The Shores of Misfortune

A guest post in the form of a poem by FellowshipOfMinds member Ron Schaeffer! Take a look at his book, Liberal IgnoranceHERE. 😉

A day of infamy: Flanked by assorted Demonrats, Obama signed Obamacare into law.

The Shores of Misfortune

by Ron Schaeffer
On the shores of Screwamea where the House debates our fate
And Pelosi talks to Barney Frank, a living reprobate.
Where we are told that shafting is just natural on the hill
and Harry Reid oils up the shaft and passes one more bill.
On the shores of Screwaua where the Vice Prez gaffs it up
They only pat him on the head because he’s Obama’s pup.
They laugh at all our tea bags and they threaten reprimands
But then a time will come when they will bend to our demands.
On the shores of gotchababy where the willows weep all day
They are jackin up the taxes and the army’s on the way.
They think their eighty thousand is a number we should fear
But they don’t know the people when we put ourselves in gear.
On the shores of gonnagetcha when the hammer’s coming down
They think they’re gonna stop us with a handout from that clown
They just don’t know their history and the lessons from the past.
It’s we the people standing, but the rulers never last.

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