The solution to Spain’s financial crisis!

Penelope Cruz concerned about crisis in Spain

NY Post: Oscar-winning actress Penelope Cruz says she is deeply concerned about the financial crisis engulfing Spain and how it might affect the future of the film industry in her native country.

The Hollywood star said she would like to encourage film-makers to choose Spain as a location and perhaps use her status to promote co-productions there.

Latino Fox news quoted Penelope Cruz from an interview by Italian daily La Stampa that she plans to produce at least two films a year in her homeland to create jobs amid sky-high unemployment.

“I want to bring jobs to my people … I’ll use my privileged position. It’s what interests me the most right now. I know it’s a grain of sand in the desert, but it’s a responsibility I think I have,” Cruz said. “I’ll produce a couple of films a year. A way to give work to hundreds of people. It’s a set idea I have.”

The talents of “an entire generation of highly trained young people” are being wasted, Cruz said, adding that though they have lots to offer there is nothing for them to do but “bang their heads against the wall or go out in the street and protest.”

“The disaster in Spain and the problems in Italy are visible to everyone, but also think about what’s happening in Syria or Africa. It’s unacceptable, painful and sad. Like Robert Redford said, today the world’s not a good place,” Cruz said.

Regarding the global economic slowdown, the actress said the decisions governments have adopted to solve the problem “are wrong-headed and are creating more and more desperation.” Referring specifically to Spain, she said only that she is in “total disagreement” with the policies of conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s administration.

The Rajoy government has opted for a series of austerity measures since taking office last December, arguing that fulfilling the deficit objective is the first step out of the crisis. Those measures have been harshly criticized by unions and sparked massive street protests.

In a statement released Sunday through her agent Katrina Bayonas, Cruz said she also wanted “to rectify” what she called a misinterpretation of her words. Cruz said the published words had “an arrogant tone” that had “nothing to do” with what she had wanted to say.

Hmmm…I wonder what she had wanted to say?

I’m sure those “hundreds” of jobs in the film industry will have an impact on Spain’s unemployment rate of over 20%.


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Harriet Nelson

Free publicity. way to go


Misquoted? Probably not.


She has the intelligence to make a difference but not the desire.


Socialism sucks.

Honestly, what more is there to say?



Ya hundeds of Temporary jobs…


aren’t you special down here we say god bless her if you know what i mean


I hope she has some success with this. I may not agree with her fully, but if she helps others get some legitimate work instead of hand-outs, then good for her!