out to the road. Not one of them said a word. I was free to go.”
She said she told the last officer who led her to the road to have a good day, to which he gave no response. She returned to her vehicle and soon afterward drove home.
Except she doesn’t have a home. She said her husband divorced her last year “over a spiritual conflict,” and her family disowned her because she took a stand against same-sex marriage and other “moral issues.”
Weick said she learned of the Muslim prayer service two days before it was scheduled to happen through an article posted on the Drudge Report. The more she thought about it, she felt the Lord was telling her to go to Washington and say something.
“My blood began to boil as I read the comments of how this is to be such a wonderful event and how religious tolerance can, for the first time, be shown in our nation’s capital,” she said.
Still, she had nervous doubts about making the 400-mile trip from Kingsport, Tennessee.
“That article got my attention. And then I Googled the Washington National Cathedral, and I got more information about the service,” she said.
She found out from the cathedral’s website that the event was for “invited guests only.”
“That’s when I knew I had to be creative, and so did God,” she said.
She wasn’t sure what type of creativity would be required or even if she was doing the right thing as she headed out on the road to D.C. In fact, she almost turned around.
I was driving there on my way from Tennessee, and I’ve got a lot of doubts in my mind: Am I going to make a fool of myself? Am I going to be in jail for the weekend?”
But as she drove down the highway in the right lane, she passed a strange woman.
“There’s this woman stepping out of her vehicle on the side of the road, clapping and giving me two thumbs up, and I’m like, ‘That was the strangest thing,’” she said. “The first thing that went through my mind was, ‘That’s my confirmation right there.’ That’s all I needed, and from that point on I knew this was something I’m going to do; and that was the catapult that moved me to keep going towards Washington.”
She said she told only four people where she was going and what she planned to do. She asked for prayer.
“I said I need you to pray for me, this is what God has put in my bones to do,” she said. “It didn’t hit me until I got in the cathedral and saw all the people and the cameras sitting on my right, and I’m thinking, ‘This is a big deal. I am going to be put in jail!’”
She credits God for getting her into the massive church, which was guarded like Fort Knox. Everyone had to go through a checkpoint to make sure they weren’t armed or posed a threat.
“It was a God thing how I got past all that security in the beginning. They never ID’d me, and I had brought my ID with me just in case, and I thought that would be my downfall, being from Michigan, that they would say, ‘What is she doing here?” Weick said. “According to reports, this was a heavy security event. They checked every bag and every person that walked in there. I bet some security people are in big trouble today.”
She said she slipped through unnoticed, first by following a security guard and then later by engaging in conversation alongside a woman with press credentials.
“I just followed those security officers when they were going from place to place. I just followed them,” she said. “It was almost like they didn’t see me. Like I was invisible.”
Weick got through the security line about 10:15 a.m., more than an hour and a half before the prayer service started. She needed to lie low to avoid detection.
She noticed a janitor’s closet was left open near the bathroom and briefly thought about hiding in it. But a fear of being locked in persuaded her against that option.
She slipped into the bathroom instead.
“When I was in the bathroom hiding out, that’s when it hit me: I think I’m invisible, I really wondered, the way it happened, just strange, just totally strange; and someday I’m going to ask God how that all worked out,” she said.
While hiding in the bathroom and waiting for the service to start, she rehearsed over and over what she would say. She prayed constantly, with emphasis on Psalm 27.
A woman was washing her hands at the sink as Weick left the stall where she was hiding. The woman had a press tag on her blouse.
“I asked her if she knew what time the service was to start and she replied, ‘In a few minutes. Do you know where to go?’ I didn’t.”
“Follow me and I will take you to the front,” the woman said.
“I walked with her into the main foyer up to the security line. We walked right past the guards and into the sanctuary! I was invisible.”
Still, the butterflies fluttered in her stomach.
“As she took her seat she was shocked at what she saw. About a hundred people were sitting in chairs around rugs that were placed on the floor. Muslim women, separated from the men, were seated on the rugs. To her right was the news media with their cameras and recording equipment. In front of her were the prayer rugs.
“Then it hit me… I had such an angst come over me. Seeing these Muslims sitting on their rugs ready to bow to a god, causing such an abomination in the house of the Lord,” she said.
The imam said the call to prayer would begin momentarily and spoke some words in Arabic.
Weick felt her heart thumping in her chest.
“I prayed… ‘Lord! Tell me when!’ At that moment I saw a figure of Christ on the cross some distance away. I stood up.
“I was so nervous; you’ll never know how scared I was,” she said. “All I kept thinking was, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me; that’s my only strength.’ I could not do it through me. But we have an amazing God. He shows his strength in my weakness. That’s my motto.”
She started to speak, firmly and loudly but not out of control. What she said was not the same as what she had rehearsed in the bathroom stall.
“I did not plan on those exact words coming out. I was going to say it differently. I was planning to say, ‘I serve a risen Savior, and Muhammad is dead.’ But I saw the cross and it just popped out of my mouth. I was not going to say it that way. I rehearsed it the other way over and over in the bathroom, because my biggest fear was making a fool of myself; but it didn’t happen that way.”
Even if she had failed and made herself a fool, it could not be more painful than what she has already gone through over the past year, she said.
“I took a very strong stand on something last year. My husband divorced me over it. It broke my heart. I have a lot of heartache back home, a lot of hurt,” she said. “And I felt the Lord telling me, ‘You are going to go from place to place for me.’”
While she lives out of her car, she doesn’t consider herself homeless.
“Don’t be sorry for me. I have a very nice SUV. I go out to eat, I have a bank account,” she told WND. “I am just too Dutch to pay 60 or 70 bucks for a hotel every night when I can spend my nights in my car. And I travel every night from place to place, and that is what I was doing when I saw the story in the Drudge Report.” […]
Weick said she did nothing outside of what God gave her the strength to do, and she doesn’t see herself as any hero of the faith. The weakest of Christians could easily do the same thing, she said.
“That’s why I posted on Facebook this morning. I was like, ‘Come on Christian soldiers we need to fight, and we need to fight using the gospel, the Word of God,’” she said. “There are Muslims everywhere, just walk up to them and say, ‘Jesus Christ is Lord.’ Be brave.
“I’m hearing that many Muslims are getting dreams. Maybe all it takes is one to have a dream after being told Jesus Christ is Lord, I don’t know. That is God’s deal. Let Him work it out. We just need to be bold in the Lord and we don’t need to be burning their mosques down, like they burn our churches. We have the gospel and that is our only weapon we need. Jesus is Lord, and we need to proclaim it, but how many times do we do it?
But before Weick became bold, she was humbled.
“It was a situation in my life, how God yanked every anchor in my life over the last five years, just everything that would keep a normal woman, a normal mother, at home just got yanked out from under me,” she said. “I have a son and a daughter, and they disowned me. I took a stand against gay marriage and I lost them. That is my heartache. And it hurts me so much. And I wonder what they think now when they see me on the news.”
Weick said she doesn’t know what her next “assignment” will be, but she knows now she can tackle almost anything.
“I told the Lord last night, ‘OK, you can take me now,’ but I don’t know,” she said. “I think He may have other plans for me, per Jeremiah 29:11.”
H/t FOTM’s MomOfIV and jcase

Please keep Christine Weick in your prayers!

See also “What those Muslims were chanting at Washington National Cathedral“.

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God protect her,and make ALL receptive to her words.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

Thank goodness she answered the whisperings of the spirit, and stood boldly and let the words of Our God come forth from her lips. May she be blessed so richly that she cannot contain all the blessings that flow to her. Now, it is our turn.


She deserves our support and fervent prayers.


That incident is an important picture of our situation today. One true Christian among many spew-worthy Laodiceans taking a stand for Christ as Muslims are trying to take the claim for the cathedral and our nation.

Steven Broiles

This lady is a lone voice crying in the wilderness here. God Bless her.


[…] The woman who alone spoke up for Christ in Washington National Cathedral. […]


What a brave soul! God bless her!


God bless and protect this poor woman.


Reblogged this on starmonkiesbigpic's Blog.


Dr. Eowyn, this is an excellent, yet heart wrenching, post. I pray for Christine…her well-being, her safety. I feel the Holy Spirit was protecting her while she was en route to, inside of, and after her visit to, the cathedral. I love her passion for Jesus and that she is unashamed to express it. It is saddening her family’s love for society and fitting in was greater than their love for Jesus. I feel many Christians go in that direction of political correctness….which is the road to satan. The biggest part of being a Christian is sacrifice and one cannot… Read more »


What a wonderful woman Chrisitine is. I pray that the circumstances in her life will turn around for her, if anyone deserves a break she does. She is braver than most people in this country will ever be. May God bless her.

Mike howrightismike
Mike howrightismike

What an amazing woman! Great post, Dr. Eowyn!


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God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called. …this has happen to me as well. Not like this lady in this way, but another church in which i had to ask a question… I was so scared but he gave me all that I asked for in dealing with it.


May God through his son Jesus Christ protect her and stand by her side. Many times I doubt I would have the bravery of that one lone woman. Will this be shown on all the network nooze channels in a positive light? I think not, but we need millions more like her


It saddens me that our nation and the situations of people who point out basic principles God and Christ espouse therein has come to this. Progressive multiculturalism is truly a golden calf of idolatry (and we know how all that turned out when Moses got back with them 10 Commandments).

Brenda Leeann Springer

Dr. Eowyn: This brave woman reminds me of the German Woman who did the same thing, not too long ago. We need more voices crying in the wilderness in our country. Leeann P.S. There is also a video of the brave German woman on Youtube.


The mystery lady on the side of the road clapping & doing “two thumbs up” > > Heb. 1:14: “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” Maybe even the press lady in the bathroom… Heb. 13:2: “Forget not to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Beautiful & thrilling testimony of Christine! So glad I stopped by & saw it! … it causes a yearning for the good old days (younger) when more able to be out & about witnessing live & in person (not quite the… Read more »


Congrats Christine Weick, When He is with us, who can be against us.
May God bless you. Please also visit


[…] We now know that the brave woman at the center of this scenario was Christine Weick. Please pray for this incredibly devote […]