The terrifying face in the wedding photo

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Can you see what’s wrong with this picture?
Face in wedding photo
Two weeks ago, a man posted the wedding picture of himself and his bride on imgur, with this message:

Me and my wife’s favorite wedding photo… Until we saw what was between us… We still don’t know who it was

As of the time when I accessed the pic on imgur last night, it had a phenomenal 457,147 views — and that doesn’t include the many people who’ve seen it on other websites about the spooky face.
What do you think it is?
My thought (apologies to the wedding couple): I wonder if the couple had had an abortion.

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0 responses to “The terrifying face in the wedding photo

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  2. Things that make you go , hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……Looks like a baby to me, would love to see the whole face ….from the little bit you can see, baby don’t look too pleased.

  3. creepy

  4. “if barry had a son” soon there will be many manifestations of the spirit realm. the blood of the slaughtered innocent cries out day and night for vengeance.

  5. This kind of stuff freaks me out!

  6. Aleister Crowley – tell them to PRAY to Jesus!

  7. I must admit, this is rather unexplainable. It certainly does appear to be a baby. I wish we could see more of the babies face. I would think that it is either the spirit of an aborted child . . . or perhaps the spirit of a child that is destined to come to this couple. Somehow, it would seem that this mischievous spirit is tied to this couple.

  8. they’re quite a ways from that wall;I think the photographer just caught a passer-by in the pic. I’ve done that before-I’ve already started to push the button and someone dashes through and ruins the shot. The mystery guy looks like Danny DeVito to me.

  9. Hymmm… Don’t see a baby at all, just a face of a homely guy. While I don’t discount the supernatural, I would want to know if there was chance it could have been a passer by who was ducking too. Would be good if they contacted the photographer to see if he remembers anybody lurking about.

  10. Possibly the face of the flower girl trying to photo bomb.

  11. On their wedding night the couple may have made love to a succubus or an incubus, who showed up in the wedding picture. According to the early church fathers they were mischievous fallen angels who have sexual intercourse with people while they are asleep. The incubus is a male demon who makes love to women and the succubus is said to be a seductive female demon who preys on men.

  12. Seems to me that this is either a “photo-bomber”, or the couple staged the photo to garner a massive amount of attention. Which you are giving them. No doubt, over the next forty years of their marriage they can always look back and chuckle over their prank. When their relationship gets rocky, and they can’t seem to stop screaming at each other, and emotions may go through the roof, all one has to bring up is, “Hey, remember all those people that thought a ghost was in our ‘favorite’ photo?” Then the other can chime in, “And floating aborted fetuses!” “And succubuses, and incubuses, and leprechauns….”

  13. This really does creep me out. I sure hope they photoshopped it. But you raise an interesting point, Dr. Eowyn: I have heard or read that on Judgment Day, we will all be able to look at each other and be able to tell what sins the other person committed. I thought of this BEFORE I saw Little Mr. Smiley in between.

  14. And now Smeagal haunts weddings and pawn shops everywhere…
    still searching for his ever elusive “Precious”.


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