The Stranger in the Snow

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Stories of mysterious strangers who suddenly appear to help people in dire distress abound. Maybe you yourself have such a story to tell.
Here’s one true story.
“Many years ago we also experienced a similar event with car problems and an angel.
“It was a blizzard. We are the parents of eight children. When our then fourth child was about to be born, one of our children decided he wanted to have an orange and got an ordinary kitchen butter knife out of the drawer and started sawing it. Making a long story short, he of course sliced his finger pretty good.
“We live out in the country and the hospital was about twenty miles away. We made the decision to try it … the roads were treacherous. About a mile and a half from our home, we hit snow drifts on a back road and were stuck. My husband got out and desperately was trying to get us out of the drift.
“I felt helpless because I was very pregnant and unable to assist him. The snow was blowing so hard we could hardly see (it was dark outside). Then out of nowhere this man showed up and started to help; he had a shovel and helped us to get turned around so we could go back home. When my husband turned to thank him, he was gone.”
Stacy Portko
York Springs, Pennsylvania
[Source: SpiritDaily]
I can confirm that Stacy Portko is real, because I found her via a people search engine. 🙂
Just remember that the word “angel” means “messenger” in Greek (angelos) and Hebrew (malach). Angels do the will of God. So when an angel helps you, he was sent by God.
Thank and praise God!

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10 responses to “The Stranger in the Snow

  1. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great story, Eo! It reminds me of the video testimony of Farhad, the muslim who came to embrace the Lord Jesus Christ from an encounter with a mysterious stranger.

  3. Cool story!

  4. What a wonderful event that this family experienced! Thank you, Dr. Eowyn,
    for this beautiful communication!

  5. This story reminds me of this:
    “Two Cabins in the Wind River Mountains”

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