The Wall is being built! – in Israel

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Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II.

To date, the United States has provided Israel $134.7 billion (current, or non-inflation-adjusted, dollars) in bilateral assistance and missile defense funding. Almost all U.S. bilateral aid to Israel is in the form of military assistance, although in the past Israel also received significant economic assistance. (Source: Congressional Research Service Report to Congress, February 26, 2018)

Callum Paton reports for Newsweek that on August 9, 2017, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) revealed construction details of a new $800 million underground wall to run along Israel’s 40-mile border with Gaza and extending into the Mediterranean.

Israel already is protected by a 143-mile border fence, touted by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) for drastically reducing illegal immigration along its southern border:

“Israel … had a real problem with illegal immigrants coming in from the southern border, about 16,000 in one year. In two years, they constructed 143-mile fence, about $2.9 million per mile, and it cut that illegal immigration rate from about 16,000 to I think 18. Cut it by 99 percent.”

The new $800 million wall is to protect Israel from the threat of attack tunnels dug by Hamas, the Islamist militant group that has controlled Gaza since 2007, and to stop Hamas fighters from swimming ashore.

The wall, 19-ft. high and 131 feet underground, will be constructed mainly from concrete, reinforced with iron bars and pipes and covered in sensors. Work on the wall began in October 2017 and is expected to take two years to complete.

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Meanwhile, Paul Dijks reports for Voice of Europe that on Nov. 20, 2018, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cited Israel’s need to protect its borders as the reason why Israel will not be signing the United Nations’ global migration pact set to be formally approved on December 12 in Marrakech, Morocco.

Netanyahu said in a statement:

I instructed the Foreign Ministry to announce that Israel won’t participate [in the Marrakech gathering]and won’t sign the migration pact. We have a duty to guard against illegal infiltrators. [Jewish Nation-State Law requires the government] to stand up for a clear migration policy that protects our borders from illegal infiltrators.

Seven countries have withdrawn from the UN global migration pact over concerns about national sovereignty: Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and the United States.

On December 2, 2017, the Trump administration announced that the U.S. Mission to the United Nations had informed the UN Secretary-General that the United States is ending its participation in the Global Compact on Migration because the compact is “inconsistent” with U.S. policies:

The New York Declaration contains numerous provisions that are inconsistent with US immigration and refugee policies and the Trump Administration’s immigration principles. As a result, President (Donald) Trump determined that the United States would end its participation in the Compact process that aims to reach international consensus at the UN in 2018.

Curiously, Jews outside of Israel are rabidly pro-migration and anti-border wall. See:

See also:


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12 responses to “The Wall is being built! – in Israel

  1. Built with US tax slave debt bondage to the criminals who run the non-US governmental Federal Reserve.

    The Ashkenazi colonizers attempting to destroy Western Civilization are the biggest pushers & supporters of the (judeo)Muslim & third world invasions, while quietly placing all non-“Jewish” immigrants in concentration camps for deportation. The Freemason created state of Israel even wanted to ban candidate Trump over his discussing banning muslim invaders from OUR COUNTRY!
    Concentration Camps In Israel

  2. I must admit, I admire the Israeli’s for “protecting their homeland,” unlike those who serve in our Congress!

  3. William Chandler

    Trump is working harder for ISRAEL than for America..
    “GREAT” Nations do not pay TRIBUTE to foreign places.
    Trump says we can afford to borrow $38BILLION from Communist China to GIVE to Socialist Israel, above and beyond the $4-5Billion we GIVE them every year ……
    but we cannot afford $25Billion for Our wall.
    We cannot afford NATO or Palestinian Aid or most anything else.
    All we can afford is Tribute to ISRAEL. “Putting WHO First”? Making WHO Great Again?
    This is what is known as TRIBUTE …
    like when the Bully TAKES a kid’s lunch money —
    Trump the Dweeb is paying TRIBUTE to the Bully and SHAMING America.
    Trump makes a big thing about Chinese stealing “Intellectual Property” but he does not do a thing about Israel’s LONG history (from the Rosebergs through Pollard) of stealing our secrets and selling them to our ENEMIES. Israel has horendously damaged America over the years doing that.
    But, the mob boss and his sucklings have much to gain. Follow the money. Kushner’s real estate sinkhole empire in Jew York is in deep shit. Kushner tried to emulate Trump with his RE deals. He way, way overpaid for 666 Fifth Avenue and just one example…way underwater. He has tried desperately to get financing…voila Treasonous Trump makes him the de facto ambassador to Greater Israel, move the embassy, and appoint him and his convert to represent America for the grand opening.Jaysus, this is all too easy. Think like a mob boss and follow the money. Don’t assume for once that TrumPhuck makes decisions based on what’s good for this country.
    Trump is pulling the same chit on US his masters pull on the Palestinians. Make a big splash about wanting peace and peace talks. Get a lot of publicity. Then sabotage the peace with demands they know are totally irrational and unacceptable.
    You think Trump meant well, you believed his campaign rhetoric. You think he “tried,” but was captured in the Deep State’s spiderweb. I was initially deceived by his rhetoric, but soon realized just as soon as he began stocking his cabinet with NEOCONS, that he was always spouting the line intended to trick nationalists into supporting neocon/Israeli interests– through the back door. MAGA meaning only to beef up MIC expenditures to benefit the Zionist banks, their connected MIC corporations, and the Israeli state. All the rest of the pro middle class rhetoric—dismantling Obamacare, stopping illegal immigration, kicking out illegal lawbreakers, tax relief, keeping industries here and returning lost industries—so much bullshit.
    There is a myth that Trump is a “loyal” person. Loyal TO WHOM !!?? Find ANYONE who Trump has NOT betrayed? Trump betrays/cheats on his wife(s) Trump betrays his Creditors everytime he declares another bankruptcy . Trump betrays employees constantly by backstabbing and cowardly “tweet firings” …… Trump betrays his God by groveling to Israel … Trump betrays his “base” through his actions.

    • The payments or tributes, is actually extortion payments for various reasons, one of which is for them not to use their nukes that they stole from US!

    • I’d be hesitant to lambast the President over the annual tribute. The actual cost, however, of subjugating U.S. interests to Israel after (1) factoring in the long term effect of the fourfold increase in our cost of imported oil in early 1974; (2) the interest on the ME war debt; and (3) the perpetual GWOT burden is not some simple percent over the nominal tribute, but a THOUSANDFOLD factor raising that cost into the TRLLIONS, having reached into the several trillions on account of energy costs even before 911.

      And pari passu with the cash outlays and debt, our constitutional rights are being curtailed just as would be expected living under the same Israeli jack boot now standing on the neck of Europe and Palestine. Congress and the msm’s cravenness before Israel give Vichy France a bad name, with a Congress that gave Netanyahu over 25 standing ovations threatening to impeach OUR president and ruin his family forever. This is the same Netanyahu implicated in the espionage and theft of our top secret nuclear weapon triggers, acting with another Israeli, Milchan, who’s free to propagandize from his Hollywood redoubt of subversion, which right, we’re also told by the cucks, is greater than our right to exist.

      So powerful is the kosher msm and Deep State that criticizing the official 911 narrative, even without mentioning Israel’s unquestioned demo of the buildings, is now being called “anti-Semitic,” and for the obvious purpose of eventuall criminalizing anything but praise of our conquerors. A Jewish lawyer touting himself as both a criminologist and lawyer has recently written (qua Jew) that even the use of words like “globalist” and “banker” is actionable anti-Semitism, and without a trace of irony in his words. Next thing you know, a person could be ruined for just saying “juice” in a restaurant. Hawkmoon may well be right about hidden nukes, but, if Stephan Lendman is correct, the greater Israeli threat comes from their ubiquitous nationals introducing human and livestock bio pandemics shutting this country down as fast as nukes would, and without the nasty fallout (in more ways than one).

  4. Excellent and perceptive comments. It looks to me as if we could fund several walls on the Southern border by simply cutting back on tithing to the Jews. I realize that its expensive to “defend” against rock throwers. But someone at some point must either concede that we are actually governed by this imaginary Middle Eastern entity or cut the cord.

    Alas it won’t be Trump doing the cutting. I am encouraged with some of the things that he DOES do. I’m glad he’s turning his back to this globalist effort (for now). We need to simply quit the UN and cut all aid to Israel.

    This morning I was reading about the developments in the California fires. It seems that the former residents of Paradise, just like those effected near Santa Rosa, won’t be allowed to rebuild for an indeterminate time. Why? Well, they have “studies” that must be conducted, etc..

    In addition, there are special programs to get them into “stack and pack” units that emergency legislation has now allowed. The density for building has been seriously increased provided the serfs, er, residents “elect” to take advantage. If they don’t, well, life will be hard.

    I’ll say it again. The Odor is here. The only question is what are we going to do about it? It looks to me like we are now under actual attack from The Odor. If their bought-and-paid-for politicians don’t move quickly enough to suit them they use other means.

    For my money its past time for Jared and the Chabad to leave the Whitehouse along with any other of their agents, no matter who they may be. It is bad enough to lose a war, it is disgraceful to assist with one’s own destruction.

  5. Can you say “Agenda 21”? Remember, since the Fukushima incident, the entire West Coast has been drenched in fallout. They could use this excuse anywhere.

    • The US-NATO & Bolshevik Ministry Of Truth, were to busy helping their al-Qaeda terrorists in bombing & destroying Libya, than helping Japan with Fukushima which will effect our entire world eco-system.
      It’s alt rock, most here will probably not like it, but the lyrics are certainly appropriate to the liberal lunatic useless idiots running the asylum for their satanic Bolshevik war criminal puppet masters.

      Fun Boy Three – The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum

  6. We need such a wall along each of our borders.
    We are focusing on the southern border but the northern is wide open.

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