The Two Thousand Dollars Sundress

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Do you want to see what a $2,000 dress — cotton, sleeveless, comprised of at most two yards of fabric — looks like?
Here it is!

Emily posted the pic on the Naked City blog with the following observation:

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely vacation. Because I’m not actually on vacation. Unless you consider drinking coconut coffee from the Keurig while I work in my office a vacation. Because I don’t. At any rate, I saved the US taxpayers nearly $4 million by not being First Lady and flying off for a 17-day vacation in Hawaii on the taxpayers dime. You can thank me later.

Michelle Obama, noted supporter of the 99% and champion of the poor, on the other hand, is reportedly draining taxpayer funds to finance a massive year-end festival of relaxation on the sunny shores of Oahu while the rest of us slave away so that we aren’t unemployed come her husband’s fourth year as President.

And don’t think she’s dressing like a regular tourist while she’s there, either, you peons. As she accompanied Barack and family to church services on the Kaneohe Bay Marine Base on Sunday, Michelle sported a Resort Collection Sophie Theallet sundress, which, at the time it was purchased in late 2009, cost between $1K and $2K. Similar dresses from the Resort 2012 collection sell for that much and more.

Seriously, Moochelle, you got snookered. Any seamstress could have stitched up that really simple dress for much much much less.

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11 responses to “The Two Thousand Dollars Sundress

  1. I used to make most of my clothes and all of my children’s clothes, bit it simply became too expensive to sew. That said, I could have easily made that tacky sundress in an afternoon. Money does not buy class!! MOO is clueless.

  2. Michelle’s dress is something I could whip up in a couple of hours with about 15 or twenty dollars worth of fabric. It’s unbelievable that she would spend that huge amount on something so plain Jane. You know it is is easy to draw a parallel between Michelle and Marie Antoinette.
    That said; I do have to say that her eldest daughter’s dress is really cute!!!

    • Linda–I agree with you on the daughter’s dress, and I especially like the metallic flats with it. looks like something my girls might have worn. So many teen clothes look hoochie!

  3. If i were to ever spend that much on a dress I would be afraid to wear it. That being said, for the life of me I cannot understand spending that much on such an ugly dress and then wear a red belt with it. I don’t recall anyone wearing a belt with a sundress, maybe a tie sash, but not a belt…What is it with her belts on everything?

  4. ach,my eyes…. 🙂
    Maybe she should try suspenders….
    or a burka.

  5. If she wants to waste that kind of money, have at it. Still a fugly dress!

  6. That’s funny, because I was gonna say my mom could do that for less than $50 easy – and she’s already posted! H/T Linda! 🙂

  7. And Moochelle’s dress is super ugly, I agree with ya’ll. For what she paid, I’d at least expect sparkle!!!

  8. Wow, that is just the dress and the photo that caused me to respond to your Ramadan article. They are not holy people and they believe they can carry on any which way. Oh well……………………………..

  9. That frock looks like one of my grandmother’s old tablecloths.
    Moochelle’s fashion takes retro to unprecedented lows.
    Her behavior is strictly urban jungle.


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