The solution to stop a burglar? Let him know you're home!

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Issaquah homeowner shoots, wounds intruder

KOMO: An Issaquah homeowner shot and wounded a home intruder before 1 p.m. Friday, Issaquah Police said.
The homeowner, a 56-year-old man, shot the suspect, a 25-year-old Tacoma man, after the man broke into the home in the 18500 block of Northwest Montreux Drive.
The homeowner was inside the home when he heard somebody ringing the doorbell. He looked outside and, because he did not recognize the man at the door, ignored the doorbell.
A few moments later, the suspect threw an object through a glass front door to enter the home. The homeowner heard a loud crash and saw that the suspect had come inside.
The men struggled, and the homeowner fired two shots from his handgun, striking the suspect once in the shoulder.
A delivery truck driver observed the scuffle, heard the shot and made the initial 911 call about 1:05 p.m.

The suspect was transported to Harborview Medical Center. He has not yet been charged. The homeowner was treated at the scene for minor injuries. He was speaking with Issaquah Police while they conduct their investigation.

Good for this homeowner! Course here in liberal Seattle, others favor protection for the burglar. I wanted to point out the solution that “DT” left in the comment section:
Another homeowner fail. Folks, if you’re in the house and someone unknown to you rings the bell, you do NOT have to answer the door. But you’re an idiot to pretend you’re not home. That guy only came in because he thought the home was empty = NO THREAT. He shot someone who came in to steal a stereo, when all he had to do was make sure the guy knew he was in there (and armed) and called 911 with a description. Now? He’s screwed up his own life.. Use some common sense folks. These burglars come in because you don’t answer the door. Stupid.
Umm the guy should have called 911. He was an idiot. If someone comes to the door you make them know someone is home. You don’t have to open the door… he could have said “I’m armed, what do you want.” These are BURGLARS who do not want to encounter someone in the home. He could have saved himself a ton of trouble by having common sense.
This poor little burglar, he really wasn’t a threat! He just wanted to illegally enter someone’s home and steal a little something for himself. What’s the big deal?
So you are to call the police and complain that a stranger was knocking on your door? I’m sure they’ll be right out to address the situation – not!
As someone noted in the comment section – “DT stands for dumb twit” – Ha, got that right!

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0 responses to “The solution to stop a burglar? Let him know you're home!

  1. This is beyond rediculous. Anyone illegally entering your home is already commiting a crime and is a threat to you.

  2. Too bad the homeowner didn’t aim 6″ higher and more toward center.

  3. Per husband:
    Yeah, just because they break in, they are not just stealing a stereo, I am sure they are not waiting there to kill you too when you get home. THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN! -liberal yuppies!

  4. Like I’m going to tell a complete stranger outside my door that I’m armed (if they are only knocking). They could be back the next day while I’m gone to steal my guns! DT is an idiot!

  5. What idiots! Saying the homeowner should have let the burglar know he was home and armed…………..
    IMHO, the homeowner was within his rights! Suppose it had been a child going to the door. When my kids were old enough to be “latch key kids” while I worked, they had instructions to not answer the door to strangers and only to those they knew if I told the kids that person was stopping by, and to tell anyone who called, “mommy is in the shower!” There was no caller ID then, so they had to answer the phone in case it was me checking on them.
    The point is a burglar never has the right to enter a house without permission. Regardless if the homeowner is there or not, or if the owner pre-warns them or not. What the burglar did was break the law when he broke in and entered the home. The homeowner was more than justified.


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