The Truth About Birtherism

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It’s also unfortunate that the left has to coin a word similar to one that has actual crazy and extremist connotations, “truthers.” Thinking a slimy politician lied about where he was born is not thinking 9/11 and 3,000 American deaths weren’t perpetrated by Islamist fanatics.
Birth-er, translated, simply =
–My friend Mike


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  1. The Left knows, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Putative President Obama is a fraud. All the evidence is there — he’s ineligible to be POTUS — including much research documentation and witnesses to prove it. It matters little that our putative president has spent a fortune preventing disclosure of the truth. They even allowed an innocent soldier LTC Terry Lakin go to prison after the court refused to allow “discovery”, that being the long form certificate of live birth that the current governor Neil Abercrombie couldn’t find, along with many other records or testimony on LTC Lakin’s behalf. The left doesn’t care that we’ve been scammed by a convincing liar — that’s why they strongly support him. They have no one else who could compete with such a polished, well groomed fraudulent fabricator. I have collected all the evidence and for that reason joined H.R.1503 Coalition group because I know the truth and proud to be a so-called “BIRTHER” which, to me, means honor and pride — not stupidity — a person who will not blinding play the fool as expected by the Leftists. I go by the evidence that has continued to remain hidden from public view for a reason and that is Obama has much to hide and the Leftists are well aware of that but still continue with the childlike games. So the Leftists can continue to playout their ignoramus script which is infantile at best and they know it. But, they have nothing intelligible to work with so regress to earlier stages of human development, as just a childish name-calling dig, for they know we know, and so far Leftists are getting away with it given very weak Republican leadership. Our Weeper of the House, John Boehner, (a title well earned) isn’t much an improvement over Nancy Pelosi. In Boehner’s own words, “The state of Hawaii has said he was born there. That’s good enough for me.” He may have well said, “If President Obama declares the United States no longer a sovereign nation, but under the authority of the United Nations, well, that’s good enough for me.” The Weeper has no use researching Obama past or getting any facts since our putative president has proven again and again of being a convincing liar and deceiver. The attitude is: “So what if he’s a Democrat, he’s still the president, so I must blindly take his word…I would do the same for Castro, Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Gadhafi…what more do you expect from me?…This is too emotinal for me to discuss right now, so no more questions…sob.” Leftists are far too obvious while knowing exactly what Obama has to hide and why all the lies that continue to grow daily that the “lamestream” media encourages and rejoices. I hear that’s a pretty nice oil rig we paid for in Brazil. I guess we’re more interested in finding oil off another country than pursuing the ample supplies readily available in this country. We can be totally depend on oil and food from other nations, including our enemies. That makes sense coming from a man who is out to destroy America to fulfill his father’s agenda of anti-colonialism. And their are people who do not know that Obama obviously hates America, even his lame followers that he uses like fools.

  2. LOL.
    I see cd has been rummaging around in Eowyn’s pic bin.

  3. Yea …it really is not funny…..not yet but we will have the last laugh!

  4. PROUD to be a BIRTHER and NBC!


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