The rotten fruits of identity politics: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declares war on white Democrats

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Identity politics is based on the idea that certain racial-ethnic-gender-sexual orientation groups are oppressed, and that one’s identity as a member of those groups makes one peculiarly vulnerable to societal oppression and cultural imperialism.

The Demonrat Party has wielded identity politics to to divide Americans from each other, and to corrupt all institutions in American society — political, economic, educational, and socio-cultural. Now, the party is beginning to reap the rotten harvest of what they themselves have fomented.

Faux socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a $3,505 designer outfit

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newly-elected Congresswoman from New York and faux socialist in the $3,505 designer pantsuit, is backing the Justice Democrats — a socialist insurgent group within the Demonrat Party which opposes “Democratic incumbents who are demographically and ideologically out-of-touch with their districts.”

Note: Just as the Left have corrupted the rainbow by appropriating it as an LGBT symbol, they’ve also corrupted the word “justice” by equating it with Marxist socialism, as in “social justice” and “Justice Democrats”.

Ocasio-Cortez signaled her support in a tweet @Ocasio2018 last Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018:

If you’re a strong progressive leader in your community and committed to getting money out of politics, I want you to join me in Congress. I want you to run. To run in 2020 without corporate money, you need to start considering now. Join @justicedems tonight to learn more.

Joel B. Pollak reports for Breitbart, Nov. 18, 2018, that the Justice Democrats had helped Ocasio-Cortez oust veteran Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) in a primary in New York’s 14th congressional district earlier this year.

Justice Democrats’ executive director Alexandra Rojas, a Bernie Sanders supporter in 2016, declares in a press release:

We recruited and supported Ocasio-Cortez all the way to a historic victory and now we’re going to repeat the playbook. There’s lots of blue districts in this country where communities want to support a new generation of diverse working-class leaders who fight tirelessly for their voters and build a movement around big solutions to our country’s biggest problems. We’re creating an alternative pathway to Congress for grassroots candidates to become leaders in the Democratic Party.

The #OurTime project is a grassroots candidate recruitment effort asking Democrats and progressives around the country to submit nominees for both potential candidates and districts where an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-style campaign might succeed. The organization will prioritize candidates who are women, represent the diversity of communities in their district, and support the major tenets of Justice Democrats platform: rejecting corporate PAC donations, Medicare For All, free college, dismantling mass incarceration and deportations, and a Green New Deal.

Since winning her election Nov. 6, and even though she has not yet taken office, Ocasio-Cortez is already committed to replacing many of her colleagues on the basis of race and ideology. She is challenging the Democratic Party leadership, joining a sit-in protest in the office of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) over climate change policy.

Others backing the #OurTime campaign include Muslim Representative-elect Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who was born to Palestinian immigrants in Detroit and one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress.


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42 responses to “The rotten fruits of identity politics: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declares war on white Democrats

  1. Ocasio Cortes is so stupid I don’t understand how can there be as many stupid people that voted for her. Next term for her is out the door, she has no idea of anything, and brings nothing forth, she is the party’s puppet, a useful idiot for the time being, Nasty Nancy is going to really lay it on her big time! I

    • She going to be given leadership authority over Janitorial Services for Lady bathrooms.

    • To be honest, as in the case of the 2014 NYC mayoral election when the lowest number of voters in NYC in more than a half-century voted, I know of only one other person in NYC (besides myself) who voted November 6th.

      While the Communist media complex boasts that New Yorkers came out in droves, according to their figures only .9 million more New Yorkers voted than they did in 2014. That is .1 million less than 2 million New York City voters with a population of approximately 8.5 million, much higher if NYC bureaucrats are honest about all of the illegal aliens.

      In other words, besides myself and a handful of Conservatives judging the blank column of maybe 4 candidates on the ballot in the Republican Party column and seven times that in the Democratic Party column (names of which appeared multiple times), the only other people who voted were radical lefty activists.

      And THAT is how Alexandria Ocascio “Dumb as Rocks” Cortez was elected.

      Good freaking grief!

      • PUMAbyDesign001 .. .. I find it grievous that citizens of this nation willfully stay away from voting. This is akin to being down right sinful–to allow those who do not love or care about our nation to take control. It truly takes my breath away.

        • Auntie LuLu: I used to think voting was important, too, until I recognized how corrupt our political system has become. In CA, for example, we had the choice between Dianne Feinstein and Keven de Leon for US Senate. Please…that’s like choosing between Mao and Stalin, and I’m not playing that game any more.

          In fact, why do we elect “representatives” at all? To pass more “laws” restricting behavior (ours, not theirs, generally), and to redistribute wealth (through taxation). I don’t WANT any more laws…I don’t want 99% of the laws we have, let alone more of them. And seeing as how I am morally opposed to taxation (as I am opposed to all instances of theft and thievery), I don’t cotton much to the idea of electing someone to do that very thing.

          The act of voting, in and of itself, isn’t bad; rather, it’s merely a tool. And that tool has been weaponized. But just because the majority wants something doesn’t make it good or moral; we all know that, but do we *know* it?

          Modern elections are really just a distraction; it’s a way of convincing the masses that they actually have power. If someone REALLY wants to have a positive impact, jury duty service is the way to do it. That’s where the real impact occurs. (It’s too bad it’s compulsory…it shouldn’t be.)

          Here’s an oldie-but-goodie:

    • She’s the definition of inferiority complex, she is a MONGREL.

    • Well….there’s a lot of equally stupid people here in CA who vote term after term for Maxine Waters….so…..gird you loins for years and years of the hyphenated Hispanic, Ocasio-Cortez. She’s “off to the races” and looks like she is in the same cut of cloth as Maxine. Ability and cerebral powers have NOTHING to do with elections in this case: it is a vaudeville act that entertains/informs voters in these cases—primacy and regency—as well-documented by those who study the sociology of the human condition and psychology of the mind. Would love to saddle her with the moniker “Kaiser Ocasio-Cortez” in “honor” of old Wilhelm who gave the German masses free medical care over uber…..with the statement that, “Give them free medical care and you will control every aspect of their lives thereafter…and the lives of their progeny for generations….” (my digest of his edict). Geez, she even wants to include “free”” college education, etc etc, and so on ad infinitum…which to me….a public middle school teacher, means that the college system in this USA will deteriorate thenceforth into the mess that our “free” pre-school through 12 ed. system has become, esp. in the face of the millions of illegals who walk through the door into our classrooms every day. Whole “nother” topic (!)

  2. LOL…popcorn time!

  3. William Chandler

    GOOD ….. make those “white” liberals eat dirt.
    They cut their own throats …. laugh as they bleed out.

  4. If you’re a strong progressive leader in your community and committed to getting money out of politics

    So, poorly worded. Should have used removing instead of getting…which leads me to the idea of pay for play politics so prevalent today.

    • I think it’s worded correctly – they plan to get money out of politics, and into their own pockets. They’re just a little more equal than everybody else.

      • Jackie Puppet . . . . I think you hit that dead on. Let’s face it under Socialism or Communism–there are those at the top of the pyramid who get good food, good housing, good schooling for their children, and good money-making jobs. Thus you are 100% correct — “They’re just a little more equal than everybody else.”

  5. “diverse working-class leaders” like her?. She thinks that American people have unlimited tolerance for her kind of dishonesty.
    Sure I’ve seen most of the rhetoric coming from either Lenin or Stalin. Going to be fun watching her in the HOR.

    • Working class my ass! You forgot the W and E on HOR…. Politics was always slimey but she takes it to a high art form…

  6. If Ocasio-Cortez has declared war on white Dems, imagine what she and the NY Dem machine running her have in store for the rest of white America. Rashida Tlaib looks like a homicidal psychopath in that photo because she probably is just that. Meanwhile the Republicans, if true to form, are probably caucusing somewhere in hiding to formulate a go-along-to-get-along plan of appeasing these female monsters.

    And what an extraordinary irony that with all the msm public theater about fighting “domestic terrorism,” such Marxists as these women, given the power to do so, will immediately resort to domestic terrorism to annihilate white America and usher in a South American-style pathocracy. We’re literally witnessing the genesis of white genocide, now gaining momentum in Congress itself, and at a time we could roll over the left like a steamroller crushing the cockroaches they are, yet the blustering, cucked Republicans are such disgusting cowards the left becomes stronger with every retreat. For the life of me I’ve never even met such miserable cowards in all my years, and I’m sure McConnell, Ryan, and the rest of the cucks threw the election to thwart the President Trump.

    • These are the descendants & followers of the mass murdering Ashkenazi Bolsheviks who targeted White Christian “dissenters” in Russia & the Soviet Union and mass murdered 40-60 million of our people.
      “Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a country run by Jews”
      Ezra Pound

  7. Has anyone ever asked the question, who is this person, where did she come from so quickly and who is pushing this movement? She doesn’t know the three branches of government, and she has cried no money for a D.C. Apt, yet, her financial records this summer has her down for about $15,000 each in two accounts. Let alone all her expensive outfits and being from a wealthy family.
    She hasn’t paid her dues nor served her time working her way up. Who is she?

    • Some time ago, Alex Jones did a feature about AOC showing how Soros money was backing her.

      • Interestingly enough this mixed race mestizo Golem has the surname of a hated “Conquistador” many of whom were marranos, who Neil Young wrote about in his song “Cortez The Killer”.

        Remember (((They))) love using mixed race puppets because they have no real identity and have a hatred for white people

        • As a past/sometimes present teacher of history….I’ve often, gently and without anything approaching rancor….tried to show my “Hispanic” students that, the language they are SOOOOOOOO proud of and so insistant upon (to the degree that it is saluted and catered to in our CA school system) is a EUROPEAN language( always a big surprise to my middle school hispanic kids, who often refer to their native language as “Mexican” instead of “Spanish.”) , and is also the language of their CONQUERORS who subugated their native populations, broke up families….put them into age & gender-segregated “mission” populations as “workers”/ near slaves for the Spanish Kingdom and their aims at colonization of the new world. Somehow in these “politically` correct” days here in the USA…Columbus is a “bad guy” just for landing/discovering……but Cortez, the first “conquistador” is a hero……

          I also often show a time-line comparison of cultures across the world, which, unfortunately for “Hispanic” culture-worshipers, shows that, while the Aztecs were still ripping the beating hearts out of their people and captured “slaves” from surrounding areas….at the rate of 8 per minute in “high holy seasons” supposedly so the sun would arise the next morning…..(which is why, when Cortez arrived, the Aztec capital smelled of rotting human flesh and blood/decomposition) Europeans were inventing pianos, organs, advanced printing methods, Renaissance art, music, et al…Even the Persians, then or pervious on the Iberian Peninsula had already invented polo, chess, the zoo, the pharmacy and the architectural pointed arch…and much more……

          Usually, as I reveal these things according to history and our texts, I get the “thousand yard stare” from my “Hispanic” kids. They ignore/do not “accept” any of it. Somehow, in their own minds….their Spanish language and the hodge-podge native/Spanish-European culture they celebrate as “Hispanic” is an individual/whole entity without prior derivation…….

    • She’s nothing but one more useful idiot.

    • She is a total clone of Obama. Nothing original. She is dangerous because she thinks she is smarter than everyone else. As David Horowitz says on his website: “Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”

  8. Look out Dr. Frankenstein! Your monster is coming for you!

  9. What TV show did Ocasio-Cortes play in—“My Favorite Martian???”

    The Dems, just like the commies, play what works. And identity politics, mastered by Lenin & Trotsky, never fails to disappoint, because it’s just another way to drive the thin end of the wedge between groups. Yes, the Diva from the Dumpster is right: Come hop on the Gravy Train, because, YES, the demographics they are a-changin’. She’s doing the same thing Bernie Sanders did, but she lacks the so-called tact when she does it.

    So I say, let her keep cacklin’, and this way, she’ll drive some more Dems away from the party of lunacy.

    But there really is a danger to white people. The secret is out, and it is this: It has been known for some time that the white race, as far as the numbers go, has about another 70 years. And the blame for that goes on the head of another madwoman, Margaret Sanger, who sold it to white (and black) America, starting over 100 years ago—and she did it with THEIR CONSENT!!!

    (Actually, I don’t expect it, but if Occasional-Cortex actually can rid America of Nancy Pelosi, THAT’D BE GREAT.)

  10. Liberalism/Bolshevism/Cultural Marxism: “Diversity of outward appearances, (races) uniformity of thought.”

  11. “She” is NOT a woman!

  12. That means Schumer, Schiff, and alike are out .Based on her emotions and whims in Jan 1st she going to be given leadership over janitorial services for ladies bathrooms.

  13. To quote Kansas: it’s just dust in the wind. She’ll ride her 15 minutes of fame but in the end, she’ll be lucky if anybody recalls her in a year.

  14. This is the same Ocasio-Cortez whose grasp of the American governmental system she sums up as: (paraphrased by me) ‘There are three parts to government: The White House, Congress, and the House.’ That’s right folks—this idiot believes she has a firm and solid grasp on the fundamentals of how the United States government is set up.

    • Which proves that Affirmative Action STILL doesn’t work to produce an educated college grad “minority” population. BOOM.

  15. The intelligence of the voters is showing with this idiot’s election. Cortez, the face of the New democratic party.

  16. These F’ing Racist Democrats have to go!!! They’ll rip our country apart.

  17. Let her lead the charge in ripping the socialist democrats in two. I’m all for it. The vermin on the whacko extreme left and the lying scum old whites on the insane far left need to kill each other off politically. Go for it.

  18. She scares me.
    But the non-thinkers who voted her in scare me even more!
    And just think, as bad as the American “educational” system is, it will get drastically worse with folks like her in positions of authority.

    • Thanks! I finally watched the video, which is hilarious but frighteningly true. The new breed of Dem women like this little witch or Kamala Harris aren’t just revolutionary Marxists. They’re atavistic monsters conjured from their handlers’ Freudian Id. Those “Charlie Manson Eyes” of Ocasio-Cortez or that sanguinary sneer of Harris are the functional golems of their handlers’ atavistic, genocidal hatred for white Christians, who opened the gates of hell in assuming any of them were like themselves.

  19. In Deutschland haben wir die gleichen Probleme. Besonders die weiblichen
    Politiker von den Grünen, den Linken und obenauf von der CDU Merkel. Sie vernichten Deutschland so sehr, dass die bisherigen Kriege, die Deutschland von England aufgezwungen wurden, kein Vergleich mehr sein werden.
    Der Islam bestimmt mehr und mehr das Dasein in Deutschland. Das deutsche Volk mit seiner einzigartigen Kultur, das Volk der Dichter und Denker, wird von denen für immer ausgelöscht.

  20. If the America hating media have their way, Cortez will be the next POTUS.

  21. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Watch out; she’s just the tip of the iceberg of a movement to oust Caucasians and Europeans from America and “take it back” for the underclass minorities.

    On their target list: White male over-40 Christian Conservative Republicans.

    The Constitution will be re-written. The SCotUS will be emptied and re-filled as when FDR did it to suit his needs. They will pack Congress by promising the great, unwashed masses everything they desire at no personal cost, “win” the presidency by changing who is allowed to vote, and they will similarly take over state and local governments, also changing their constitutions and laws.

    Then so long as they’re able to milk the folks they ran out of power — until the money runs out (because at that point, nobody will be producing income anymore), they’ll remain in power. Once it runs out? We’ll be in for a strong dictatorship, just as happened in Venezuela and other nations ruined by such idiocy. And the progressive twats will have succeeded in ruining America…

    Many of us will be long gone and returned to dust by then, but our children and theirs will have to live with it unless we’re willing to FIGHT for what this country stands for… and to keep GOD in charge; HE is the primary target of the progressives. They reject His authority and dominion… they are *Satan’s minions* even if they think they are in charge of their own destinies! They must NOT be allowed to destroy this country to a state of Marxism!

  22. Horst, have faith in the great thinkers, inventors, poets and unique culture of Germany. They will not be lost as Merkel’s days are numbered. I translated your post below and would like you to view this remarkable German video in English and Russian.
    LOVE is spelled backwards in rEVOLution
    German Revolution Begins December 1, 2018

    DOWNLOAD & REUPLOAD THIS VIDEO PLEASE! SHARE IT ANYWHERE change title if censored. (Don’t be confused by the number of clicks, the video is everywhere online – still share, as much as possible!) From December 1, there are still 10 days until the signing of our death sentence: The Migration Pact! Now it’s all or nothing! THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! We cannot bargain with the insane dictators. NO DEALS! Our free work should be accessible everywhere for free. We have been removed once before on YouTube. Censorship is becoming more and more radical.

    Horst wrote on this blog: In Germany we have the same problems. Especially the female politicians of the Greens, the left and on top of the CDU Merkel. They are destroying Germany so much that the previous wars imposed on Germany by England will no longer be a match. Islam more and more determines the existence in Germany. The German people with their unique culture, the people of poets and thinkers, will be wiped out forever.

    Horst, you are on target concerning female politicians of today. We have the blunders of Chancellor Merkel accepting a million invaders that WERE NOT from Syria then forcing EU members to do the same without consulting the countries first. A disastrous dictator!

    Things are unraveling quickly with her and Prime Minister Theresa May and BREXIT agreement. Dominic Raab, who was the negotiator in BREXIT has now resigned.
    As Martin Armstrong says, Merkel has been the face of Europe – good, bad, or indifferent. Germany has been the major economy in Europe with France a distant second. We must understand that the fate of the Euro hinges on this position of Merkel. She has been a staunch supporter of austerity and the Green and AfD are rising BECAUSE of Merkel’s immigration policy. Instead of recognizing she made a major mistake and address it instantly, she has done the typical politician maneuver – blame everyone else and deny it was her policy at fault.

    Meanwhile, Chancellor Merkel said talks to amend the draft agreement were unlikely as a deal was “on the table” and Britain should just walk away and let Europe see the stupidity of their actions.

    Britain is the biggest market for German cars in Europe. A no deal will devastate the German economy at a critical time when it needs that trade the most.

    As Merkel falls, many believe that Austerity will go with her. The chaos of Europe is just on the horizon. It would be extremely interesting if BREXIT were to be signed on November 21st, 2018. That would be an incredible event and without a clean break; it may be the event that takes Britain down with the EU.

    The rumor running around the City (the financial sector in London) is that Prime Minister May has called an emergency press conference and she will resign handing power to Michael Grove. However, it may be more likely that Grove has been offered the job of Brexit secretary in the wake of Dominic Raab’s resignation. Theresa May clearly does not know how to negotiate. Perhaps she should ask Donald Trump to represent Britain in BREXIT negotiations.

  23. That is very much correct, CES. This below has been going on without fanfare or MSM attention, as if the jews who run media don’t know about it.
    Look for more schemes and deceptions from the “Latinos” than you can imagine.

    [AJC] “Latino Jews in the United States” – [April 11, 2016]

    “The upcoming U.S. presidential election has brought back to the discussion table the political empowerment of Latino and Jewish communities. With 28 million potential votes, Latinos cannot be ignored, as was made clear in recent elections. And for the first time, a Jewish candidate is seriously vying for president.

    Within this universe—diverse and complex in itself—a small but important minority exists with a huge potential to be both a catalyst and a bridge. These are Latino Jews, more than 200,000 in this country, or 3% of the 6.7 million American Jews.

    As minority groups, Latinos and Jews often join forces to create coalitions that wield substantial political expertise, influence, and reach. Beyond their historical connections and ideological affinities, both communities share interests such as support for immigration reform, opposition to hateful rhetoric and behavior, and advocacy for native or ancestral homelands in Latin America and Israel.

    … thanks to a study commissioned by AJC, we can understand the role this subgroup can play both in intergroup and public-diplomacy scenarios, and how, through the articulation of their multiple identities, they can leverage domestic, Ibero-American, and transnational connections.

    Most of the Jewish Latinos are U.S. citizens or residents, and they are particularly well educated—92% are university graduates. Interestingly, they not only preserve emotional ties with their native Latin American countries, but they also tend to define themselves in terms of their country of origin rather than as Americans.

    The vast majority, 81%, comes from Mexico, Argentina, or Venezuela, countries that have undergone socioeconomic and political crises over the last five decades. Their Jewish identity stems from their ties with Israel, not from their synagogue attendance, making them very different from other American Jews. They are committed to passing down their Jewish identity and Latin American heritage to their children. Speaking Spanish and repeatedly traveling to Latin America and Israel are part of their inter-generational cultural heritage.

    Many 21st-century societies, Europe, for example, have not yet abandoned the dangerous and destructive aspiration towards ethnic homogeneity.

    Through their multiple identities and beneficial attachments, Latino Jews attest to the notion of the world as a global village.”

  24. “Shalom, amigo! New study sheds light on Latino Jews in US”

    [Image] – “Rabbi Juan Mejia, who was born in Bogota, Columbia and now lives and works in Oklahoma.” Photo courtesy of

    “They don’t really fit in Latin America and they don’t really fit here either,” said Rabbi Juan Mejia, a Colombian-born convert to Judaism who now works in Oklahoma and speaks and writes about Latino Jews.

    [READ: When John Kasich taught Torah]

    Mejia gave the example of one New York Jewish person who found out that Mejia was from Colombia and responded, “My cleaning lady is Colombian.” Latin American Jews are in the whole highly educated, and wealthier than American Jews in general. Nearly 7 in 10 Latino Jewish households earn more than $100,000 a year, compared with 30 percent of American Jewish households.

    The study’s authors also found that the group feels strongly connected to Israel and their families’ Latin American homelands, even if they weren’t born there.

    Latino Jews said they related to the Latino American community through the Spanish language and a shared love for close families, great parties and the entrepreneurial spirit. They cited class and socio-economic differences as barriers between Jewish and non-Jewish Latinos.

    Jewish communities in Latin America were built out of migrations that started in the late 19th century. The descendants of these immigrants who now live in the U.S. are overwhelmingly American citizens: 81 percent.

    Latin American Jews are not necessarily Sephardic Jews, those whose families originally came from Spain. Many Latino Jews in the U.S. are Ashkenazi, descended from German and Eastern European Jews.

    Focus group participants talked about strong and enduring ties to Latin America. They frequently visit family, conduct business and keep up with current events and the Jewish communities in those nations.

    Latino Jews also reported a particularly strong affinity for Israel and said their Jewishness centered more on ties to the Jewish state and Jewish culture than on synagogue or religious practice. “News from Israel does not feel like it’s ‘over there’; it’s right here,” said one focus group member.

  25. “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Cheered at Conference Hosted by Jewish Museum”
    [Haaretz – Aug 08, 2018]

    “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic congressional candidate and rising progressive star, was cheered at an event at a Jewish museum that did not touch on Israel or the Jewish community.

    Ocasio-Cortez appeared at a conference here hosted by the Immigrant Arts Coalition at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, participating in a panel focused on women in the arts. While politics did frequently come up, none of the panelists — including Ocasio-Cortez, who has been critical of Israel — mentioned Jews or Israel.

    But aside from a few protesters from the far-right Jewish Defense League who stood outside the building, Ocasio-Cortez was given a warm welcome. The approximately 100 people at the event cheered after each time she spoke. And former Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messinger, a fellow panelist, praised her.

    Messinger, who is also the former president of American Jewish World Service, a global aid group, said she met with Ocasio-Cortez before the primary and told her she had no shot at unseating Crowley. But at the panel, she called the candidate an example of moral courage.

    “She made very powerful statements in the campaign on a range of issues, but the in-depth thinking that she brings to it is exactly what will make her a great member of Congress,” Messinger told JTA.”


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