The blonde woman in red: Proof of Boston Bombing crisis actors

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Crisis actors, as described by an outfit in Denver, Colorado called Visionbox Crisis Actors, are “a new group of actors … available nationwide for active shooter drills and mall shooting full-scale exercises” who “are trained in criminal and victim behavior, and bring intense realism to simulated mass casualty incidents in public places. The actors’ stage acting experience … enables them to ‘stay in character’ throughout an exercise, and improvise scenes of extreme stress while strictly following official exercise scenarios.”

Not only are ordinary crisis actors used in government drills and mass trauma events, some of them are amputees!

There’s an outfit called Amputees in Action, which describes itself as “a unique agency, working independently to provide … trained professional amputee actors for the film and screen industries and for emergency and military services training simulations…. Our personnel use their personal trauma experiences to enable graphic realism that is second to none, and our team of special effects (SFX) make-up, moulage and prosthetic artists use cutting edge technology to enhance and extend the appearance and function of limb-loss scenarios.”

Steve recently posted on suspected crisis actors at the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings, notably “Jeff Bauman” who had both of his legs blown off but somehow managed to be fully conscious as he was carted away in a wheelchair (see here, here, and especially “Hollywood producer Nathan Folks says Boston Bombing was false-flag fakery.”

There’s also a black woman who, immediately after the first bomb exploded, was pictured sitting on the ground next to Jeff Bauman, with no visible blood or injuries (see below).

black woman1

Moments later, however, the same black woman was covered in blood and strapped into a spine board stretcher. As seen in the pic below, it’s the same black woman because she’s wearing the same red jacket.

black woman2Now, we have evidence of yet another crisis actor at the Boston Marathon Bombings.

On April 15, 2013, Max Malone was a spectator videotaping the marathon, standing right where the first bomb exploded on the sidewalk in front of a LensCrafters store at 699 Boylston St., Boston, MA.

Here’s Malone’s video. I suggest you skip to the 2:10 mark when the first bomb exploded.

Malone’s video captured several notable points of interest:

  1. The video clearly shows that the store windows of LensCrafters were intact despite the explosion, in direct contrast to news accounts of the store’s windows being shattered.

  2. The video clearly shows that the spectators in front of LensCrafters were not injured, with no blood on their faces or limbs.

  3. Most importantly, the video captured a blonde middle-aged woman dressed in red who, after the first explosion, walked past Malone’s video camera, uninjured and unbloodied.

Below is a screenshot I took of Woman in Red at the 8:50 mark in the video. Note her short blonde hair and the upturned collar of her red jacket.

woman in red 8.50

Moments later, however, Woman in Red got “into character” as a bomb victim, now wearing a black jacket over the red, as shown in news footage of her sitting dazed on the ground (10:00 mark):

woman in red 10.00

And here she is being wheeled away, her face and her left hand now covered with blood (9:33 mark):

woman in red 9.33

I wonder how much she got paid for her one-day crisis actor performance?

For all the posts FOTM has done on the Boston bombings, go to our “Boston Marathon Bombings” page, especially the post “Were Boston Marathon bombings a false flag? – Part 2: The bomb drill”.

H/t FOTM’s Gingercake


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0 responses to “The blonde woman in red: Proof of Boston Bombing crisis actors

  1. ericmuetterties

    Two explosions that far apart should settle it for everyone. How the heck does a pressure-cooker explode twice? Ooops…

  2. The crisis actors who take part in these displays meant to deceive and traumatize normal citizens are just as despicable as the government officials who plan and orchestrate them. How can they live with themselves? Are the money and threats worth it?

  3. Excellent post, Doc! Years ago, it was the girl in the polka dot dress (rfk shooting). Now this.

  4. When I read these stories I look for the one strongest piece of evidence. In my opinion the still shot of her face and hand with no injuries contrasted to the after pic of her in the wheel chair is the smoking gun. Those two pics are without question the same woman. A cynic could try to argue that the alleged actor late for work is not the same lady, but I don’t see how they could argue the before and after pic of the “injured” woman. Great work Doc!

    • Thank you, Dean. I’m grateful to FOTM reader Gingercake who posted Max Malone’s video in a comment.

    • It doesn’t matter if ppl who are brainwashed actually see evidence like this that proves the Boston marathon bombing was a staged event. You can bring a horse water but you can’t make the horse drink it which is the same for these ignorant and brainwashed ppl.

  5. Hmm.

    Something is really beginning to smell.


  6. Well we should keep archives of these photos, just in case they try to use any of these shills in the future (including photos, where available of all “crisis actors” from their sites of employment, keeping these archived, they can then be matched to any later events where said persons might be involved), assuming that they don’t heap on layers of advanced makeup, or masks etc. (which they very likely might) unfortunately I still haven’t found any freeware facial recog./geometry mapping software, but some must exist somewhere, after all, for every paid program generally a freeware version exists.

    I would also recommend that we secure friendship and loyalty from those involved with city-wide surveillance systems (where possible, although I doubt honorable people get recruited for such jobs, generally). I wonder presently if any “red light cameras” picked up anything interesting of this whole event? Boston is big enough to have such systems, I would imagine. If it does and things were seen, then it likely is either archived, destroyed, or the cameras may have been turned off. As shown though, Truth cannot be extinguished, all the puppets of evil can do is heap more filth around it hoping to obscure it. They really should stop being evil, the payoff is worthless, and the retirement plan is damnation… Only Good is Worth pursuing.

  7. Thanks for this bit of information, Dr. Eowyn. It seems there was no end to the suspicious activities on that day.

  8. ThePolitical Port

    Why is this chick running with scissors?

  9. Here’s an article I just found by an MD, saying everything was fake. Unfortunately, she is not one of the Boston MDs. I suppose their lives are on the line for saying anything.

    • There is a 3 hour (?–groan) Caravan to Midnight show on youtube with Dave McGowan that is worth seeing. I think I was told to start at the 45 min. mark. Anyway, all these things are brought up there. He methodically points out “victims” getting up and moving by analyzing videos. But specifically I want to say that I learned from watching another youtube that the “victims” were never brought to the ER–they were taken to a special room at Mass General Hospital;that the workers were puzzled until they learned they were all taken to the second floor somewhere. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but passing it along in case you want to check it out. Yes, Dr. Lorraine Day is the real deal and she made perfect sense.

  10. OK and what about the firehouse sighn on the ground that says well done in Blood ???????

  11. LensCrafters had 2 sets of windows. His video is of set on left. They did not break nor did the signage get wrecked. The broken ones are on the right and not seen in the video.

  12. You can clearly tell there are 2 women in red, it is not the same person….you people are sick…I grew up with two people from Stoneham who lost a limb…You are disgusting and disrespectful! Karma is coming for you!

    • @carrie smith, in Wakefield, MA:

      How nice and tolerant of you to insult and wish ill on people who are simply exercising the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment free speech rights. Satanist Saul Alinsky would be so proud of you being such a good follower of his Rules for Radicals, esp. Rules #5, 8, 9.

      And how very narcissistic of you to give yourself a thumbs up. How do I know? Because I’m the administrator of this blog, and even before I “approved” your comment to be published, there’s already a thumbs up. Pathetic.

    • Carrie, I’m assuming you watched the video. Did you see that the first thing the camera does is show the ground and lots of people’s feet? There were no injuries to legs, and there was no blood on the ground. You know the blood would have been there immediately, right? It would not have taken minutes to appear? The camera was right in the so-called blast zone. Case closed.

    • Bull. That’s the same woman in that red top.

  13. I have seen some compelling evidence about the Sandy Hook shooting as well. These false flag attacks are a very effective way to control the sheeple. I am so glad for these articles, so more people stop following blindly and believing everything the government says, and start looking at the evidence. Thanks for this!

  14. traildustfotm

    Very strange stuff.

  15. @Dr. Eowyn , did you see the black coat with the left white sleeve on the lady in red after she is seated on ground and hurt. That same jacket is shown in slow motion on your video before the slow mo shot of her in the red jacket, it was on someone close by, I will have to watch again to note what time stamp was. You can only see the sleeve but, it was not on her then, it was on someone else in the video…

  16. @Dr. Eowyn , I will see if I can find the timestamp

  17. Hi Dr. Eowyn, sorry, I’ve not got to you. I just re watched vid. The jacket I seen was white on the right sleeve, so it doesn’t match the jacket she had on after you see her with another jacket over her red one…sorry, it was at time stamp 7:40 though if you want to look.

  18. I recently realized the blond woman at the Boston “Bombing” on the ground next to miracle man. She is wearing a red zip-up jacket and leaning on her elbow. She looks VERY similar to Alison Parker, the allegedly slain Virginia news anchor in another supposed hoax.

    • I’ve already found Alison Parker months ago. No one ever responded but her real name is Kristin Lubbert. She’s a dead ringer and she’s in theater.

      Alison Parker or Kristin Lubbert ???

      Alison Parker / Martinsville native
      Kristin Lubbert

      Kristin was born and raised in Omaha. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from San Francisco State University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Nebraska Methodist College. She has experimented with performance art and enjoys exploring movement of all kinds. Someday she would like to learn how to play the cello.


  19. She is out of the Great Plains Theater along with Robby Parker / Rory Carroll, I have all the old listings of them. You can’t hardly find anything about them anymore, it’s buried or removed. I have a full list of actors from the Great Plains Robby Parker..

  20. You’re a fucking idiot.

    • Please say “Hi” for me to your mom. On this Mother’s Day, you should thank her for letting you, a grown adult with Tourette’s Syndrome, to live rent-free in her basement.


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