The Wall is being built, bit by bit

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AFP reports that on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018, construction began in Texas of part of President Trump’s border wall to curb illegal border-crossings into America, which he correctly identifies to be a security threat.

Aaron Hull, US Customs and Border Protection’s Chief Patrol Agent in the El Paso sector, said in a statement that the new section along the boundary between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, will replace the wholly-inadequate fencing along four miles of the 2,000-mile border with Mexico. “This new wall will be far more durable and far more effective in deterring would-be illegal entrants,” he said.

The existing fencing will be replaced by an 18-foot steel post barrier which allows Border Patrol agents to see through to the other side.

The $22-million project is to be completed in about seven months.

The wall-construction in Texas follows the construction of a 20-mile stretch of replacement wall in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, which began in April.

Congress has so far approved only $1.6 billion of the $25 billion Trump had sought for the wall. As part of the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill passed last March, Congress earmarked only $1.6 billion for border security, a paltry $38 million of which is allowed to be used for “border barrier planning and design.”

The anonymous AFP reporter snidely writes that President Trump “initially demanded that Mexico pay for the barrier, which added to tensions between the two neighbors,” and claims — without citing any evidence — that “Many of the migrants trying to reach the United States are fleeing gang violence and poverty in Central America.”

Meanwhile, Breitbart reports that in a recent interview published Sept. 7, President Trump revealed he is mulling plans to use the military to build the wall.

He told the Daily Mail he has “two options” when it comes to building the border wall: “We have military, we have homeland security.” Of the two, Trump said he prefers Congress approve the $25 billion in spending that he’s seeking for the wall and have Department of Homeland Security (DHS) undertake the project, but that failing that, he’s “very seriously” looking at the military option.

“The possibility of diverting Pentagon funding and assets to build a border wall is a card the president is holding but has never directly acknowledged before. In August, two Defense Department officials told DailyMail that the Army Corps of Engineers could take on the task: “They build levees that hold back massive walls of water. They can build one to hold back drugs and human traffickers.”

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22 responses to “The Wall is being built, bit by bit

  1. The American people want the wall, but the establishment globalists, and that includes 95% of the Republicans, are fighting our President’s every promise to the American people.

    • Agreed, but this is no wall and Trump had received $0 for new wall funding – the $1.6B is for replacement fencing. This “see-though” fencing is a joke – you can throw a rope over it, pull the rope threw, tie it off and climb the wall.

      Tell President Trump we need the wall! Shut down the government before the midterms, like he said!

  2. Let the Corps of Engineering take the job on. Let’s see. Young, enthusiastic, engineers, using existing designs, enhancing them, and then executing the plan in a most expeditious manner. Soldiers learning a trade in construction. Added bonus.

  3. Hopefully, the Secretary of Defense will support the President’s initiative.

  4. Are we sure that its being built to keep them out, and not keep the citizens *in*, for when the U.S. turns full totalitarian police state? (And if not initially built for that, such a thing is easily repurposed after the fact.) Lest we forget, even if trump were good, the rest of the government establishment is pretty rotten, with no signs of improvement, and sprawling swathes of meaningless superfluous departments which provide a safe haven for creeps, like the dsa & antifa bolsheviks. (if project veritas is anything valid there is this story: )

    The old adage may well apply here… “Be careful what you wish for.”

    • What a strange comment. So you would rather that more millions of illegals swarm across the border.
      I can do without your patronizing “Be careful what you wish for” scold.

      • Not tryign to be patronizing, however from what I can tell a wall won’t be helpful if there is still entrenched enemies already present in the government, the illegals, while a weaponized people & being used to their & our detriment, (Displacement tactic, among other things) aren’t “big fish”, near as I can tell, and it would behoove the citizenry to first remove those in government who are such “big fish”. I would ask what good is stopping “jose cartel-man bandito”, who has no place in a pecking order other than being a thug for hire, when billary & the bolshevik red coats are running roughshod through government offices? If the ones actually responsible for the push driving them this way/mobilizing them aren’t stopped, and they want to keep it up, they’ll use the rail lines, planes, and boats instead, if foot & road travel becomes more difficult due to a wall.

        Personally, I’d withdraw the armed forces from all foreign nations, and get them back here to keep security, (foreign nations aren’t exactly a concern when the real terrorists are already in the government, and being paid by the taxpayers, after all.) and perhaps seed the border with fake mines, nothing really fatal or hurtful, mind you, old hollywood stage dust charges, like what they use for action movies, make a lot of show & noise with less danger, pair those with a proximity detector, and it would serve well to create hearsay that the american’s actually were crazy enough to have mined the border, which should discourage some fraction thereof, or at the very least get them to demand more pay from those trying to exploit them, which in turn will hurt the pocketbooks of the mobilizers. I’d also implement a policy of finding out who sent who, for those apprehended, to figure out the chain of influence for who was behind mobilizing them. (I imagine some fraction would be unorganized and innocent, only being guilty of believing the psy-op of a “grand america of freedom, a place of dreams” etc.)

        Besides, a wall is easily enough scaled, with proper equipment (equipment which those behind mobilizing these people in the first place could easily outfit them with.) blown through/cut with charges, (something that even the cartels could furnish their traffickers with.) or tunneled (there are already tunnels going under the border, if I recall). A wall is not much of an impediment in modern day. The problem seems to me to not be means/ease of access, rather the problem is who is mobilizing the people crossing, and unless these mobilizers are stopped & apprehended, the tactic will continue to be employed, wall or not. The money being spent to build a wall, and ship troops off to fight bankster’s wars would be better spent in hunting down the responsible parties, I think.

        • You say that:
          (A) unless we rid America of all its internal enemies,
          (B) we shouldn’t build the wall, which is tantamount to not doing anything to stem the flow.

          Not only is your prerequisite of A for B debatable, you are presuming a false either/or dichotomy. Why can’t we do BOTH?

  5. President Trump must bide his time. To paraphrase a highly regarded individual. ‘He’ll have more flexibility once he’s been re-elected’.
    Despite all the TDS infected people throwing everything they have at him or anybody aligned with him, he still soldiers on. Keeping as many of his campaign promises as possible. Regulation Down. Illegal immigration down. Unemployment down. Government dependency down. Despot governments put on notice. Taxes reduced. Income increased. Manufacturing jobs coming back.
    Who has Mr. Trump hurt?
    Apparently the left. Somehow.
    As always, they point the finger at the right or any other momentary ‘enemy’, forgetting there are three fingers pointing back at them.

  6. Building that Wall is the most pro-environmental thing that a US President can do. This will protect our open spaces/wildlife habitat, protecting our flora & fauna, reduce pollution, and reducing those globull warming causing green house gases, but as those who are REAL environmentalists, conservationists, birders, botanists, wildlife enthusiasts etc etc know, the environmental movement has been hijacked by anti-american cultural marxists. Green is the new Red!

  7. Reply to the Seumas comment. Do you think the Israelis are being kept in or the Arab terror types kept out? How bout those unwilling West Germans trying to get into the communist paradise in East Germany. Are you delusional, never mind you already answered that. Additionally if it were to keep U.S. citizens in, the Dems would want to fund it so they could control our every move!

    Thanks for the humor!

    • “if it were to keep U.S. citizens in, the Dems would want to fund it so they could control our every move!”

      Your reasoning is unassailable. Brilliant!

    • I’m thinking perfectly logically near as I can tell, just without party politics influencing my thinking, as I’m anti-politcal as far as either side goes, both red and blue are legs of the devil worshiper’s agenda that marches forward regardless of which side is the one taking a step, as such I oppose them as fronts for the devil worshiper’s goals. (Are you sure citing the example of the berlin wall as a “good use” of a wall is really that wise?) A wall won’t fix the problem the same as a ban on gun ownership won’t stop gun violence, and such an item may well be exploited to good people’s detriment, (Ever seen “Escape from New York”?) because catch 22 situations, and turning things to evil purpose is the devil worshiper’s forté, to put it bluntly.

      It may have worked ages ago for china to keep out the rag-tag mongols for a little bit, but even then that wasn’t completely successful either, but now we’re looking at an organized effort put on by evil types who have considerably more resources, and are psychologically manipulating populations for their own agendas, (Lest we forget the “migrant influx” in europe is probably being done by the same bunch for social destabilization.) stopping the agents doing the pushing is the only real way to solve the problem, and a wall will not stop them since they likely have private jets and are likely on government payrolls, if you get my meaning.

  8. Well, I have to say it. If he is serious, all he has to do is threaten to cut Israeli funding. Of course, with him that will NEVER happen. It’s truly a shame. He has many good attributes, the Zion-lover attribute isn’t one of them.

    He is being defied at every turn. I think there are ways to fix that. Most of them don’t involve publicity.

    For now I’ll take whatever we get knowing not to get my hopes up. The whole thing looks like Kabuki theater to me.

  9. I like the idea of having a 20 yard kill zone along the border
    Within the 20 yards citizens should be free to defend our country’s
    border at our discretion, beyond that 20 yards, the Border patrol gets what’s left

    • Frankly, so do I. What good is a border if nobody believes you’re serious? I would save the money and buy .50 Cal. machine guns. Just post the area every so many yards and do what you said you’re gonna do.

      Look, there are already points to gain LEGAL entry. I can think of no legitimate reason to allow people to breach the border. Playing “catch and release” is expensive and stupid.

      Ammunition is still reasonably inexpensive. For most sane people a few bursts over the head will change their plans. You would still have smugglers tunneling and such but you would GREATLY reduce the traffic.

      What does it really mean when a country can’t control its borders? We’re in a war, declared or otherwise. They do not have a “right” to be here. They can ask to come.

      Look at Europe. I’ve seen videos of them by the hundreds storming their borders. Nobody shoots. Why? They are laughing at them. I’ll bet those smiles turn to panicked looks when you drop a few.

      Consider the audacity. These are not waifs begging for food to keep from starving. No, these are people who complain about their accommodations and riot if there aren’t enough treats.

      There is plenty of land in the Middle East, Africa and Mexico to accommodate them. Why is this OUR problem?

  10. I’ve been following the progress in replacing existing barriers with the new wall structure. They’ve already completed the wall from San Diego, across Arizona leaving only New Mexico and Texas to complete. So far one Mexican who tried to climb over a 30 foot high section in California broke both legs and injured his back when he fell off onto US soil.

  11. Now just add a deep and wide moat filled with underfed gators and it will be perfect. 😉

  12. We really don’t need a wall. We need the laws to be enforced. If that means that any man coming over gets lead in his hind end and every woman gets handcuffs and a burro ride back with a sandwich and a bottle of water, then that’s what it means. If you try to run across a border in some countries you’ll be shot. I think we’ve been far too lenient for far too long. Once people got wind of the consequences, the numbers trying to get across would dwindle considerably. Or maybe I’m too harsh. ….

  13. Up, up, and away they gooooooo.

  14. St. Longinus, We HAVE to have a WALL Even with electronic surveillance systems across the 2,000 miles, we obviously will still need the Border Patrol and possibly some military personnel. But, we can’t afford to place a huge number of humans along the 2,000 miles to keep illegals out. That would be outrageously expensive, inefficient, dangerous and stupid. Of course, our laws need to be enforced, but the WALL is for the hordes of illegal opportunists, terrorists, gangs and drug cartels who don’t respect our laws. A recent report stated there’s been an increase of illegals coming across the border.


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