The Trump Effect: Illegals are opting out of welfare programs

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The WIC or Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, created in 1974, is a federal welfare program for supposedly low-income pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and children under the age of five — regardless of whether they are U.S. citizens or in the U.S. illegally.

The basic eligibility requirement is a family income below 185% of the federal poverty level, which in 2018 is an annual income $25,100 for a family of four (the figure is higher for  Alaska and Hawaii). Most states allow automatic WIC eligibility for persons or families who are already receiving other welfare programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (aka food stamps), Medicaid, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

Amanda Prestigiacomo reports for The Daily Wire, Sept. 3, 2018, that a proposed Trump Administration rule to deny legal status to illegals on welfare is prompting hundreds of thousands of illegal “immigrants” to opt out of WIC.

Both illegal and legal immigrants have been inundating health care providers with calls demanding they be dropped from federal assistance programs like WIC. Illegals are asking to be dropped from WIC because they are scared of being deported, while some legal immigrants apparently believe their legal status will be in jeopardy because of rumors circulating about potential Trump Administration rules.

Agencies in at least 18 states say they’ve seen drops of up to 20% in enrollment. When President Donald Trump first took office, there were 7.4 million women and children enrolled in WIC. That number declined to roughly 6.8 million in May 2018, which is a decrease of 8.1% or 600,000 fewer enrollees. The drop-off may also be due to a bolstered economy and a decline in immigrant birth rates.

In 2011, Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) said WIC cost $100 per person.

600,000 fewer WIC recipients would mean a savings of $60 million, in 2011 dollars.

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21 responses to “The Trump Effect: Illegals are opting out of welfare programs

  1. Works for me!

  2. Another blessing and taxpayer savings from Trump. Our President Rocks!

  3. Love the sign. They will “shoot more cops until they’re ‘free”? Why would we want to make them permanent welfare recipients? I say whenever American citizens have jobs they can compete for any excess jobs. Until then, we have enough of our own to worry about.

    Maybe Mexico could think about taking care of it’s people. We need to get all of them out of here and straighten this mess out. I can’t afford anymore dependents.

  4. 185% of $25,100 is $46,435.
    I know people that live just fine on a lot less, though I realize not all areas are conducive to frugality.
    They live within their means and frequently are more generous (percentage-of-income-wise at least) than many that have and waste way more.

    It’s better to let them take themselves off the gumment tit. Make it uncomfortable for them. Keep them from finding work here. Post Ice at strategic polling places. Make it so they don’t want to stay. Tax or tariff their remittances. Let them deport themselves. One way doors, facing south, at the border.

  5. Opting out? hell no, kick their asses out’the fence! Long overdue!

  6. Why are these illegal invaders allowed access to American’s hard-earned money to begin with?

    They should be treated like the invaders they are.

  7. How many countries would take in YT if he showed up and said “I don’t have a job and I don’t have any money, feed me”? Oh, and while you’re at it, I want to vote, I want free medical care and free college for my kids.

    Well, maybe if you aren’t Christian and you’re the “correct” hue, they’ll adopt you. Somehow I think my odds of success would be pretty poor.

  8. I say equal rights for women! Programs that pay for women raising young kids should also pay for men raising them. We know it doesn’t work that way, so that program needs to go. 😳

    Tell Mexico and all the rest to come get their people. Send them a bill with a per diem included in it for incentive.

    They hate us just as much when we are footing all the bills as when we aren’t. They give us the finger and burn our flag in protests all the time. It’s time for us to give them the finger in return!

  9. Most environmental thing President Trump can do to protect our environment, wildlife, open spaces, & reduce pollution & those terrible green house gases that lunatic carbon tax cultists want to install carbon taxes to reduce, is deport, build wall, & immigration moratorium. Truly the “Green” thing to do.

  10. Well if these dumb Mexicans would know their history. The Southwest and Texas belonged to SPAIN who took it from the INDIGENOUS NATIVE AMERICAN. Spain in turn gave up the land by default when Mexico finally gained its independence. Mexico held the land for about maybe 15 -20 years. Mexico lost the Texas land to the Texans and then Mexico SOLD the Southwest to the United States after it lost the Mexican-American war. The US doesn’t owe Mexico squat!!

  11. I wish illegals would opt out of the USA.
    Enough is enough!

    • Me too. I think if there are enough “disincentives” on this side the other side might look a little better to them.

  12. If illegal aliens are opting out of welfare benefits, that means that they can get by without them. DUH.

    • Yeah, they can. However, no “illegal” should get ANYTHING. Any business that hires them should have its officers in jail. I mean look at it. Mexico does NOTHING for them. All they have to do is waltz through the border and into the USA.

      They can go to the DMV and get a driver license and voting privileges. They get food stamps and cash assistance. They get free medical care.

      Contrast that with say homeless vets who get none of those things and live on the street. First the illegals have to go back from whence they came. It has to be so miserable for them to sneak in here that they stay in Mexico. If they come anyway we should immediately send them back with a price tag for the expenses incurred.

      Another issue is the voting. If there were sufficient safeguards in place these illegals would rapidly lose their allure to the Godless leftists. This is an easy fix. I don’t see that they really want to do it.

      Everything these guys touch creates more chaos.

  13. Liberal Headline:
    Millions of immigrents lose their welfare benefits
    Forced to leave U.S. – Returned to native contry against will

    Conservative headline:
    Millions taken off welfare roles
    Illegal immigrants flee the U.S.
    Millions of Jobs created.
    More Americans expected to become less dependant of government.

  14. The only way to make illegals go out of any country is to make them to feel LESS comfortable than in their countries. If they feel comfortable with money, welfare, etc, they will never leave, and each day they will ask more and more benefits from government.

  15. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but I think Trump is illuminati. Look online and you can find him throwing the devil’s hand signs. Wake up! It’s happening under your noses! They’re laughing at the gullible Christians who think they’ve found they’re savior. I hope I’m wrong but when I saw Trump using the illuminati hand signals it devastated me.

    All he ever does about illegal migrants is TALK. He doesn’t use the military to stop the caravan – just like before. HE’S A BLOWHARD. He talks a good game but he doesn’t ACT. 54,000 Americans have died from a drug overdose from the illegal drugs flooding here from Mexico. And what does Trump do? TALKS about the border wall! He HAS THE MONEY FROM THE MILITARY TO BUILD THE WALL. FOR GOD’S SAKE USE YOUR BRAIN!



  16. I challenge all of you to take a trip to your local welfare office to see where your blood, sweat, and tears are going: immigrants. I went there and was turned down for disability even though I’d paid into it. I was the ONLY American in the building! It was PACKED with immigrants, including MEN who were applying for welfare. It made me SICK. We were struggling to survive and the government was taking almost 1/3 of our paycheck we needed to survive on, yet we were having our paychecks stolen and redistributed to immigrants.

    A family member worked in a store and the immigrant women would come in with hair and nails done and pay with an EBT card. They got all of their prescriptions and over the counter needs paid for.

    Our family members are working 80-90 hour workweeks and these immigrants come here and go directly on welfare. You have latchkey kids all across America being left home while both parents are forced out to work, and these immigrants are coming here to suck off of the blood, sweat, and tears of taxpayers.

    I needed emergency post-surgery care and tried to be seen at the hospital. I was turned away because all the immigrants were in there getting free health care. Even though I was doubled over, not one of those great kids here through no fault of their own got up to offer me a seat.

    Don’t expect Trump to save you. It’s possible he’s illuminati. The only way it’s going to stop is if Americans band together and stop working until immigrants are deported.

    There has to be a leader. I thought it was going to be Bannon. We need someone who is going to lead a Revolution. It’s only going to get worse folks. They’re trying to collapse America by overwhelming us with needy migrants. It’s the Cliven Piven strategy. Our lifestyle has already gone way down. Wake up! Try to find someone who will lead a Revolution before America is gone forever. There are approximately 50,000 illegals in the U.S. Trump has not deported them. He has done a few “token” reforms but on the whole, immigrants continue to flood into our country unimpeded. I don’t see Trump doing a lot to stop it.

    Who will lead us?

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