The Tyranny of the Disabled

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Via (emphasis mine):
Hotels, rec centers try to slow pool access regs
Apr 18, 3:38 AM (ET)
SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) – Owners and managers of swimming pools at hotels, city recreation centers and public parks are scrambling to install mechanical chair lifts to comply with new federal requirements that all public pools be accessible to disabled swimmers.
Some hotels fear the cost of the equipment or fines for noncompliance could put them out of business, and an industry lobbyist says others may close their pools this summer if they can’t upgrade in time, though the government can offer more time to those having trouble paying for it. Swimmers with disabilities say the changes are overdue.
“I couldn’t get into the pool without it,” said Karen Kitchen of Savannah, who has multiple sclerosis and relies on a poolside chair lift at the Chatham County Aquatic Center for her physical therapy workouts up to four times a week.
Adding to the problem is a backlog of orders created by the rush to meet a May deadline. Harry Spirides ordered lifts last month for the hotel he owns on Georgia’s largest public beach and was told they should arrive in late April. He expects to pay $12,000 for the lifts at the Ocean Plaza Beach Resort on Tybee Island.
“Our supplier is backed up with orders,” said Spirides. “Everybody’s rushing to comply; everybody wants to comply. But when you have tens of thousands of swimming pools that have to be retrofitted with these lifts, it takes time.”
Changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act in 2010 say pools must be upgraded with chair lifts, essentially mini cranes that move wheelchair users into the water. The initial deadline was March 16, but confusion over the details and pool owners’ insistence for more time caused the Justice Department to give them until May 21.
The law doesn’t affect private clubs or pools owned by neighborhood associations that aren’t open to the public.

It’s a massive and expensive undertaking. The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals says its research shows that between 235,000 and 310,000 pools require the upgrade. Manufacturers estimate the lifts run $3,500 to $6,500, and installation can double those costs. Altogether, owners could face combined costs exceeding $1 billion.
The Justice Department now says chair lifts must be bolted down. That declaration came as most hotels were buying portable lifts that don’t require expensive installation and can be wheeled into storage until a guest needs them, said Kevin Maher of the American Hotels and Lodging Association.
The group argues that fixed chair lifts pose a risk to children who are tempted to play on them. Maher, the association’s vice president for government relations, said hoteliers fear their insurance rates could increase.
The association is urging the Justice Department to reconsider portable lifts and extend the deadline. Without more time, Maher said, some hotels may close their pools this summer rather than risk lawsuits or fines.
You will find the rest of the article at this link.
I have no issue with making reasonable accommodations for the disabled, but these requirements are so over-the-top they defy common sense.
If you show up at your favorite hotel this summer, do not be surprised to find the pool closed, and be prepared to shell out more money for your stay if it is open.
Hotels are not going to eat the cost of the lifts and their probably increased insurance costs – they will pass them along to their guests.

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0 responses to “The Tyranny of the Disabled

  1. Bad law until you or yours needs it; then it is a good law.

    • So you’re the rat who gave this post a “one star” rating.
      Back again? Every time you, walthe310, write a comment, I will continue to expose you for the pretender that you are:
      Walter Oren Hecht of St. George, Utah, who states on your blog that you are a registered Republican who voted for Obama in 2008 and will vote for him again in 2012.
      walthe310 Walter Oren Hecht

    • Well, you get enough “laws” controlling the market – and there will be plenty of laws about lifts in pools — and there will BE NO BREAD AT THE STORE. You can go ahead and get in line for the BREAD RATIONS of a communist state. No, it’s NOT a “good law” for ANYONE!! It’s central control of the marketplace, it will produce the Govt controlling the marketplace, and that Government control produces inefficiency, and results in shortages. There is no “good communist law” that controls the marketplace telling them they MUST PROVIDE A SERVICE that they cannot afford to provide and is not profitable to provide. The Government is mandated WASTE AND LOSS. No, it isn’t a “GOOD LAW”. Who are these people to treat the rest of us like their slaves?? Slavery is a bad system — doesn’t work — and will create bread lines. Look at food stamps. They are bread lines. The bread lines are getting increasingly full. And the day will come when the shortages become so great — food stamps and all the Government programs will completely break the back of the economy and the shortages they are creating will become painfully manifest. Those shortages are already painfully manifest to those who cannot find work, are losing their homes, and are on the food stamps (that are set to fail with every other government program). Communism — only APPEALS TO THOSE WHO ARE SELF-CENTERED, THINK ONLY OF THEMSELVES IN THE SHORT-TERM, JOIN IN THE FORCE, THEFT, COMPULSION of the centralized THIEVES AND WANNA SLAVEMASTERS IN GOVT that eventually force the bottom to fall out of the whole economy.
      I’m not your slave and I don’t owe you any of my work or labor. You want something for free, then ask for charity and if ppl are charitable and believe you merit their charity — they’ll give you the charity.
      Rant off.

  2. hmmm i do my swimming in lake michigan quite cold often but lots of sand and some waves. whats next legislation to make the lake water accessible common sense has taken a vacation under this retarded administration

  3. So do they require lifts for hot tubs as well?
    While I’m sure hotels want to cater to disabled people, regs like this will kill some businesses. Not every hotel can afford this.

  4. It’s the bottom feeder lawyers that drive this whole ADA nonsense. They hire a disabled person then set out looking for someone to sue.

  5. Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Owners and managers of swimming pools at hotels, city recreation centers and public parks are scrambling to install mechanical chair lifts.

  6. Demo-rats want to include “morally disabled” for themselves.

  7. Here’s an example of how ridiculously over-reaching they’ve become: we attend a small church, and had a stair-lift for a couple of our older members. They have both passed away so it never gets used any more, but we still have to get it inspected every year. That I understand, but this year there were TWO guys and when we got the bill there were TWO fees. We called to ask about it and they said now we not only have to pay to have it inspected, we have to pay someone to WATCH the inspector inspect it. Now that’s corrupt.

  8. Communist / Alinskyites termites doing their best to destroy private businesses. Many people who are trying to keep their heads above water in small businesses today are among the most disabled ! They not only have to increase prices, but also are forced to let some of their employees go as well, in order to make ends meet ! Just makes me furious to watch those over- reaching govt thieves in action ! I have been a small business owner and I know first hand the heartaches of being punished by govt., while following all their insane rules and regulations. Their main goal is that you will be forced to let employees go to make ends meet , and eventually to close up shop, and the sooner the better, as far as they are concerned ! They really do operate like termites ! ….The eat away at the foundation and then the structure until the roof finally comes crashing in on us !! This is what they are doing to the entire country, of course !

  9. hmmm….I find myself on both sides of this one. When swimming
    is the only exercise you can partake in…you’re awfully glad for the
    fancy parking space so you can open your door completely without banging anyone , an elevator to the locker room and all the steps
    and railings they can provide…and their for a while a lift would
    have been used…but you go where those things are provided and
    pay the extra price. I still can’t walk my three miles to and from the
    beach,not that I could make it up or down the bluff…and the sand
    is a bit tough,yet,but no more than just walking to get the mail….
    but the bright side is being able to walk at all because
    wheelchairs look fun but aren’t…and are better than not getting
    around at all 🙂

  10. Yep, that’s how it works. Where in the Constitution does it say that the Constitution guarantees you will have a special lift at a pool — and we the taxpayers, the nation — owe you that?? All this communism. The declaration of INDEPENDENCE was not a declaration of DEPENDENCE on the State to run our lives, hotels, pools, etc. The Declaration of INDEPENDENCE was not a communist manifesto.

  11. California has had burdensome compliance laws like this for decades. My store is in a hundred year old building with eight other stores It cannot be retrofitted for anything close to a reasonable price. The bathroom for the building is not wheelchair accessible so we can’t let ANYONE use it for fear that a handicapped individual will sue.

  12. I’m 5′ tall and I want to be able to shoot a basketball into the basket. My height is a disability and I want every basketball hoop lowered around the entire country.
    Isn’t that how it works? Despite our disabilities the government will see we get to do everything and anything we want to do?

  13. I’m 20 lbs. overweight and I think under this administration that can be considered a handicap…I’m suing Jif, Hostess (they’re almost ruined anyway), and whoever manufactured my spoons and forks. I’ll be rich!! Oh, I forgot…no rich people allowed. Nuts.

  14. Another dang devise freeloaders can sue businesses over….”my little kid, whatever the heck his name is, hurt himself when he tried to use the lift as a swing.”
    These pools are damned if they do and damned if they don’t!

  15. Being sensitive to the needs of our population with disabilities is only humane and moral in a civilized society. The numbers are many, and we are also talking about people that have paid and/or are tax paying citizens.
    Public access should be available as much as possible. And businesses could be given incentives to create that access without all the exhausting pages of government regulations that obstruct more efficient solutions.
    There is a difference between “necessity” and “desirability” however, and this is where regulations need to get off the backs of private business. Let there be incentives for accomodations, & also let amenities be “consumer driven”– if someone in a wheelchair wants to stay in a hotel that has a chair lift, then search out those hotels. Likewise, with other services. Remember –that this access also creates other expenses such as liability insurance. God forbid if a lift malfunctions, or even if not, say the person just slips or has any kind of mishap –. Then there’s those darned kids at the pools likely to be playing on the lift–and who’s going to be responsible if there is an accident (hint: Not th parents! Yes, the hotel will be). I honestly don’t think most wheelchair bound people expect motels/hotels for provide special lifts at the pools.

  16. PS —I was being satirical about “those darn kids”–I am a parent– just that kids are all over at the pools & also always looking for something new to discover!

  17. wait a sec if someone is lets say paralyzed and in a wheelchair and they are then put into the water they don’t become unparalyzed how are they going to swim ? and if someone in a wheelchair really needs a wheelchair lets say broken leg they aren’t going to be able to swim either. this is another example of obama and his retarded henchman holder the team of dumb and dumber.. if you is white you ain’t not suffered enough end the nightmare now obama must go vote early vote often (old chicago proverb)

  18. Actually, many people who are paralyzed and use wheelchairs can swim. I am a paraplegic. I can actually get into a pool without a lift by lowering myself from the chair onto the steps and then down into the water. However, getting back out is extremely difficult without a lift (or a strong person to assist). A person with upper body motion can swim – they use their arms and the trunk muscles that work. They are buoyant in the water. I can also float. I can swim laps nonstop for an hour or more.. so please don’t be a judge of a disabled person’s swimming abilities. I don’t expect a lift at every hotel and motel out there, but I think larger chains, resorts and public pools should provide one (and exercise/health clubs). Calling around to see who provides the services, as someone suggested, is not too helpful when there are so few who do provide it. I’ve been to quite a few pools in various cities, and the only ones that had access were at Disneyworld (not unexpectedly), a YMCA in New York City, and the athletic facility at my university. Where I live now, there is not even one pool that has a lift. I think the current law on pool lifts is extreme and needs adjustment, but I don’t think it should be thrown out. People with disabilities count too.

    • Yes Shannon, people with disabilities do count.
      My issue is the government mandates. A private business, set up to make a profit, must cater to their clients, not the government. While access for all is ideal, at what point does a firm create this access that doesn’t pay off in profit? A business with no profit ceases to exist.
      Glad you have found some facilities to do your swimming. Swimming is fun exercise for sure.


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