The Why of Sagging

Ever wondered, as I have, why some guys wear their pants 4 sizes too big and so low that they’re practically falling off? This sartorial style is called sagging.”
Here’s why!

H/t my friend Bob W.!

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This practice annoys the crap out of me. It looks ridiculous and must be extremely uncomfortable. All for image, gain some self confidence, you don’t need to imitate the idiots to fit in. I remember while working in Florida, I was taken aback by the single gold tooth a particular segment of society seemed to be displaying. They were living in boxes, had not much of a future but had that gold tooth as their priority. Fitting in seemed to be more important than personal responsibility, ambition, etc… Society has got their priorities so wrong, it scares me.


Ahhhhh…..that explains it! How often do you think the guy on top turns around for…..well you know???? lol They look so stupid!