The strange purchase date and price of Sandy Hook homes

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WARNING: This is a long post, so the reader may want to read it in installments. Make sure you bookmark this page so that, if you need to, you can return to finish reading this post.


There are those in the blogosphere who maintain or at the very least suspect that the official story of the Dec. 14, 2012 Sandy Hook massacre isn’t true, and who have raised the matter of the rather strange sale date and price of the homes of some of the victims. See, for example, this discussion on a Godlike Productions chat forum.

Their hypothesis goes something like this:

If the massacre, wholly or in part, were a contrived conspiracy — for example, a drill (or a drill that went very bad) — then the major participants or “players” in the elaborate charade would have to be paid off in some way or another.

Indeed, a year ago, in February 2013, I had noticed the same thing — that some of the homes of Sandy Hook victims all had an odd sale/purchase date of 12/25/2009, and an equally odd sale/purchase price of $0.

I had found that information on the website of Vision Government Solutions (VGS), a company that calls itself “a leading supplier of land parcel management software technology and services to local government organizations, enabling efficient assessment, billing, collections, mapping, and permitting.” One of the services provided by VGS is an online database of residential properties in nine states in the northeastern and eastern U.S., one of which is the state of Connecticut. If you know the address of a home in, say, Newtown, CT, you can look up the property’s value, present owner(s), and price history on VGS’s database.

At the time, in February of last year, puzzled by those strange 12/25/2009 sale date and $0 sale price of Newtown homes, I had sent this email to VGS:

Date: 02/05/13 01:43 PM

Subject: Feedback from the Newtown, CT page

Hello, While browsing real estate properties using this database, I noticed a number of homes have the same “date of sale” of 12/25/2009, and a “sale price” of 0 (zero). Please be so kind as to explain. How can a home be sold or purchased for $0?

Thank you,

Dr. _____

This was the response I received:

Feb. 5, 2013

Thank you for your inquiry Dr ____. In most instances of a sale price of $0 the reason would be because of a family sale where the house ownership is simply transferred. [In other words, no money actually changed hands.] The other reason for that to happen would be a town entering a parcel into their database for the first time they must put a first owner and a sale price. Often times they will put $0 as a filler price. The sale date of 12/25/2009 would be the same thing.

Kind Regards,

(Name withheld at the request of the CSR -June 2, 2014)
Customer Support Representative (CSR)
Vision Government Solutions
44 Bearfoot Road
Northboro, MA 01532

In addition to emailing VGS, I had also called the Assessor’s Office at Newtown, CT, and left a voice mail asking the same question about the 12/25/2009 sale date and $0 sale price.

An administrative assistant at the Assessor’s Office, Andrea Santillo, promptly returned my phone call. She said that the Newtown city government recently had switched to a new computer system and had not been able to enter the property data for all Newtown homes. So the computer used the 12/25/2009 and $0 as, respectively, a “filler” default sale date and price.

Ms. Santillo’s explanation seemed plausible, and so I did not pursue the matter any further. But that doesn’t mean I’d forgotten about it.

Flash forward a year. I decided to revisit this matter, and went back to VGS’s database. Lo and behold, the strange sale date and price are still there.

So I undertook a systematic investigation into the properties of every Sandy Hook (SH) victim, as well as those of certain non-victims, such as Gene Rosen, who had a prominent media presence in the days immediately after the massacre. What follows is my report on my findings, beginning with my methodology.


  1. From media accounts, I made a list of the names of all SH victims, including:
  • The 20 school children who were killed, as well as the names of their parents.
  • The 7 adults who were killed: 6 at SHES; and Nancy Lanza, mother of alleged shooter Adam Lanza.
  1. To that list, I added 6 more people who are not victims but had played significant roles in the aftermath of the massacre. They are:
  • Gene Rosen, who live next to SHES and gave many TV interviews.
  • Laura and Nick Phelps, parents of unharmed SHES students who gave media interviews and who bear a striking resemblance to professional “crisis actors” Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and Richard Sexton. (See “Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors“)
  • The three members of Newtown’s governing body, the Board of Selectmen: Elin Patricia Llodra, William Rodgers, and James Gaston Sr. (Newtown does not have a mayor.)
  1. Using two people search engines, Email Finder and Spokeo, of which I am a paid member, I found the addresses of the people on the list.

  2. I then looked up the price history of those addresses on four websites:

  • Vision Government Solutions.
  • Trulia, a real estate website.
  • Zillow, a real estate website. (Neither Trulia nor Zillow gives the names of property owners.)
  • Connecticut Town Clerks Portal, a website of land records — including Newtown’s — which allows only those who have paid a fee to search its records. Interestingly, after I had paid for a 24-hour access to the site, I got this message about Newtown: “The mortgages, liens and probate certificates of the town of Newtown are not available online at this time.” 


Homes with strange sale date (12/25/2009) and price ($0):

1. Brian, 38, & Shannon Engel (parents of child victim Olivia Engel, 6):

   84 Berkshire Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: Brian Engel & Shannon Merlino
Ownership history:

  •    Sold to Brian Engel & Shannon Merlino on 12/25/2009 for $0
  •    Sold to Brian Engel & Shannon Merlino on 6/25/2004 for $272,00
  •    Sold to Constance Chimileski on 1/20/2004 for $0

2. Robert Gay, 54, & Michele Hartman, 41 (parents of child victim Josephine Gay, 7):

    10 Nighthawk Lane, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: Robert E. Gay & Michelle Hartman
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Stephen & Gail Sonne on 1/16/2013 for $678,500
  • Sold to Robert & Michele Gay on 12/25/2009 for $0
  • Sold to Robert & Michele Gay on 3/7/2006 for $933,000
  • Sold to Elite Builders Group LLC on 10/28/2004 for $300,000

Trulia’s price history on this property: 1/16/2013 $678,500; 3/7/2006 $933,000.

3. Nicole & Ian Hockley (parents of Dylan Hockley, 6):

Rented 39 Yogananda Street, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owners are Elizabeth and Kenneth Pheasey who bought the house on 12/25/2009 for $0.
Trulia’s price history: 4/30/2004 $725,000; 12/11/1998 $403,200; 8/17/1998 $105,500.

4. John Hsu & Donna Arnold, 46 (parents of Madeleine Hsu, 6):
Curiously, Spokeo says both Hsu and Arnold are “single”

    35 Narragansett Trl, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: Long-Fong Hsu & Donna Arnold
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Long-Fong Hsu & Donna Arnold on 7/16/2010 for $455,000
  • Sold to Cherie Bragg & Michael Mastriano on 4/7/2009 for $0
  • Sold to Cherie Bragg-Cebry on 6/15/2007 for $628,000
  • Sold to Lawrence T. Card on 3/18/2003 for $487,000

5. Matthew, 41, & Jennifer Hubbard (parents of Catherine Hubbard, 6):

    10 Walker Hill Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: Kevin Casey & Priscilla Wright
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Kevin Casey & Priscilla Wright on 7/24/2012 for $365,000
  • Sold to Matthew & Jennifer Hubbard on 12/25/2009 for $0
  • Sold to Matthew & Jennifer Hubbard on 8/1/2005 for $435,000
  • Trulia has only these sale dates: 7/24/2012 $365,000; 8/1/2005 $435,000

6. Stephen, 49, & Rebecca Kowalski (parents of Chase Kowalski, 7):
Note: The Kowalskis had fashioned a very interesting charity poster to memorialize their dead son. See “Illuminati eye symbol in Sandy Hook charity poster“.

    6 Bennetts Bridge Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner: Stephen Kowalski
Ownership history: Sold to Stephen Kowalski on 12/25/2009 for $0.
Trulia has only one sale date: 2/24/1994 $170,500.

7. Scarlett Lewis (parent of Jesse Lewis, 6):

    6 Great Ring Road, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner: Newtown Forest Association Inc
Ownership history: Purchased by Newtown Forest Association Inc. on 12/25/2009  for $0.
Trulia has 2 sale dates: 8/17/1998 $260,000; 8/1/1995 $225,000.

8. James S. Greene & Nelba Marquez-Greene (parents of Ana Marquez-Greene, 6):

    29 Buttonball Dr, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: James S. Greene & Nelba Marquez Greene
Ownership history:

  • Sold to James S. Greene Jr & Nelba Marquez Greene on 8/16/2012 for $0
  • Sold to James S. Greene Jr on 8/3/2012 for $277,000
  • Sold to Deborah A. Makl & David George Makl on 12/25/2009 for $0

Trulia has 2 sale dates: 8/3/2012 $277,000; 9/27/2001 $95,000.

9. Christopher & Lynn Zapf McDonnell (parents of Grace McDonnell, 7):

    4 Bresson Farm Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482-1566
VGS says Owner of record: Christopher & Lynn Zapf McDonnell
Ownership history: Sold to Christopher & Lynn Zapf McDonnell on 12/25/2009 for $0.
Zillow has one sale date for this property: 3/24/2000 $453,000

10. Anne Marie Murphy, 52:
(Strangely, both Email Finder and Spokeo think Anne Marie Murphy is still alive, age 53)

    37 Great Ring Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482-1638
VGS says Owner of Record is Ann Marie Murphy
Ownership history: Sold to Ann Marie Murphy on 12/25/2009 for $0.
Trulia has only 1 sale date: 9/4/1998 $291,000

11. Robbie & Alissa Parker (parents of Emilie Parker, 6):

      13 Country Squire Rd., Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says owner of record: Robert & Alissa Parker
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Robert & Alissa Parker on 4/2/2012 for $359,900
  • Sold to Robert & Linda Spolar on 12/25/2009 for $0

12. Dean A., 42, & Tricia L. Pinto (parents of Jack Pinto, 6):

      4 Cobblers Mill Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482-1458
VGS says Owner of Record: Dean A. & Tricia L. Pinto
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Dean & Tricia Pinto on 12/25/2009 for $0
  • Sold to Dean & Tricia Pinto on 7/29/2005 for $607,000
  • Sold to Carl & Gail Coken on 12/11/2003 for $519,000

13. Veronique, 46, & Lenny Pozner (parents of Noah Pozner, 6):
(Curiously, Noah’s dad, Lenny, was not at his son’s open-casket funeral.)

      3 Kale Davis Rd. Sandy Hook, CT 06482-1537
VGS says Owner of Record: Veronique Pozner
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Veronique Pozner on 3/17/2009 for $0
  • Sold to Leonard & Veronique Pozner on 6/20/2005 for $470,000

14. Jeffrey W., 42, & Sandra Previdi (parents of Caroline Previdi, 6):

      44 Grand Pl, Newtown, CT 06470
VGS says Owner of Record: Eugene & Helen Previdi (Jeff’s parents)
Ownership history: Sold to Helen J. & Eugene A. Previdi Jr on 12/25/2009 for $0.
There is no Trulia price history on this property.

15. Jennifer Hensel & Jeremy Richman (parent of Avielle Richman, 6):

      41 Berkshire Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS Ownership history:

  • Sold to Jennifer & Jeremy Richman on 4/21/2011 for $560,000
  • Sold to MaryJane Wheble on 12/25/2009 for $0

Trulia has 2 sale dates: 4/21/2011 $560,000; 8/19/1999 $360,000.

16. Mary Sherlach, 56:

       33 Vintage Rd, Trumbull, CT 06611
VGS says Owner of Record: William D. and Mary J. Sherlach
Ownership history: Sold to William D. & Mary J. Sherlach on 4/30/93 for $0.
Trulia has 1 sale date: 4/30/1993 $307,000.

17. Benjamin, 40, & Cheyenne Wyatt (parents of Allison Wyatt, 6):

      83 Berkshire Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482-1427
VGS says Owner of Record: Benjamin & Cheyanne Wyatt
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Benjamin & Cheyanne Wyatt on 12/25/2009 for $0
  • Sold to Benjamin & Cheyanne Wyatt on 7/1/04 for $461,000

Trulia’s price history: sold 6/26/1998 $275,000; sold 12/27/1994 $242,500

18. Nicholas (“Nick”) & Laura Phelps:

       15 Walnut Trl, Sandy Hook, CT 06482-1148
VGS says owner of record: Zhiwen Ma & Weiyan Xia
Ownership history: Sold to Zhiwen Ma & Weiyan Xia on 12/25/09 for $0
Trulia’s price history: 2/5/2002 $337,500; 6/5/2001 $329,000; 8/24/1999 $247,300; 3/26/1999 $40,000.

19. Eugene (“Gene”) Rosen:

       22 Riverside Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner Name: Eugene E. & Marilyn Rosen
Ownership history: Sold to Eugene E. & Marilyn Rosen on 12/25/2009 for $0
Trulia no price history on this property.
Zillow says “historical transaction data is not available for this home.”

20. E. (Elin) Patricia Llodra, 70:

Llodra is the First Selectman and head of Newtown’s 3-member Board of Selectmen who supervise the administration of the town. Like the other two board members (#21 and #22 below), Llodra was elected to a 2-year term (12/1/2011 to 12/1/2013), which means the three were in charge of Newtown at the time of the Sandy Hook massacre. All three were recently reelected to another 2-year term (12/1/2013 to 12/1/2015).

A year ago, when I looked up Ellin P. Llodra on people search engines, her address was listed as 90 Riverside Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482.

VGS a year ago and today says Owner of Record: Robert M. & Ellin P. Llodra
Ownership history: Sold to Robert M. & Ellin P. Llodra on 12/25/2009 for $0.
Trulia has no price history on this property.

But when I look up Ellin Llodra on people search today, her address is listed as 3 Primrose St., Newtown, CT 06470, which is the address of the Newtown Municipal Center, and is owned by the Town of Newtown, with a sale date of 12/25/2009 and a sale price of $0.

21. William Rodgers (2nd member of Newtown’s Board of Selectmen):

      208 Hattertown Rd, Newtown, CT 06470
VGS says Owners: William & Moira Rodgers
Ownership history: Sold to William & Moira Rodgers on 12/25/2009 for $0
Trulia’s price history: 4/22/1992 $362,000

22. James Gaston Sr. (3rd member of Newtown’s Board of Selectmen):

      18 Main St., Newtown, CT 06470
VGS says Owner: Stephanie A. Gaston
Ownership history: Sold to Stephanie A. Gaston on 12/25/2009 for $0
Trulia’s price history: 10/2/1992 $262,500


1. Joel, 43, & JoAnn Bacon (parents of child victim Charlotte Bacon, 6):

12 Lyrical Ln, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
Owner of Record: Joel Bacon, JoAnn Bacon
Ownership History:

  •     Sold to Joel & JoAnn Bacon on 8/20/2007 for $387,500
  •     Sold to Jeffrey & Lisa Fox on 9/13/2004 for 350,000

2. Mark, 49 & Jacqueline Barden (parents of child victim Daniel Barden, 7):

35 Paugussett Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
Owner: Mark & Jacqueline Barden

  • Sold to Mark & Jacqueline Barden on 10/19/2007 for $450,000
  • Sold to Catherine Austermann on 4/7/2004 for $452,500

3. Dawn L. Hochsprung (aka Dawn A. Lafferty), 48:

    Spokeo seems to think Dawn L Hochsprung is still alive, saying that she is “in a relationship” w/ George Hochsprung, 71; lives at 11 Upper Cmns, Woodbury, CT 06798. VGS does not list Woodbury, CT on its online database. Trulia says 11 Upper Commons is a condo that was sold on Sept. 22, 2003 for $136,000.

Email Finder has a George Hochsprung, 71, at 4 Heather Ct, Woodbury, CT 06798. Trulia says 4 Heather Ct is a condo that was sold on Aug. 20, 2012 for $223,500.

4. Mark A., 43, & Cynthia Radley Mattioli, 42 (parents of James Mattioli, 6):

67 Great Ring Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: Mark & Cynthia Mattioli
Ownership History: Sold to Mark & Cynthia Mattioli on 8/3/07 for $585,000

4. Richard, 36, & Krista Rekos, 36 (parents of Jessica Rekos, 6):

5 Sweetbriar Ln, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says Owner of Record: Richard S. and Krista A. Rekos
Ownership history: Sold to Richard & Krista Rekos on 6/23/2010 530,000

5. Lauren Rousseau, 30:

Email Finder has a Lauren Gabrielle Rousseau, age 31
Address: 1 Osborne St, Danbury, CT 06810-5917
VGS says Owner of Record: Teresa B. Rousseau
Ownership history: Sold to Teresa B. Rousseau, age 63, on 6/15/1994 for $0
Trulia has no price history on this property.

6. Victoria Soto, 27:

Email Finder has a Victoria A. Soto, age 29, at 191 Sherman Ave # 1, Meriden, CT 06450-3353; and 126 Spring St, Meriden, CT 06451-5433. Meriden is 32.5mi (35 mins.) to the east of Newtown. SH school is now relocated to Monroe, CT, 6 mi south of Newtown.

7. David & Francine Wheeler (parents of Benjamin Wheeler, 6):

10 Lakeview Terrace, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says owners are David & Francine Wheeler
Ownership history:

  • Sold to David & Francine Wheeler on 7/27/2007 for $365,000
  • Sold to Michael Bloxam on 1/9/2004 for $162,500

Trulia has 3 sale dates: 1/9/2004 $162,500; 5/1/2000 $145,950; 9/2/1994 $85,000.

8. Nancy J. Lanza, 52:

36 Yogananda St, Sandy Hook, CT 06482
VGS says owner is Nancy J. Lanza
Ownership history:

  • Sold to Estate of Nancy J. Lanza on 2/1/2013 for $0
  • Sold to Nancy Lanza on 2/8/2011 for $0

Trulia price history: 7/23/1998 $405,900; 7/30/1997 $99,500.

To do the property searches on VGS yourself:

  1. Go to Vision Government Solutions’ website:
  2. Click “Connecticut” on left side of page. This will take you to:
  3. Online Database for the cities of Connecticut:
  4. Scroll down until you see “Newtown.” Click “Newtown”.
  5. This will take you to the Assessors Online Database for Newtown, CT:
  6. Click the box “Enter Online Database”.
  7. You’ll be taken to the “Property Assessment Search / Newtown CT” page:
  8. Type in the number and street name, then click “Search”.


The homes of 15 of the 20 Sandy Hook child victims, 1-2 of the 7 adult victims, and all 6 of the Sandy Hook adult non-victims (the Phelps, Gene Rosen, the three Selectmen) have the mysterious sale date and $0 sale price.

At the very least, that is interesting. The three Selectmen are especially interesting because if the hypothesis is that the massacre was a contrived event, then Newtown’s highest governing body would have to be “in the know.”

Your guess is as good as mine as to what all those strange 12/25/2009 sale dates and $0 sale price mean. I’d appreciate input from readers of this blog who are in the real estate business and can shed some light on what the odd sale date and sale price mean.


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118 responses to “The strange purchase date and price of Sandy Hook homes

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  2. Great job, Dr. Eowyn, you and others, please keep up the good work. Mr. Kowalski owns 6 Bennetts Bridge Road, the same road as that on which Suzanne Summers, author of “Hunger Games”, owns property. And only one road lies between Bennetts Bridge Road and Yogananda Street. Also, Veronique Pozner has more than one residential and professional listing.

    • Thank you, marble.

      What do you mean by “Veronique Pozner has more than one residential and professional listing”?

      Are you referring to Veronique Haller (Haller is her maiden name) being a “legal consultant” for the Swiss embassy in Washington DC. whereas Veronique Pozner is said to be a nurse?

  3. Yes, partly that, as a legal consultant on matters re gun control (and born in Switzerland.) Looked into it some time ago, will have to refresh my memory.
    Regarding autopsy, Dr. Carver said that Noah was autopsied, Veronique said that he was not. It is not customary to allow cutting of the Jewish body to be buried.

    • marble,

      I also recall a press account saying that Veronique Haller Pozner did not allow Noah’s body to be autopsied.

      May I have the link to the account of Dr. Carver saying he had performed autopsy on Noah?

      Veronique Pozner warrants a separate post! 😀

  4. There seems to be too many tracks for the perpetrators to cover all of them. Great work, Dr. Eowyn.

  5. Another curious anomaly: Several of the “$0 sales” are preceded by a sale to the same person a few years before for what appears to be a “market price” — i.e. the Sandy Hook victim bought the house previously, then sold it to themselves for $0.00 a few years later.

    • EXACTLY! That I find to be the most suspect of evidence.

    • It looks like the loan was paid off by some one else and the deed remained in the original buyers name.

    • Which ones specifically. I have looked at a bunch of the county records and am not sure there really is something off, except the actual docs are offline.

      Looks like lots of refis and typical property record stuff. I have researched other county records before for different reasons and I think theses are not that abnormal. The Vision site seems to have the anomalies.

      I am open to whatever and I know how to research. Tell me which property addresses are suspect.

    • Well think of it like this if a government agency cleared you of ever having to pay taxes on this property ever again how would you go about it? Why the same way you sell a used car to a second party you would sell the car for a certain price, say 5000 dollars but would document that you sold the vehicle for 500 what does that do? less price you have to pay to dmv to register it for the new buyer. so taking that into this situation if you could guarantee that no one would pay taxes on their property ever again list the price as 0 dollars! I went to the site mentioned and put in street names in the search field and checked almost half the town and found 99 percent of homeowners had a sales price of 0 dollars is this one of the benefits owners in the town received to remain silent well you make your own determination .

      • The sale price is not necessarily the taxed value. I am interested in the conspiracy angle and firmly oppose gun control, however, I don’t know if that’s a valid notion.
        I don’t know how CT works, but in MA, my property taxes are determined by the “assessed value” (likely to make sure you can’t do the “underdeclared price” scheme to avoid taxes.) So regardless of what I paid, the town assesses my property, usually higher than actual market of course, and taxes me on that number. Of course, MA’s rmv does the same b.s. So. You can’t sell your car for $5 and avoid the sales tax (they use blue book value or sale price whichever is higher)…

  6. This is such an excellent find, it blows my mind. I am most anxious to have further info revealed regarding these most strange sales. Thank you for bringing this to us.

  7. Astonishing. Keep up the great detective work Dr. Eowyn!

  8. If I’m understanding this correctly,and I could be all wrong,it appears that most of these homes were re-sold shortly after the “massacre”,which would lead me to think the residents moved in some time before the shootings and left not long after. seems odd that the sale prices of $0 were never corrected-I don’t know how the City could make their budget work with sloppy documentation like that.

  9. The first 3 you list look like what I think is happening is in 2009 a new puter system was put on line. It shows a before price, a zero transaction in 09, but then it shows another sale price after. That explains 3. Umm the rest I can’t explain. I mean they have had 5 yrs in Mayberry to implement their new system so if that’s what they were doing I think they could have done it by now.
    Great catch Eowyn.

  10. Dr.Eowyn, you have done outstanding research on this! I have referred so many to these articles. Isn’t it something that this was not investigated by one single tv news reporter. Just like all of the other false flag events,clear back to the gulf oil spill.

  11. I so admire the work of fellow “detail freaks”! (Well, I USED to be one until I got too old & burned out, lol). That’s a compliment, btw! There are not too many around = persistence + determination, combined with analytical thinking & “eagle eyes” (to see things that others don’t see), plus a “meticulous concern for detail”! You got it all! Great job (a lot of work!) digging up all those DETAILS & then making an exact 1-2-3 list for easy reading.

    Unfortunately I am not in real estate so cannot give any expertise in that dept., but in my “obsession for details,” I also have over the internet years researched many people’s properties at the local County Property Appraiser site (no fees, all records freely online). And VERY OFTEN properties are shown to have been sold, not for $-0- but for $100 when passed between relatives. Maybe each County is different-? Maybe down South they have to put $100 in their computers, but in CT they are allowed to put $-0- ??

    Either way, as was already mentioned, they have had plenty of time to fill in that $-0- with SOMETHING.

    (“Lovely” how the Town Portal site took your money FIRST & THEN told you the records were “unavailable at this time”! Pfff!)

    FYI: Just saw this new link re Sandy Hook at Makow’s twitter feed. It’s a 40+ minute podcast (YouTube) of another investigator who is not buying it. He’s a former Florida State Trooper & worked in education for over 30 years, working with school boards, etc. His name is unusual because he says he came here from Germany when he was 12 years old, but became an official American citizen eventually. He may have other clues we may have missed:

  12. Ya all, anyone that believes the Sandy Hook story, I just dismiss them.
    If they are THAT stupid, they deserve everything bad that’s coming and more

    • Mad Jewess, by my count, you’re talking about 70-80% or more of the population. PT Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” and “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” Turns out he’s right. And that was before television and mass media. God help us.

  13. PS: That podcast I mentioned above, I just listened to the whole thing. Oh my goodness, that man is a saint, his name is Woolfgang W. Halbig. What sincere passion! He makes my heart ache. He is 67 years old, & began his Sandy Hook investigation about 2 months after the “event.” He went through all the normal legal channels, Freedom of Information Act, made numerous calls to EVERYBODY in Sandy Hook (school board, police, city, etc.) but says they won’t return calls. By the end of that year, Dec. 2013 (two months ago), he was visited at his home by 2 LEO’s in plain clothes who had a complete dossier on him & told him he better STOP asking questions or “bad things will happen.”

    All the details are fresh in his mind re Sandy Hook, so the podcast goes fast as he was able to go through, one by one, all the legitimate reasons for his suspicions, from a prior homicide investigator’s point of view. He does NOT believe anyone was killed but that it was a staged event in the making for approx. 2 years. He is requesting through Senators to get a copy of the “classified” report. He is also trying to raise money in order to initiatie a civil lawsuit which, he says, is the only way to get to the bottom of SH. He says nothing will ever change unless the people involved are deposed with their right hand raised in a legal setting.

    He also mentioned the abundance of fundraisers after SH & how he thought that was very strange & how money/bonuses were being handed out left & right up there. He also wants to sue the NFL re the kids who sang at the SuperBowl. He wonders why their names were not printed in the SuperBowl magazine/brochure. He says the NFL was complicit as they would have had to know, so the only way to make them talk is to sue them.

    Since he has worked as a safety expert for schools for several decades, he says he cannot let the mystery of SH go on & yet try to advise all these other school officials re “events such as Sandy Hook” when “nobody really knows what happened up there.”

    The host asked him if he realized his life was probably in danger after being threatened by law officials themselves, & he said he realized that, but that at 67, this was his nexus, & he cannot stop asking the questions until he gets the answers to this “puzzle.” He will make you feel like crying due to his heartfelt sincerity! (& now I’m worried for him! Already said prayers on his behalf that the Lord will keep him safe.)

    Oh, he also mentioned Prof. Tracy & how they tried to get him fired just for asking questions.

    Halbig lives in Central Florida & even gave his phone # near the end of the podcast & said he is just himself, he does not go by other ID’s, he is not an a/k/a, lol. He says anyone can contact him (you should run your property $-0- questions by him.) He also wants to host a seminar where people re Sandy Hook. Here’s the direct YouTube link. Definitely worth 40 minutes of time to watch it:

    God bless W.W.Halbig & please keep him safe!

    • Thank you, TPR, for the summary! I saw that story on Before It’s News yesterday but didn’t have the time to watch and transcribe it. I will do that today. 😀

  14. Well Dr. Eowyn, people selling houses to themselves for no price seems to be a rather sizable glitch, if glitch it be. Perhaps this is evidence of a “money trail” wherein many of the people in question were paid off by having debts “dissolved”, among other things? Another question that comes to mind is, did anything peculiar occur on 12/25 of ’09, of note to the research community, say psy-ops and the like? Also I should mention the pagan significance of the 25th, with the yule-tide and all, for those into witchcraft etc. that day or period of days has been utilized for a long time for their celebrations, the puppets of evil might consider such an auspicious time or some similar nonsense. Could just be an in-joke of theirs as well, they’re sick like that.

  15. 0 dollars, same name…follow the money trail…were their mortgages paid off as payment to keep quiet? All it would take is one simple bookkeeping (computer) entry in a credit based monetary system such as we have…also, here is a recent podcast…absolutely fantastic

  16. My only guess would be that perhaps the homes sold to the present owners for $0 were refinanced at that time or something? However, I believe the entire event was a hoax involving fake people and no one actually died. I don’t doubt it took two years or more to plan and put into effect. Truth cannot be supressed forever, it always makes itself known in time.

  17. It would only be “interesting” if this was something that only these homes had in common.
    You obviously didn’t do a check of any other homes.
    Because if 99% of the homes in Sandy Hook had that property (that the system lists the same sale date, $0 sale price and “previous owner = new owner”), you don’t have anything to complain about.

    • Smithers,

      You seem to have a problem with reading comprehension. Nowhere in my post did I assert that ALL the homes of SH victims had that strange purchase date & price. Read my Conclusion.

      As for your disdainful “You obviously didn’t do a check of any other homes,” I’ve already spent 5 days researching & writing this post. I humbly suggest you undertake that enormous task.

  18. On 12/25/09 – Christmas – the Town Office, like ALL gov offices, would have been CLOSED.

    Is there the same date/$0 sale price on, say, 20 random property owner’s records? Maybe it was an artifact of a switch-over in computer systems.

    • Miller,

      I’d already spent a total of 5 days’ labor researching & writing this post. I suggest that you answer the excellent question you posed by undertaking the research yourself into whether “20 random property owners’s records” have the same 12/25/2009 sale date and $0 price. As the owner of this blog, I promise you that your findings will be published here. Thank you!

      • Thought I would chime in. I am new to this site. However, I was very involved with the “Sandy Hook Truth” website in 2013 and did a lot of research of my own at that time into some of these questions. Lynne, who ran SHTruth, had plotted the locations of victims’ homes and Sandy Hook School, and found that the new Iroquois gas line, which was put in in 2008, ran through them. I will append her comments (which I saved on my hard drive) at the end of my own here. Unfortunately, I did not save my original comments on her blog, having only posted them there, and that is now offline.

        I decided to call up someone who was not a victim, but whose property still showed the 12/25/09 sale date for $0 value. This was Heidi Werner and Louis Roggiero, at 13 Kale Davis Rd. I had googled them and found an article about their baby being the first one born in 2012–and it mentioned that they also had a 7-year-old daughter. I thought the 7-year-old might have been a student at Sandy Hook School.

        I got Mr. Roggiero, who was unaware that the clerk’s records showed a sale date for his home of 12/25/09 for $0 value. He said something about new tax valuations, that it was all resolved and I had incorrect information. I then gingerly asked whether his daughter attended SHS. He immediately hung up. My phone rang about two minutes later, and it was a cop from Newtown named McCarthy.

        I also called the town clerk’s office about this. I have posted my notes on Memory Hole Blog. Basically, “Monica” there said they had done a “software conversion” which required them to put a date in, and they chose 12/25/09, thinking there would be no conflicting conveyances on Christmas Day. This is totally hokey. Possibly there were “private condemnations,” whereby Iroquois acquired these properties and then titled them in various names, or in the pre-existing owners’ names, but showing zero value; and let them continue living there by agreement. Or, maybe no one lives there, except I did find the Roggieros.

        Here is Lynne B.’s information (which might not have been her original post–not sure):

        While reviewing property appraisal records of the Sandy Hook victims, I noticed that there are many cases where “last sold date” is listed as 12/25/09 – too many to be a coincidence. I looked at the entries for these properties in more detail and none of them correlate with that date (12/25/09). They have various sale dates listed but nothing on 12/25/09.

        Here’s an example – 37 Yogananda St.

        While looking at areas near Sandy Hook school, I noticed that Treadwell Park is right behind it. Look closely at the sign at the park: (It says “Iroquois Gas Transmission System”, St. of Conn. etc)

        In the Region: Connecticut and Westchester; Making the Iroquois Pipeline Palatable
        May 24, 1992
        THE Iroquois Gas Transmission System may have found an aspirin for the headaches its highway and corporate construction projects cause communities they intrude upon.(…)..Embarked on a $10 million program to compensate 60 New York State and Connecticut towns disrupted by the installation of its 370-mile-long natural gas pipeline. The money will pay for the purchase of open space and the enhancement of environmental and recreational facilities. (cont.)
        Announcement in 1986 of the taking of private property under a Federal mandate created a firestorm of protest in the affected towns. In Connecticut, residential communities beginning with Sherman at the crossover point from New York State, then winding through New Milford, Brookfield, Newtown, (both articles @ link)
        Phase 1, a 1.6 mile pipeline loop in Newtown, CT, was placed into service November 14, 2008.

        From this newsletter, here are a couple of photos of the pipeline installations. Also note that the newsletter is from Winter ’09 which would be consistent with the “last sold date” of 12/25/09.

        ***I looked at all the properties of the child victim’s homes since they all live in and around Sandy Hook. I believe the adult victims are all from residing areas, outside of the Newtown area.
        I mapped the school and all of the victim’s properties and compared it to the gas line loop just to see if there was any commonality.
        (Posted Image)
        **As you can see, many of the homes are right near the gas line loop. The bottom marker is actually Fan Hill Rd in Monroe. I marked it just to see where it fell on the line since the new Sandy Hook school is supposedly there.
        Many of the victim’s properties show that at least some of the homes were purchased by Iroquois Gas, the state of Connecticut and the town of Newtown. This happens to be the street where the Pozner’s are supposed to live..**
        Another thing that’s very odd is that all of the streets in Sandy Hook appear to be privately owned. You are not able to see them with Google Street View. I can’t see any of the homes of victims and I looked around in the general area and none of the side streets can be viewed.
        I looked at my own street in my subdivision and I could see it with street view. The street behind me is private and sure enough, I couldn’t use Street view on it.
        If you look at the victim’s properties on Spokeo, the majority of them don’t show up as a residence. You can see a house but it isn’t highlighted as a residence with a list of names.
        I also found a couple of websites that list Newtown schools but do not include Sandy Hook school.
        To view the rest, maps most of all go to;

    • It was Santa who give them those houses?

      Well, as i read it, the houses are sold to the city hall, and the people dissapeard. But that is from my perspective as IT guru.

  19. I think the 12/25/2009 date is an arbitrary placeholder, but it may in fact represent a land transaction of some kind. In TN, at the state assessor level, many oldest or earliest entries on a property will show 01/01/1901 and $0, but give the deed book and page number, which of course would reveal the real date and price. This usually is the case with older farms and larger parcels that have been contiguous for 50+ years – or if the record is that old (usually only in book, not microfilmed or electronic record). The $0 transaction explanation is also valid for transfers between family members, have seen that many times. What is unusual here is the combination of a more recent “fake” date and the $0 price.

    I do remember searching for Gene Rosen’s property quite some time back when all his fraudulent stories/takes/retakes/fake crying was being pointed out. I tried to verify his address next to the fire station and found the assessor data. I remember being able to verify he lived there and the price of the house/sale date etc. There wasn’t anything there like the 12/25/2009/$0 that is showing now. So, this is a recent development, not from 2009.

  20. Dr. Eowyn, thank you for this magnificent post! I know it took a long time to compile. Your dogged investigation into the alleged SH shooting is the work of a true hero and patriot.

  21. Were there such sales to others that were not connected to Sandy Hook? Are there any development deals in the works that would explain a revaluation of property in Newtown (just thinking out loud)? Has there been any chatter about development deals with companies connected to the Selectmen? Perhaps a devaluation to essentially “steal” the land at rock bottom prices? Again, just thinking out loud here.

    • Excellent questions, Richard. There is internet chatter about an Iroquois gas pipeline going through Newtown, but all I’ve seen are speculations, not specifics. It’s one of the Sandy Hook puzzle pieces I’m looking into.

  22. HI Dr. Eowyn. As usual….Great post! They have been posting your work over on Birther Report and here are a couple of other posts over there that I thought you might be interested in. I had not seen these before. I hope this retired cop can get to the bottom of this and expose this Fraud and Treason! I pray that God will keep him and all involved in his investigation safe.

    Former police officer has many serious questions about Sandy Hook school ”event”….local police tell him to shut his mouth and then threaten him.

    The description uploaded to the new video reads: “This is the sequel to the viral monster “Sandy Hook – Fully Exposed”. We will admit it was not as polished as we would have liked. We never thought it would go viral and since the time it was made, some points have been debunked. That does not mean there is not still a ton of evidence and information not only in this video, but in future videos. Try to put a negative spin on this media!”

    I read that report. One wonders if DHS had a hand in the confidential purchase of the homes. Rumor has it that DHS spent over $220 million dollars on the Sandy Hook hoax.

    Right on schedule, school shootings have happened every ten days to two weeks since Sandy Hook…see a hoax pattern here?;

    • Thank you, Kathy! And thank you, too, to TPR, for this video. I’ll do a post on it, hopefully, today, because I need to spend the time listening and TRANSCRIBING it. Few people can spare the time listening to almost an hour of an audio-video. Thanks again! 😀

  23. NaturalBoredCitizen
    Doc, Here’s something on Freedom Outpost this morning not only related but actually including your work.

  24. I found this on (because it’s always that time of the month…).
    Anyway, this may be something your interested in. The article itself goes way out there (beyond the topic of discussion).

    NOTE: AmeriCares is known to be a humanitarian aid and nonprofit organization, which provides immediate response to emergency medical needs. AmeriCares also supports long-term healthcare programs.

    According to an article written by Red Dirt Report titled, SANDY HOOK: Links to AmeriCares, Knights of Malta?,

    “The AmeriCares angle was brought to the attention of Red Dirt Report via a comment made by a poster named “Ken” on the following story posted at The Intel Hub: “During my continuing investigations I’ve found that ‘AmeriCares’ paid for the renovations of several homes in Newtown a couple of years back. One of these homes just happened to be a ‘Parker’ family home. My research indicates they are related to Robbie Parker, who moved there 8 months ago.” Indeed, look at this link noting the Newtown Lions Club working with AmeriCares on houses in Newtown. And more interestingly, a 2009 article in the Newtown Bee reports that “AmeriCares Program brings spring renewal to two Sandy Hook homes.” A family named “Parker” does indeed receive some help via AmeriCares. But are those Parkers, and the Parkers who lost their daughter in the Dec. 14, 2012 massacre, related?
    Indeed. Robbie Parker, as readers may recall, was the father of Emilie Parker, the six-year-old girl who died in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. A lot of independent researchers have pointed to Robbie Parker as a suspicious character, based on his bizarre, post-shooting behavior, oddities about his “family photos” and other issues, particularly that news conference where he was smiling, joking around and then forcing some “tears.” Parker is originally from Ogden, Utah and has bounced around a bit.”

  25. If you want to research it to the max look up the birth records for these children. If you can find those, and they are ligit, then what happened to them after the shooting?

  26. James, if they had SSNs (which nearly all do from birth nowadays) then you “should” be able to find out when they officially died via the SS Administration site. Of course, I believe this will require the birth date, as you pointed out.

  27. Dr. Eowyn,

    Try this site

    I come up with what seem like normal docs showing the mortgages with dates that make sense. I thing that Vision database is just messed up.

    • eric,

      I did try the Connecticut Town Clerks Records site. I even paid a 24-hour access fee, but was told that the records for Newtown were not available. I addressed this in my post. Scroll up!

  28. You can search just by last name, select a names result, check the names for both parties, if a couple and see all the recorded docs.

  29. Weird. It’s working now.

  30. FYI, you are right, I cannot see the actual docs, but I can see the dates and what they are (mortgage, release of mortgage, warranty, etc.) and the dates they were recorded.

  31. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this phenomenal post. Your extensive research and the time it took you to prepare this post cannot be more emphasized. I appreciate all of your hard work, your expertise and incredible effort. I read every entry in your report.

    As a person who is familiar with title searches, having been required to be in a former legal capacity, I cannot fathom why any of the owners in question would sell property back to themselves all on the date of “12/25/09”. I cannot understand it. Perhaps this fraud has been planned since 2009 and there is some hidden purpose for same that is not known to the public. Great suspicion looms when the records department will not cooperate in a valid public search.

    I thought perhaps maybe mortgages would be paid off if this scenario is a scam and pay-offs would have to be made. The searches did not reflect lien status, as that would be a full fledged title report.

    If a family member gives property to another family member, usually the method of that transaction is set forth upon the report. Or if a family member for estate purposes desires to give property to a Trust, that is also designated accurately. But to sell something back to yourself using the strange 2009 date, and Christmas day at that, is beyond all logic.

    Something is clearly rotten in Denmark . . .

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  33. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney

    The Boston Marathon Players are very upset with

    the stupidity & greed of The Sandy Hook Players!

  34. Did you know that James Greene, one of the home owners who lost a 6 year old daughter, is the band member of Harry Connick, Jr., and Harry wrote a song for the little girl and the funds from same go to the family…by the way, his home is listed.

    • Thanks, Kelleigh.

      Oddly, black jazz musician James Greene’s daughter, Ana Marquez-Greene, age 6, is the ONLY Sandy Hook victim for whom I cannot find a Social Security Death Index (SSDI). I’ve used all the possible variations on her name to search for her SSDI: Marquez-Greene; Greene; Marquez. Zilch.

  35. Hi Dr. E, just saw a tweet @ HenryMakow tonight re this newly-uploaded two days ago, on 3/16/14, youtube video that covers the same mysterious $-0- houses. The video is approx. 14 mins., with 220+ viewer comments. Thought you might be interested:

    “Sandy Hook: Whole City Got FREE Houses!”
    uploaded by LogicBeforeAuthority (Good name choice for an ID!)
    on March 16, 2014:


    • Wow!

      Thank you, TPR!

    • ericmuetterties

      Personally I think this is totally debunked. If you simply go to the recorders office and look up any of those names you will see current mortgages listed.

      I looked up

      And found their’s .

      You simply go to

      Click the button that says “Guest” to sign in. Type in the last name and click “search for names”. This allows for finding any odd legal spellings, like initials for middle names, etc.

      While it is true you cannot see the actual document that is true of the county I live in on the West Coast as well, but if I have the document number I could go to the county office and see the document since it is public record.

      ALSO! If you notice, the video is showing what the Assessed Value and Appraised Value are. Assessed is what the taxes are based on and is typically lower than the appraised value. None of those homes show a $0 appraised value.

  36. I am both glad & sad found this site. Glad because there is a chance the truth can be known. Sad because we live in a world where these lies can be even thought of, much less acted out to the degree they have been. Mr. Halbig is a very brave man. I have felt in my bones that Sandy Hook was a fraud since day one. Even more so after seeing some very fake newscasts of parents of the school children who were supposed to have been murdered. I am a parent myself. I know how I would feel and react if a child of mine were injured or killed, and it would be nothing like what I saw aired on national news coverage. I also knew 9/11 was a fraud the instant I saw TV coverage of buildings pancaking in a controlled free fall. No one had to explain the physics of that to me, and I’m no mathematician. In the past decade more & more damning evidence keeps piling up. Is that going to happen again? How can the government think they won’t get caught? Or that if they do they won’t have to answer for their crimes? Thank U to all who are seeking the truth.

  37. ericmuetterties

    Hey Doc,
    The Newtown records are online now. I did not sign up to pay to see documents, but the docs are back online. Signing in as “Guest” still allows you to see the list of docs. If one is so inclined the can pay to see the actual documents ie. mortgages, etc.

  38. You are all NUTS!! I am personally friends with several of the families. All of your allegations that this was a hoax is insulting.

  39. I have checked many of the $0 properties on and do not find any entries that relate to these”transactions” except Peter Lanza to Nancy Lanza for $1 on 2/8/2011. This is a very reliable source.

  40. this was a great post.

    Did it ever occur to anyone that there is a cult that is/has taking/taken over there? The movie Hot Fuzz comes to mind.

    Think, cult members are some of the only people that could be talked into sacrificing their children for some kind of unorthodox religious cause (explaining the obvious lack of sincerity in virtually all of the witnesses media appearances). Cults also tend to covet the property of their victims, homes being among the most valuable. Cults prey on fear and grief. They would also eye the education of children to ensure compliance later.

    Also, the home prices significantly gaining value before, say, 2007, and falling after 2008, would surely be a result of the bursting housing bubble. If there is a cult there that was getting rich through mortgage scams that had fallen apart in 2008, staging this shooting and then setting up and exploiting the victims parents ‘Charity Foundations’ might be a motive.

  41. 13 Country Squire Rd, Sandy Hook, CT
    where Parker’s lived was sold for $357 000 and
    Parker’s moved to Washington, Ridgefield

  42. this doesn’t really scream ‘conspiracy’, accounting records and property docs are frequently pencil whipped and the truth is, people are stupid and don’t do their jobs well. So for tax purposes people will pretty much pencil whip whatever they can so long as the government has whatever they need. just because a online doc, or request for information appears a certain way doesn’t mean anything. Paperwork is just that. Paper that has been worked. Could go either way, the truth is this was a planned scam for this group of very smart people to deceive the public into donations, and your best evidence is not the paper trails, but the people themselves. The fact that not one person has been credible when speaking about the supposed tragedy is all you need. The fact that you don’t see hundreds of people from newtown defending the tragedy or talking about their kids, etc. is all you need. By now these students are teenagers 13 years old and internet savvy. They would be flaming youtube videos and posting about it talking about how awful the event was. But there isn’t and wont be. Because it didn’t happen. Filing law suits? Why? What do you expect to happen? I doubt you’d even find a lawyer willing to try. Okay kiddos, time to go to bed and pray you’re not a victim because that’s all you can do. Be on your guard, people suck and will take advantage of you with a smile.

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  44. The $0 appears to be a transfer or reset. I also have done research (geneology) in the court house. Those records are (for the most part) real and one can physically look at them and see deed history. Even if a town has started using computers or some data base, there are paper documents in the courthouse. You can also search names in the courthouse for any legal issues; this could be used to verify the name of the person is really associated with the town or even the county.

  45. As a RE Appraiser with 35 years experience, I can tell you that those are CASH transfers.


  47. Allaboutthetruth

    Hi! I would like to leave a new link about the strange house price took place on 7/29/13 for the price of $1
    151 Berkshire rd Sandy Hook CT,fsbo,fore_lt/57337708_zpid/20347_rid/days_sort/41.471159,-73.094616,41.339829,-73.400173_rect/11_zm/0_mmm/1_fr/
    Go down the Price History

    • Allaboutthetruth

      What i see on Zillow those are Public Records -so it has been recorded. Definitely some transaction took place. My guess is those houses being payed off. Most of them being sold, empty or for sale..I think they “who ever are” payed off their loan amount. Now they can all sell their homes for a good price,,,

    • Perhaps it is because they sell to a family member, and the amount of a sale cannot be zero. Like your IQ.

      • Banana,

        If you actually believe every one of these families of alleged Sandy Hook victims — plus those of non-victims too like the town politicians — all sold or bought their homes from a family member for zero, then, sad to say, you are the one who’s deficient in IQ.

        By the way, only a DEAD person can have a Zero IQ. Yet another indicator of your defective intellect.

      • Obananarama ding dong. Bite me 🙂

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  49. Living in the real world.

    It was not a hoax. I am a real estate appraiser in the town of Newtown and have lived here for over thirty years. My own property (which has not been transfered in over twenty years) also has the sale date of 12/25/2009 for $0. Get a life and a grip on reality. There are more important issues here, like the fact that mental illness in this country is overlooked, ignored, and pushed aside.

    • You people in Newton, CT need to be all locked up in the State Hospital. Everyone there has psychological issues. You don’t raze a house or school down just because something bad had or has not happened there. Are you insane?????

    • How about a link to PROVE what you say? Or give us your address so we can check it out online (no, I have no interest to visit you if you give your address)

    • Phineas J Whoopie

      Suck an egg dude. The whole mess is a false flag op grabbing guns, setting agenda 21, and instituting nazi like control with mental illness controls over kids as a new agenda and money maker.
      These hoaxes go on to make lots of profits for the organizing criminals.
      Those dates are strange and all coincidences and where there’s smoke there’s fire.
      It is suggested the town is full of CIA and the place seems like the fictional Stepford, CT
      Btw, No one ever mentions the fact that the NSSF – National Sport Shooting Foundation is located at 11 Mile Hill Rd, Newtown, CT 06470

      This caught my attention and was the reason I looked into the operation with a skeptical eye. That was too coincidental. Imagine the glee of Obama and the UN to conduct the false flag right in the backyard of a national association for promotion of guns. Obama must have wet his pants with anticipation. Him and that crook Holder. The NSSF only gets a passing mention but it is significant.
      All the sealed documents are another red flag of cover up and conspiracy. All that bullshit about protecting the families. Yeah right. You mean the paid agents that are grinning ear to ear. And the town did not allow the parents to view the bodies. On what planet is Connecticut? Give me a break. A 6 yr old could have done a better false flag than these ding dongs. The Feds aren’t even getting their money’s worth.
      But that’s the point. It was made to look shoddy because all criminals and evil want their victims to know they’ve been had. It’s part of their psychopathy and something they find great satisfaction. It’s why they do stupid things that are tell tale signs. And there are a few honest people who want the world to know and leave clues.
      Sandy Hook is a creepy place. Where one can pull off this kind of sham and go on like nothing happened. As Madeline Albright said about where she’s going, there’s a special place in hell.

    • You can fool some people with your lies but not everybody. The day is coming pretty soon when this fraud and so much more will be exposed for all to see the truth.

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  52. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Great work revealing lies of globalists attempting to destroy US through sellouts using MSM.

  53. i clicked around and there are a lot of houses not related to the incident that have the 12/25/09 date and 0$ cost. I clicked around at random and found many houses with this price/date. Not sure what that means but I would guess that 12/25 would be a good placeholder for a system that requires a date to post because I would bet that is the one day of the year that no transactions ever occur.

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  55. Caroline Caporale

    I am from Newtown/Sandy Hook, and under no circumstance, would anybody in the government want 27 people to die just for the fact of gun control. They could pull facts from already occurred problems. I attended each and every single wake, and can tell you first hand, my best friends dad being a first response Firefighter, that this is as real as it gets. If you are one worried about gun control and don’t want to lose your privilege, you never will as it is a part of our Constitution, and I agree that they shouldn’t be illegal, as someone who has used a gun before myself, I just think there should be more strict background checks as to who they give guns to. Reevaluate yourself please. Thank you.

    • Firearm ownership is not a privilege, it’s a right. Don’t believe one can lose that right to bear arms? Guess you didn’t read about the most recent ruling from the 9th Circuit.

      More strict background checks is the answer? Guess you also haven’t read about what’s occurring in Chiraq, every weekend, where they have some of the strictest gun control laws.

      And who is “giving” guns to people? Because I want in on that!

    • How about asking your best friend’s dad why NOBODY was on the Triage colored mats (for starters)

    • “I am from Newtown/Sandy Hook”

      While your IP address says you’re in or near Trumbull, CT, and yet, strangely, Email Finder shows no Caroline Caporali who lives in Newtown, CT, or even in Connecticut, period. Not only that, but a national search for “Caroline Caporale” yielded only 2 by that name:
      1. Caroline Caporale, late 20s, who lives and has lived in Oklahoma since Feb. 2008 — more than 4 years BEFORE Sandy Hook, and whose address before 2008 was also in Oklahoma.
      2. Caroline Caporale, who lived in New York, but died in 1984 in her mid-80s.

      So which one are you?

      “I attended each and every single wake, and can tell you first hand”
      Yes, please do. Did you see the dead bodies?

      I and many others on the Alternative Media have done a lot of research into Sandy Hook. We’ve asked many questions, which the authorities simply refuse to answer. One of which is where are the 500 to 600 children who were evacuated from Sandy Hook Elementary School that fateful morning of Dec. 14, 2012? Patrol cars’ dash cams don’t show them, nor does a local TV station helicopter’s live-at-the-scene video. I ask that you at least show a modicum of regard for the mountain of research we’ve undertaken and answer those questions with your “first person” experience. You can find all the posts FOTM has published on this on our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page, beneath our masthead.

    • Are you friends with Lenny Posner or David Wheeler? Or maybe Sue Shortt?

    • Phineas J Whoopie

      If you believe what you wrote then the constitution stands and a more strict background check is not needed. The background check is already a sound one. More strict simply means more excuses.
      No one was killed and if you start into all the standard BS, I will know you are part of the op or just a dummy.
      No one, especially from the NE would ever agree to not seeing their dead child before burial. That is so ludicrous and it would be a major lawsuit.
      The whole thing is a sham. It is a gun grab, agenda 21 psyop, an advanced drill like Boston, and it funded itself. Like the WTC, it was a way to get the money for the superfund school demolished and rebuilt.

  56. The cast of Sandy Hook actors extends far beyond the few we have seen in the “news” or in documentaries. There are people who live far from Connecticut who attempt to strengthen the deception by saying to those who may doubt that they have relatives or friends from Sandy Hook who back up the Tale of Adam Lanza and Sandy Hook. That prompts a question: what group or groups is or are behind this propaganda program? Revelations from participants, present or former, would be interesting.

  57. You people are such total pieces of trash for even posting this!!!! My parents sold their home to the Parkers there was no give away!!!! Certain info wasn’t posted after the massacre to prevent idiots like you from contacting the victims families !

    • Gosh, Golleen, thank you for your insults!

      Assuming Robert & Linda Spolar who sold their home (13 Country Squire Ln, Sandy Hook, CT 06482) to Robbie Parker on 4/2/2012 for $359,900 are your parents, perhaps you can explain why and how is it that your parents managed to purchase that home on 12/25/2009 for $0?

      And if Robert, 81, & Linda Spolar, 76, are your parents, why is your father still living in 13 Country Squire Ln, Sandy Hook, CT 06482 — the house they had sold to the Parkers on 4/2/2012 for $359,900? Your mother, however, according to people search results, lives in Southington, CT.

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