The Socialist Mentality of Greed

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A look into the snakepit of the minds of socialists:

Illegals demand freebies at a May Day protest, 2010

My friend Bob W. sent me this pic along with this comment: “I can’t believe anyone is this stupid.”
I wrote back: “Bob, it’s not stupidity. It’s cupidity.”
It’s the same kind of “gimme gimme” socialism that has wrecked Greece. Did you know that the statutory retirement age in Greece is 61 (vs. 65 in the United States and Germany). In practice, however, Greeks as young as 55 have retired because it takes only 35 years of work to qualify for full pension, whereas in Germany — the same Germany who is bailing out Greece — it’s 45 years of work. Greek retirees also get paid 14 months a year, as opposed to Germany’s 12 months. Greek workers also get 37 vacation days a year, whereas in Germany and the United States, it’s 30 days and 25 days, respectively.
That’s why Greece is in ruins and must be bailed out by an EU-IMF loan package totally €110 billion. The loan condition is that Greece undertake austerity measures, including changing the statutory retirement age to 65. In protest, Greeks have and are rioting. Three people were killed in riots yesterday.
Meanwhile, back here in the good ol’ U. S. of A., illegal immigrants protest in May Day rallies, demanding free health care, free jobs, free houses, and free food because “you owe it to us”!
Ain’t socialism grand? Hello, Greece, here we come!

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0 responses to “The Socialist Mentality of Greed

  1. As a downtrodden, oppressed illegal alien said at one of these May Day protests in Texas a few years ago: “Outta my way, blanco!”– it’s not racist if it’s for “social justice,” you see.

  2. P.S. Given what they said in that picture, can DHS call them anti-government extremists now? Oh, wait, they don’t vote Republican, support the Constitution and listen to Rush Limbaugh… damn.

  3. If there isn’t an open season on these socialists bastards, there should be and I’ll be in the long line to sign up. I’m with you Steve, if they won’t leave I say send them back across the border on a slab. Enough is enough!

  4. Steve,
    I’ve learnt from my year as an Adjunct Professor at the Graduate Theological Union here in Berkeley that whenever I see or hear the expression “Christians for social justice,” I should just substitute it with “socialists,” “commies,” or “enemies of America.”
    That principle applies also to “Non-Christians for social justice”!
    The other painful lesson I learnt was that Jesuit seminarians can sport smiling faces with hidden knives. The two in my class turned out to be the most duplicitous, devious people I’ve ever encountered. They’re also gay. As is a nun who’s on the faculty. The giveaway clue: She lists “Queer Theology” among her “interests.”

  5. Eowny,
    How did you get out of Berkeley alive being a conservative???
    On a more serious note. Does anyone think there will be retroactive repercussion against these worthless wetbacks?
    I’m hoping. I know if they start something here in this part of the country they’ll be killed and swiftly.

    • Actually, Ron, I haven’t “got out of Berkeley” yet. I’m still stuck here. I cope by not really interacting with Berkeleyans, except very superficially. Just going out to shop or eat at a restaurant is a repugnant experience, being surrounded with lefties, who more often than not look like FREAKS.
      As an example, on Good Friday, I was in a cafe. One of the customers was a young man wearing a jacket with a picture on the back — of a wooden cross with an enormous wormlike serpent entwined on it. The snake was so huge, its circumference was 2-3 times the width of the cross. You get the message….

  6. I get the message. Now that I know you’re in California, I’ll quit hoping it falls into the ocean.
    I have a feeling you have amassed a great deal of knowledge over your years of education. I envy you and believe me, that’s saying a lot because I am truly not a respecter of men or women.

  7. I had a lit teacher when I was in College—She’s gone now but I have always appreciated her and I have always missed her.

    • My discipline is political science, not lit. But I do appreciate your sentiments for your Lit prof. To be remembered so fondly is what all teachers aspire.

  8. I took Political Science for two years before I changed my major to lit. My degree is in Psychology with my minor in business. Figure that

  9. “Social justice” = Communism!

  10. I’ve just about had it….our country is being run by a socialist, supported by union thugs, enabled by subservient sheeple and the SRM. Illegals run amock, radical Islamic terrorists get sympathy and the white con is demonized. I want my country back before it is too late…please let there be the change we need in November!!

  11. DCG,
    People were asking for change in the last election and look what we got. Let’s pray the change we get is for the better and not another fiasco like the last one. I don’t think I can stand any more of this.

  12. LOL – I wonder how far I could shove that sign up that guy’s ass?
    I bet I could get it to the roof of his skull. 🙂
    We don’t owe these ticks and leeches a damn thing.
    I say round up all the criminal invaders and send them back to their homeland, shoot the ones who resist, and have the ones who don’t drag them back across the border with them.
    Seriously, enough is enough.


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