The Unvarnished Truth About the "Religion" of Islam

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I have been unable to get this video to embed properly, so please click here to view it.
It is almost as politically incorrect as I am.
Well, not really, but still.
(h/t: My bestest NB bud Blonde)

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0 responses to “The Unvarnished Truth About the "Religion" of Islam

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who uses the words bull shit. I don’t think he likes Islam.

  2. I didn’t get your link, Dave ,but I watched this a couple of days
    ago that will probably do:

  3. Commonsense is a wonderful thing.

  4. Pat Condell is one of my absolute favorite YouTube vloggers. Well spoken, poignant, funny, and bluntly to the point. He takes a lot of heat for his tireless attack on Islam. Lefties call him racist when he absolutely is not. He is very careful to separate Islam from Arabic.

    • I commend him for condemning Islam, but he is also an atheist with passionate contempt for Christianity, do you approve of that?!

  5. Hola D. Glad you made good use of this video. The easiest way to imbed the YouTube link in WordPress is to install the Smart Youtube Plug-in (free), and then you just copy/paste the link (no hyper link) into your post on a new line, and put a v (for video) afer the http so it looks like httpv://YouTubeLink

  6. Oh yeah, and I liked your post, but, um, got a little happy on the button I guess!

  7. I like the posting, but I’m a little confused about Islam; because the President is a huge fan of Islam, no really he is, take a look how Obama “really” feels about Islam.

  8. “Civilization conflicts with Sharia”. Yep, pretty much sums that up!

  9. I didn’t watch the video yet, but I have seen several of his videos, and though I commend him condemning Islam, y’all are apparently oblivious to the fact this man is an atheist and hates Christianity!!!!!

    • A pity since his comments on the Islamic troglodytes were spot on. I just watched his video “Hello angry Christians” and it quickly became apparent to me that Pat has worked it all out from the cerebral cortex, which is not where God will be reached. I suppose you might say he has been hoisted by his own petard.

  10. I savor his contempt of Islam, but he is an atheist who has contempt for Christianity. I have seen many of his videos.

  11. Rebecca Smith

    Look, everybody, we are NOT oblivious to the fact that he hates Christianity, he hates organized religion. HOWEVER, he defends Christians against Muslims when it comes to the ‘rules of engagement’ for example in England and in the USA they are not allowed any more to have christmas decorations, christmas trees in public spots, the nativity scenes, etc., because it OFFENDS MUSLIMS, and he went on record as stating the REAL truth, which is even though he’s not a Christian, the decorations most certainly DO NOT offend him in any way. There is nothing threatening about them, and they should have the right to display their festivities, MUSLIMS on the other hand only have the goat slaughter display for EID and the screaming megaphone call to prayer which is all VERY invasive and disgusting.
    He has the right to all kinds of free speech y’all. I’m a Christian, and honestly I do not watch his Christian videos – that’s it. Like ANYONE IN THE WORLD, INCLUDING MUSLIMS – if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.
    Pat Condell is a GENIUS and it is obvious he reserves a special hatred for ISLAM in all it’s many facets of crap. I watch his islam videos all the time. You can’t allow yourselves to dismiss someone fully because he doesn’t like our religion either.
    Also, he makes me burst out laughing on some of his rants, a rare feat. Especially the one about Amjen Choudary, you DEFINITELY should watch that one – it was the only time I ever thought I felt ‘anger’ coming from him. Usually he seems calm and as neutral as possible. But I felt his disgust and anger permeate out through the screen (which I related to, because I hate that Sharia law pushing scumbag).
    He doesn’t necessarily hate Christianity, either, he hates THE bad people involved in Christianity. The ones even other Christians aren’t too partial too. He hates the loudmouth, arrogant, condemning, judgmental so called Christians; otherwise Pat Condell seeks to let people live their lives as they see fit; just as he wishes to be allowed to do the same.
    I won’t throw Pat Condell out the window, just because I don’t like PART of his messages about organized religion – he, like the rest of us, would simply like to be left alone to live our lives if we are not hurting anyone else. He doesn’t HATE me because I am Christian, he doesn’t hate the people, he hates the forcefulness that often comes from over-zealotness people who want to enforce their way of belief onto others.
    Even though I’m a true believer, it doesn’t mean I try to bash people over the head with it, I only talk about it if they ask me. I don’t condemn sinners, I try to get them to understand the real reasons behind morality, and man-woman marriage, fidelity, etc. these are the things that allow people to be happy and live a good life instead of a painful one. All the liberal back talk never includes the long term emotional ramifications of living together, divorce, abortion, drunkeness, etc., and there definitely are ramifications.


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