"The rumors of my Demise have been greatly exaggerated"

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OK everyone, like it or not I am still here and will do my best to aggravate. 😀
Tying up some loose ends, so hopefully Sat, or Sun I will try and be back in rare form. You know how we say people are stupid and only know about American Idol? I’ve unplugged from the world for about a week and I am lost. Wow we process a lot in a week.
———————–   Steve—- ———   H/T Grouchy————————–
Urgent Warning From CDC
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0 responses to “"The rumors of my Demise have been greatly exaggerated"

  1. Hey missed ya Steve!
    Unfortunately I believe the libs in my state have this disease for life!

  2. Vot can I tell ya!

  3. Thanks. It is so very important for us to continue informing others. All information from the media is skewed and all numbers are fudged. We must read, read, and read to stay informed so that we can enlighten others.
    So many people are fed up with the political haggling they are tuning out all political information and will not vote or will vote irresponsiblly.
    Thank you FOM for being one of my true sources….. there is truth revealed in even the silliest of jokes.

  4. “Throw Them All Out!” they are rotting our Nation. Hi Steve!!!!!


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