The Search Is Over For That Perfect Gift For You Know Who…

FOTM Endorses no product. Especially this one.  


Legal mumbo jumbo, blah blah blah, ipso facto and no way ray. I said it and I mean it and so does FOTM, legal mumbo jumbo disclaimer.

Now I don’t know about you, but there is this great big

White House in Washington where this guy lives who is very deserving of this lovely gift. Or your Congress Critter. Senator. Or your loud mouth Brother in Law. The possibilities are endless. My only problem is the order form. Please scroll to second sheet to see.

poopsenders - the ULTIMATE gag gift - SWEET revenge at its finest

I’m torn between the ever exotic “Gorilla Poop”


You can never Go wrong with the “Combo Poop Pack”

( Three Kinds)

poopsenders - the ULTIMATE gag gift -2

I had to do a screen shot to do this. The actual website is

FOTM takes no responsibility for any orders placed. Nor do we endorse this site.

It is posted under Humor. Got it. Good now start laughing.

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~Steve~                   H/T  My 13 YR old, who like all 13 yr olds thinks poop is funny

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Dr. Eowyn

Great idea! Here’s another: Save yourself some money by using your dog or cat poop instead.

[Disclaimer: Neither I nor Steve nor FOTM is responsible for what you do. Legal mumbo jumbo, Lots of blah blah blah.]


First pile goes to
Dark House
Mr. :& Mrs. Halfwhite Halfblack
Washington, D.C. 6666-666


This idea gives a whole new meaning to that famous bumper sticker ” SHIT HAPPENS “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like that address pnordman , very fitting for the current ” occupiers “…..

Taylor@ Send gifts to Bangladesh

I can help to deliver !LOL