The Senate has Lost its Mind

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Okay, not the full Senate – yet, but can there be any doubt this lunacy will fly right through that democrat-controlled body?


Senate panel OKs tax-welfare benefits for newly legal immigrants

By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times
Monday, May 20, 2013
The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Monday to allow illegal immigrants who get legal status to begin collecting tax-welfare payments, as the panel spent a fourth day working through amendments to the massive immigration bill and party-line splits began to emerge.
In one major change, the committee voted 17-1 to make a third drunken-driving conviction a deportable offense for the newly legalized immigrants if at least one of those offenses occurs after they are approved for legal status.
But immigrant-rights groups called that a rollback of due-process rights for the immigrants and said a drunken-driving incident shouldn’t cost someone a chance at citizenship.
“We cannot and will not support hard-line proposals that take away discretion and limit an individual’s ability to pursue the pathway to citizenship,” said Paromita Shah, associate director of the National Lawyers Guild’s National Immigration Project.
Overall, the committee continued to maintain the delicate balance struck by the “Gang of Eight” senators who negotiated the 867-page bill: Quick legal status for illegal immigrants, but delaying citizenship rights until after the administration spends more money on border security, puts in place a new electronic verification system to check workers’ status, and enacts an entry-exit system to check visas at airports and seaports.
In previous days’ action, two Republican members of the Gang of Eight — Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Jeff Flake of Arizona — joined with Democrats to block a series of GOP amendments to stiffen the bill’s security.
But on Monday, the two Republicans sided with their party colleagues on key questions on giving illegal immigrants public benefits.
The 10 Democrats on the committee still outnumber the newly unified Republicans, but the votes signaled tough fights ahead on the Senate floor.
You will find the rest of the story at this link.



Hopefully the republican-controlled House of Representatives will put a swift end to this insanity, as unlike the idiots currently populating the Senate, all of them will be up for reelection next year.

-But you will pardon me if I refrain from holding my breath.

As for myself, I am getting beyond tired of seeing Americans being treated like second-class citizens in favor of illegal invaders by our own government.

Those on that Senate committee that voted for this idiocy should be ashamed of themselves.

Of course, when you have no shame…


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0 responses to “The Senate has Lost its Mind

  1. Pamela Feistel

    Goodbye, Mr. Rubio.

    • Ditto

    • I second Steve’s Ditto.
      Until all this I thought Rubio was a bright shining star for the conservatives. But if he succeeds here, the result will be a flood of new voters from socialist countries, who have no understanding of what made America great and prosperous.

  2. All American citizens are American citizens. If you read what the bible has to say about something relatively the same in principle that is, there is the parable of the workers who were hired early in the morning who were promised a certain sum for the days’ work, and then during the day workers were added to the work force, and at the end of the day they all received the same amount of pay. If we are saved later on in life, we are not dnied the benefits of salvation, Jesus died once and for all, and by his striped we are healed regardless of when you decided to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. This country was built by many nationalities of people who arrived at various times and looking back, some families are third and fourth and perhaps more generations of being American, but that doesn’t mean that people who brave coming to America at this time when the times are not so prosperous and are prepared to work here and help rebuild the economy.
    The people who need to get their act together are those who are not providing the projects for workers to participate in, the education that will enable those with no skills to obtain them, and to provide good healthcare for everyone so that there are not endless outbreaks of disease and the youth is not left to languish with nothing to do, and fall prey to bad habits, such as drug taking and watching mindless videos etc. The leaders are supposed to work to those ends, not to provide endless bail outs and bail ins for greedy Wall Street traders and crooked banksters who are hell bent on a genocidal agenda that will lead to war after war, austerity policy after austerity policy and more and more unemployment and homelessness.
    Why anyone would want to come here and work is beyond me, the leadership is interested in financing terrorists and illegal regime changes overseas, and these people who come here may well be enlisted into a civilian army, or become entangled in a terrorist attack amonst other horrors.
    Their children in particular would seem to be in danger. Yesterdays tornado is so so when the schools were unprepared and didn’t have storm shelters for the teachers and children, and many of them perished.
    I know it’s hard to give at a time when we all are tightening our belts, but we do need an ever increasing work force, and these people who are coming in are prepared to do jobs which our highly educated unemployed so called
    old timers Americans are not happy to do because they are trained to put their technolical knowlege to work on scientific discoveries and other advanced forms of work which will enable us to create cheaper high quality energy, not windmills and solar panels okay, that will increase the productive output per head per square kilometer. The first step would be for the Senate to pass Senator Harkins bill just introduced to reinstate Glass Steagall and then having removed the unpayable illegal gambling debts of the banksters from the responsibility of us US citizens, go ahead and start uttering credit to finance science and industry and agricultural projects which will revitalize the economy, then if the new citizens are well educated and healthy then they can work alongside these others and togther we can provide a future for the nation and set an example that could be followed world wide. The world is waiting for us to get ourselves back together, noone wants thermonuclear war with Russia and China which is the agenda of the oligarchs. The war in Syria and the threat of war against Iran is just a prelude to confrontation with the two great nations that we really should be working with and not against. I hope you are not offended by this response, I know you have everyone’s interest at heart, you are such a fervent patriot.

      • Ditto ???

      • You are wrong on so many accounts of what the Bible really says, I don’t know where to begin. GOD set up boundries (borders) for His people, period! This country was created for the POSTERITY of those who founded it. Do you know what POSTERITY even means? Read the Preamble Of The Constitution for starters. Posterity means the SEED LINE, OFFSPRING, PROGENY, of the RACE of the Founders, period! It was not lots of different “nationalities” as you call them, it was peoples of the EUROPEAN nations only. The other nonwhite races were NOT the peoples who built, created, nor maintain our country. It is the civilization that WE built and maintain. EVERY race of people have their OWN nations and they should run and maintain their own, just as we should ours as the Founders stated. No wonder God is not blessing this country any longer because His people have forgotten WHO they reall are and have disobeyed His word. Quit listening to those who have spread lies over the last hundred or more years and for shame that you keep repeating the same lies. .

        • Shame on Trail Dust?
          Do show us where in the U.S. Constitution or the Declaration of Independence that says this country is meant only for “whites” — assuming you can even define what “white” is. Do you mean by your precious “whites,” people like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Chris Matthews … ? (I can go on, you get the idea. Note that none of them is a Joo, whom you also trash.)
          By “white” do you mean skin color or physiognomy? “White” is a term devoid of meaning in Physical Anthropology. Anthropologists divide the human species into different “races,” among whom are the Caucasians — a racial category that includes Anglo-Saxons, Slavs (Poles, Yugoslavians, Russians, etc.), and Mediterraneans (French, Italians. Jews, Arabs…) But of course you don’t consider the Joos as “whites.” So do you mean skin color? Except, of course, many Slavs have paler skin than Anglos; and many in the British Isles are so-called “black Irish” and “black Welsh” who are really more Mediterranean than Anglo-Saxon. Actress Catherine Zeta Jones is an example: she looks more Italian than the stereotypical blonde & blue-eyed Anglos.
          Shame on you for lending fuel to the Left’s depiction of conservatives and patriots as racist white supremacists.
          By the way, please show us incontrovertible proof that you descended straight from the Mayflower pilgrims, without a drop of non-white blood, and without even a smidgen of DNA that is not of Mayflower Anglos.
          It’s not the color of our skin. It’s the content of our character. Your skin may be “white,” but your character leaves a great deal to be desired. Black and Jewish Americans like neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, Rev. & Dr. James David Manning, and author/talk radio Mark Levin — to name a few — are far far better human beings, in both intelligence and virtue, than you, a “white” woman.

        • Abigail, have you lost your mind? Immoral for people of 2 races to marry? You’re kidding! Right?
          And don’t think that quoting Lincoln will settle any of these issues. An examination of the facts will show that Lincoln has been put on far too high a pedestal. He was a politician, with all the warts and blemishes, who was as mixed in his motives as most people. What Bible do you read that gives you the idea that God favors one race over another?

    • The people who need to get their act together are those who are not providing the projects for workers to participate in, the education that will enable those with no skills to obtain them, and to provide good healthcare for everyone

      Fund your own charities.
      The US government is not a charity organization.

  3. Yup, this bill will blast thru like crap from a goose.

  4. Alice Wolf is an idiot.

    • In a nutshell. You got that one right. Halleluyah anyway.

    • 1wandering, please refrain from insults to our regular commenters.
      To know Alice is to love her.
      Truthfully half the time I have know Idea what the hell she is saying. 😆 Other times perfectly clear. I do know she never offends others, and seems to have a good sense of humor. Any more insults and you will be put on the naughty list.
      Steve Admin, and cranky at the moment.

      • you are spam!

      • awww, Steven… (in her southern accent) Why are you cranky?

        • Hi sunshine. Had to get me with the accent. 😆
          That was last night, tired and cranky. But a blessing from God.
          I’ll explain in a post I’ll do in a bit.
          How are ya?

        • From your foul mouth and bullying demeanor, one would think you’re a pimply-faced teenager, until I found your FB. Good grief, you’re a 56 yo grandma. Shame on you.
          1wanderingtruthseeker’s gravatar page:

        • wow, aren’t you a ray of sunshine. (shakes head)

        • Dear wanderingtruthseeker. Yea we’ll get back to that.
          Eff You, hmm what a witty comeback. Let’s see I asked ,I thought rather nicely.
          “1wandering, please refrain…” and that’s what you come back with.
          OK, I’ve just had you unbanned. Also I removed the FB link. Only because it had what I assume was your granddaughter’s photo.
          Speaking of which do you kiss your granddaughter with those lips that spew such profanity?
          As I recall this is not first time you have gone there.
          You do realize profanity is indicative of a lack of education. Is that the problem?
          So let’s play shall we. Are you game? Want to rant, curse, tell me and the world to eff off. Have at it. I’ve removed all filters and blocks.
          I want to know why you are so angry. And just how tough you think you are. Calling poor Alice an Idiot. I have not forgotten you called Dr Eowyn a Fat something or other a few weeks ago. El wrongo on that. You know the old “People in Glass houses…” Have you checked your FB page.?
          What ya got, warning: I will give as good as I get. Let’s have a go. You’re good with your mouth. You’re a bully from behind the keyboard, and lucky for you I’m just in the right mood to play. So here is your chance to show the world just how good you are.
          Let’s have at it you big mouth low class prima donna

  5. I don’t have much hope in Republicans to be honest.

  6. IF this passes they should all be defeated at the very next opportunity. I can’t believe this is even a major issue with our enconomy the way it is. Hopefully we can let our voices be heard (as with the gun control BS) and let the elected know that we can put them out of a job and will do so!

  7. Some people are not going to like my comment, but I read recently that the average IQ of illegal immigrants from Mexico is 85. They are going to bring in more crime and breed more low IQ babies. Instead of adding to the labor force, many of them are going to end up on welfare. If you don’t want to have to tighten your belts even more in the near future, you need to call or write your Senators and Representatives.

    • You sir/m’am are stupidly ignorant. If Mexicans have an IQ of 85 YOURS is in the single digits. I pray to God you don’t call yourself a christian as you are very un-christlike and a snob-bigot.

      • starfishoo
        You can’t define a Christian on those terms. This isn’t a matter of Christian kindness. It’s a matter of badly written law. You don’t help the third world by becoming third world yourself.

  8. Um…. EXCUSE ME!
    As a christian AND a Native American I find this post extremely offensive. As far as I remember THIS country is built on illegal circumstances by illegal immigrants who had and still have NO business tainting OUR ancestral homeland. The sweet irony in this that is always overlooked is that noyone seems to remember thier true place in all fairness. It doesn’t seem to click that perhaps God’s standard of judgement and fairness reminds us ALL of this fact and that on judgement day there will be ALOT of reckoning to do for the mistreatment of illegal immigrants. It doesn’t occur to you that the Biblr states numerous times that hospitality is a priority and a lack thereof is a HUGE offense to God. Unless you’re Native please desist from being calling other illegal immigrants, illegal immigrants especially in the typical elitist and selfish demeanor. Please refrain from posting these highly ignorant posts in the future. Because anything less, tarnishes the integrity of this website.
    God bless.

    • There’s a difference between “hospitality” and being forced, through taxation, to be “hospitable”.

    • I prefer to call them illegal aliens. That’s what they are according to US law.

    • starfish:
      “Native Americans” are not “natives.” Your ancestors also came from somewhere else — from Siberia across the Bering Strait.
      See “Gene study adds weight to theory that native people of the Americas arrived in a single main migration across the Bering Strait”
      God bless

      • Hey, starfish,
        Ever heard of the Kennewick Man? His remains were found in Washington State in 1996. Scientists determined he lived 9,000 years ago, long long before the first “Native Americans” Siberians crossed the Bering Strait into North America. And Kennewick Man was Caucasian. Reconstructions of what he looked like show Kennewick Man bearing an eerie similarity to the actor Patrick Steward, who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    • Excuse me, and I really hate to bust your bubble (not really), but the idea that Native Americans were a peace-loving people until the white Europeans arrived and corrupted them has been proven repeatedly to be just so much BS by anthropological studies and examining the archaeological record.
      They have been digging up remains for years of Native Americans that were buried hundreds, if not thousands of years, before old Chris Columbus was even an itch in his daddy’s pants, and many of them had visible wounds, such as hatchet and arrow marks in them.
      Yes, we know there were peaceful tribes, but they were in the decided minority.
      Funny also that many of these people died during periods of drought – particularly in the American Southwest.
      This only supports the historical fact that most all conflicts have economics somewhere in the mix in their cause.
      There is also the fact that Siberian DNA is very prevalent in ‘Native Americans.” After all, everybody has to come from somewhere. The only questions here are why did the Siberians migrate here (I’m guessing it was because they were tired of freezing their asses off), and who did they displace once they arrived?
      Surely there were humans present here before the Siberians got here.
      As for your Mexican friends you are ringing your hands over, most of them descended from Spaniards, a European nation, and who arrived here about the same time we did.
      You claim to be a Christian. Fine. Do you have any idea what happened to many of the indigenous people that occupied the Promised Land once the Israelites arrived?
      And I don’t know what it is about Native Americans and liberals that seems to indicate they think they are going to be somehow immune from the consequences should this country tip over financially and economically.
      Do you all operate with a different currency?
      No, and you will all be in the exact same fix when it happens.
      This country cannot survive for much longer (and I am talking a few years – not decades) if it becomes the nanny state for the American continent.
      And we are almost there.
      And as a Christian, I don’t have to tell you what will be coming to this world once America goes down.

      • Not only is the idea that the “Native Americans” were a peace-loving people a myth, the Anasazi in the American southwest were cannibals. I used to show this sobering video to my students:

        • Thanks, Doc for this!
          Copy and sent it on for educational purposes.
          It kept the elite in power…to dominate the masses…crush decent…and a pliant people easy to subjugate. This sure sounds a like today.. Is this is just one step away?
          Word getting out that we have cannibals in our midst would bring about allot of social control with very, very little effort. If you put in a number of political correctness in instead of cannibals it is scary how well it fits.

      • Dave , no offence ; but I think you are under the assumption that those pompous morons that call themselves Senators actually had a brain to start with . Nothing can be further from the truth . Especially the so-called GANG OF EIGHT who have pushed this piece of crap legislation .
        I’ve heard estimates upwards of $6,000,000,000,000.00 for this fiasco .

    • starfishoo,
      I’m as tired of the “Native American Card” as I am of the “Race Card.” This immigration bill is not merciful, as you rightly desire it to be. It is a cynical attempt to consolidate power on the left. These senators don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but themselves.
      And while we’re on the subject, it seems the Reservations are monstrously destructive to people who choose to live there. Like the unemployment line, the public welfare often has the result of destroying all drive and initiative.

    • Umm, hey Cochise, so sorry it offends you. But…….
      Know what offends me, You!!!
      You have the gall to come on our blog and tell us what we should or should not post.
      “desist ” and refrain from posting these highly ignorant posts .
      Well excuse the hell outta me.
      I would suggest if you want to state your position you do it without telling the owners of a private blog what they should do.
      You know first amendment and all that. Debate the points all you want , but please don’t tell us how to decorate.
      XXXXXXXXX xxxx
      Steve- Co- Founder and general all around crank ass

    • You are excused, starfishoo……Now leave the classroom. Everything you have just said is false to begin with and the Indians OWNED nothing. They had no government, nothing. You need to read up on the truths, instead of repeating what you have been told endlessly. BTW, they ARE illegal ALIENS, not any sort of “immigrant”…About the Indians…

  9. Here’s a reading assignment for everyone:
    I encourage everyone to peruse this entire site and see for yourselves what is not being reported.
    Illegal Alien
    1. a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country’s authorization.
    2. a foreigner who enters the U.S. without an entry or immigrant visa, especially a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or who overstays the period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or business person.
    Dictionary dot com

  10. The majority of Mexican illegal aliens who live in my region are not of Spanish-European descent, they are indigenous Indians from their respective regions south of the border are rather short in stature and do not have a high school education. Although some are working at jobs most citizens don’t won’t to do, there’s a larger percentage who have been receiving free benefits from Social Services because of the anchor children they are producing. Making them wait 13 or 15 years for citizenship and benefits is a smokescreen as they already get those benefits on behalf of those children once they are born. Once they get here, they are not satisfied with having one or two children…….three and four are more normal. What money most of them are earning and putting into the economy doesn’t come close to what the system has to pay to support them. I volunteer at a local church which gives free food once a week for those who are having a hard time financially. I talk to the Mexican mothers to find out who is working and where they are working and what challenges they are having to make ends meet. Most of these folks are nice and fairly polite, but the more I talk with them over time, some of them are now “expecting” the hand outs from churches and Social Services. The gratitude I used to observe and hear from them is not as “enthusiastic” as it was a year or more ago. Each month, there are more Mexican families coming to receive free food. This is in western NC. With so many natural citizens having a very difficult time making ends meet, we cannot afford to have a never ending stream of Illegals coming in……the system can not and is not able to handle it.

  11. “For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: ‘The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.'” 2 Thessalonians 3:10. Just a reminder that we’re not supposed to wait for the handouts – we have to at least walk to the table. I fear we are now at the point where we expect to be waited on. It’s our due just for being around. That post about the bird feeder was perfect, keep giving out the freebies and soon you’re cleaning up the poop!!

  12. Just a question – is Alice Wolf an American? Her rant is unbelievable. So strange that people yearn for freedom so much that they risk their lives to get here, and yet dear Alice thinks we are the worst country in the world. Alice, perhaps you’d better move to a better country, although I don’t know which one that would be.

  13. Thank you Dave for this interesting post. Usually, if laws are broken, there is some type of justice imposed. There are many legal aliens and immigrants who complied with U.S. laws. It is a slap in their faces when the laws regarding citizenship and legal aliens are ignored or avoided.


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