The Truth About Black Genocide in America

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0 responses to “The Truth About Black Genocide in America

  1. This is a horrific reality. We can expect no less from planned parenthood which was started by Margaret Sanger who wanted to exterminate the “negro” (her words) population.
    We must end abortion.

  2. ….and if they don’t get murdered in the womb and they
    manage to grow up, they still have to avoid being thrown
    into the Prison Industrial Complex….sigh

  3. As with many other issues, I don’t think the left really cares about the truth, and most of the right already knows! Look who decided Herman Cain’s guilt before the evidence was out. Look who is deciding Trayvon’s story before the facts are in and my local stations totally ignore Zimmerman’s story, past, and work with young Blacks!


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