The Vultures Are Circling Over Skippy

Politics is a cruel business.
Someone once said that in politics, there are no friends, there are only enemies and temporary allies-of-convenience.
Well, if no one had actually said that, I just did. LOL
Hiram Reisner of NewsMax reports, Sept 23, 2011, that liberal ABC newsman and Bill Clinton’s former Communications Director George Stephanopoulos says Americans are losing confidence in Obama.
Stephie predicts that Obama faces certain defeat in 2012, unless the nation’s economy and job situation improve.
Read the whole article here.
See also my post of Sept 19, “Smelling Blood, Liberals Turn on Obama.”
Soon, the vultures will start feeding on Skippy’s political carcass.


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8 years ago

I hate to tell you Steffi, but I never had confidence in the Dear Ruler to begin with.

8 years ago

i’m praying that this is so.. one term obama and then off to prison you go…
can’t afford to become overconfident or complacent the clowns around where i live are still positively mesmerized by obama.

8 years ago

We must defeat Obama’s agenda of socialism, Communism, atheism and complete disorder and confusion! Yes, the vultures are coming in for the kill. When you put your trust in vultures, they will eat you alive! (Pardon the pun.)

8 years ago

Who knows… there is a twisted possibility that his party may be the ones who lead the charge after they re-morph into some new pathological ideology …afterall, Biden said, “We must not waste a crisis.”
The basic whole of them are pathological liars. ***Pathological liars – or “mythomaniacs” – may be suffering from histrionic personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder.*** Not my quote, but rings true to me!