The Ron and Rand Paul dog-and-pony Show

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Attention, all Ron Paul supporters.
Did you get the news?
On Wednesday, June 6, Congressman Ron Paul gave up the race when he admitted he could not be the GOP presidential nominee given his delegate count. A day later, late Thursday night, Ron Paul’s son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), endorsed Mitt Romney for president!

Rand (l) and Ron (r) Paul

Anthony Migchels of, June 10, 2012, calls it “The Ron & Rand Paul Betrayal”. Here are excerpts:
Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney last Friday, just days after Romney was anointed at the Bilderberg Conference, elitists who started  financing Ron Paul with millions a few months ago.
The backlash among the libertarian community is intense.
Libertarian leaders all over the place are denouncing him. Adam Kokesh is clearly hurting badly here. On Prison Planet, arguably the most influential pro Paul outlet, the headlines are all about Rand Paul’s betrayal. Mike Adams still cannot believe it and wonders if Paul Jr. is getting in to demolish the system from the inside. This YouTube video asks its viewers to vote to show how they feel and 90% dislike the news. Rand Paul’s Facebook page is being inundated with messages of thousands of disgruntled supporters.
It’s so bad one wonders whether the Pauls have miscalculated. And let there be no doubt, they have been calculating. Even to an outsider like myself, who never cared for either one, it looks like the most cynical, blatant and utterly ruthless sell out ever.

Consider this.
In March Time Magazine quoted a Ron Paul adviser as saying, ‘If you’re talking about putting Rand on the ticket, of course that would be worth delivering our people to Romney’. (go to 3:40 for the quote).
Lew Rockwell has declared that the whole Paul campaign was never about winning. I wonder what millions of his followers (and donors)  think about that?
According to Rockwell, it was all about educating people on the wonders of Austrian Economics, not about winning elections. This probably explains why Paul Sr. never ran as an independent, but preferred losing primaries.
After working for years on Paul’s campaign, Rockwell is now saying one shouldn’t vote and shouldn’t be involved in partisan politics. Now, how disingenuous is that?
Read the rest of Migchels’ essay, here.
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0 responses to “The Ron and Rand Paul dog-and-pony Show

  1. Uh, oh. Do you hear that sound, sounds like millions of Ron Paul supporters tapping furiously on their keyboards as we speak. Prepare the sand bags the flood is about to start! 🙂

    • …and I know not all RP supporters are that way but good Lord enough are to give you sane RP supporters a bad name.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    I supported Ron Paul and this situation makes me sick to my stomach. I still won’t vote for Romney, not that it makes any difference. My state ALWAYS goes for the Democrat in presidential campaigns.

    • There’s hope here LTG…I read yesterday that even Oregon might be swinging away from Skippy! I know it’s a longshot in our state yet one can only hope…
      At least we’ll hopefully get a repub as our gov!

  3. lowtechgrannie, I cannot tell you who to vote for but a conservative nonvoter is a vote FOR Mr. Soetero. Every vote matters.

  4. You cannot look to evil people to do good things. You cannot look to an evil political system and then expect something good. You cannot look at bad religion and expect anything good. Once they are under oath, they will always gravitate toward evil; evil will not divide against itself.
    The Tea Party folks got punked by Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. In fact,
    most “Paytriots” are back-stabbing bastards. They are like that because the political and religious systems are just plain evil. If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is to look at it for what it is; the evil is self-evident.
    Best thing to do is to stand back and let it rot.

  5. Hah…knocked down and bitch-slapped by reality/betrayal once
    more. That’ll teach me to be too much a part of this world (as in
    being in the world but not part of this world) The GOP will have
    to lose this one without me…I couldn’t in good conscience vote
    for a mexican-american NWO flip-flopper than I could for mcCaine,
    not that My vote isn’t token where I live anyway….it’s summer and
    I’m putting the boat in and going for a sail.

  6. I am giving Rand Paul a pass on this one.
    I don’t like some of Mittens RINOmney’s policies and certain past actions as governor any more than any other true conservative, but we didn’t get a true conservative to run against the Dear Ruler, so we have to play the hand we are dealt.
    I know I have often said, “No more RINOs!,” but we no-longer have the luxury of waiting until 2016 and hope we finally get a true conservative candidate.
    Romney has his faults, but unlike the Dear Ruler, one of those faults isn’t that he hates America.
    Not only has Obama all but said (not to mention repeatedly demonstrated) that he hates America, he is very rapidly destroying it, too.
    Nothing else matters but getting him out of the White House next January.
    Hopefully by the time election day rolls around, enough Paul supporters will have gotten over this and taken a long, hard look at what the reelection of Obama would actually mean for the future of America.
    Just the thought of this Bogus Potus getting a second term is already keeping me awake nights.

    • Come on…I’ve heard this excuse all my life. I keep waiting, and waiting, for a good leader and I’m 65 years old and I don’t have very many years left
      to watch this nonsense. If you really love God, your family, and your friends and neighbors, do not vote for any of these knuckleheads. Now is the time to man up and tell them to shove it. They can take their communist government and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Don’t vote, because if you do, then you are a part of the problem.
      Mitt the Magic underwear…a man who actually thinks that he can be a god.
      You think Skippy is bad, wait until Romney. Remember, during Clinton’s time we were almost at full employment, but when Bush came on board, things got much worse. Clinton though is responsible for our economic mess because of NAFTA, WTO, and “free trade” with China. This is the same nonsense that was pulled on conservatives for years and years. The government is evil and you can’t fix it with evil. Romney is evil.
      Voting is like the little nipple on a pacifier. The people keep sucking on it but they get no milk. Just let the government rot in its own corruption.
      Why vote for anyone to head an organization that advocates queers in schools? Why vote for anyone who wants to take your hard work and then spend it for their little programs?
      The people in government are all losers. They have no motivation to perform. They are just suckers feeding off of the producers.

      • Doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results is just plain insanity. This crap has been done for years and years. I’m thinking you’d be sick of it by now. But no, you must like getting screwed like that. You must like being lied to 24/7. You must like your over 50% tax rate from your “income.”. So you go out and vote for Mitt the Magic Underwear; someone who thinks he can be a god. Wow!
        Defeatism isn’t the point. The political system is crooked and it will never work under these circumstances. It’s people like a lot of the people on this forum who think that using the crooked system is going to get good results.
        It hasn’t happened for over 2000 years. What would actually work is simply keeping God’s commandments, and throw off the government that we have.
        Using their system is a complete waste of time.
        To actually think that you would intentionally vote for a socialist like Mitt the Magic Underwear is utterly appalling to me. Ron Paul was interesting, but he was going around flipping the two-fingered finger.
        So, he wasn’t anything special as far as I was concerned.
        If anything, you’re the defeatist because you are willing to take a broken tool and attempt to use it knowing perfectly well that it isn’t going to work.
        I would rather see it all disbanded and people start operating under God’s commandments. That seems to me to be the only way things will work properly because those commandments are subject to the natural law that God created.
        The vote is a complete waste of time because every time the presidential election comes up, we get choices that we have now……every time. It’s like going to a football game between the Packers and the Jets for over 100 years knowing that the refs. and players are going to cheat and the Packers win every time. Who would show up to a game like that? But the American voter does just that year, after year, after year.
        The success of this nation isn’t because of any government; the success comes in spite of the government.

        • Dang Steve its been a while since I heard you pick up the “stick of truth” and use it on someone. Seriously though your right there are to many “my guy did not when so I’m staying home” attitude these days. Hell my guy (and gal) for that matter did not win but I sure as hell is not “staying home”. We have a choice now whether we like it or not between the “witch” or the “devil”. I understand that everyone has a right to vote or not to I GET IT! but to stay home and allow this dictator to run roughshod and completely obliterate this country because “your guy” did not win is absurd! I DO NOT LIKE ROMNEY but I hate Obama even more!
          Please for those considering staying home would you honestly let Obama win a 2nd term, would you really allow this man to finish what he has started because your ideal candidate did not win? I got news for you, if Obama has his way if he get his 2nd win you may not get a second chance at “your guy” if he and his cronies has their way!

  7. Good job!

  8. Since when have I or anyone been able to stop ya? 😉 LOL

  9. Doc,
    First of all, when you register to vote, you have to swear or affirm under the penalty of perjury This puts the whole process on the darkside as God has instructed mankind not to swear any oaths. That’s number one.
    So, let’s assume you registered to vote, so now you’re on the darkside.
    How are you going to get anything good out of it. Most of us want good things to be in our lives, but our participation in such a process is an exercise in religious idolatry. The whole political and legal process is idolatry. How does anything good come from that?
    Now, let’s just look at your political choices. Romney is a Mormon who believes that Jesus Christ wasn’t God in the flesh. The gospels clearly state that he was and still is. How are you going to vote for a man who is an anti-christ? On top of that, you have someone who thinks that he can be a god. Do you see that affirming something like this is the same as telling God to shove it. Romney’s religious beliefs are an important issue because the government itself mixes government and religion and they are masters of deceit.
    I’m assuming that you are not a socalist based upon what you have written here. How do you justify voting for any socialist of any kind?
    You can’t unless you are a socialist.
    The real government is one of feudalism. It’s the same ole same ole from thousands of years ago. Nothing has really changed. You don’t own your own property; just see what happens when you don’t pay your property tax. The best that can be said about it is that you have the right of possession. I have the same thing when I rent my apartment. But I really don’t own it. Not owning property is a communist ideal. Income tax is a communist ideal.
    I’ve done a lot over the years to attempt to make things better. I’ve been laughed at by my friends and family. I’ve been subjected to massive ridicule by the press. I really thought I could get things resolved by being an activist. But I was working on the wrong thing. I should have been just focusing on God’s commandments and building my own character than to fool around in the political system. I even ran for congress once. That was one of my most shameful acts of my life.
    The goons are running a bankruptcy, tax, and slave system. That’s all it is and it operates under a form of either admiralty or war powers.
    Which means that there’s no law at all. It’s been this way since at least 1861.
    Voting contributes to your own delusion in thinking that you have a say in what happens with the government; when you don’t. It is almost as if you are giving your stamp of approval upon your own slavery.

  10. The answer to your question is right there in your question: “THE LESSER of two evils.”
    Until someone can figure out a way to scrub this country and this cursed creation clean of these Bilderberg overlords, I’ll take “THE LESSER” because I most certainly prefer that to “THE GREATER” of two evils — which is 4 more years of Barack Hussein Obama.

    • Gosh, did Skippy just make you the Czar of Common Sense Answers?
      I can spot a dishonest debate tactic when I see it:
      If I don’t like an answer, I’ll just say it’s not “Common Sense”, but I get to define what “Common Sense” means. And what “Common Sense” means is my way or no way!

      • Denny,
        Good grief, I know what the dictionary definition of “common sense” is.
        Use your head and try thinking for once. What is “sound or prudent” judgment? what is a “simple” perception of the situation or facts? What does “basic level” of practical knowledge mean? What does “practical knowledge” mean? What does “reasonable and safe” mean?
        All these words between quotation marks are all subject to further definition. What’s “sound or prudent” to me obviously isn’t “sound or prudent” to you. And so what’s “common sense” to me sure isn’t “common sense” to you.
        That’s why your dismissal of my answer to your question is a dishonest debate device. Honest debaters define BEFORE HAND what key words mean. In your case, what you need to do is to define what you consider to be “Common Sense Answers” when you ask your questions, so that readers know what criteria you use to evaluate the answers to your questions. Even if you had done so, it still doesn’t mean that other people (myself included) necessarily agree with (nor are we obliged to) your definition of “Common Sense Answers.”
        I had, in an earlier comment, asked you, Al, dan, and LTG who are saying you won’t be voting in the presidential election this November: HOW WOULD DOING SO HELP?
        My question is a PRACTICAL question: How would not voting help?
        You never answered my question. Instead, you launched yet another attack on those of us who still believe in voting, albeit for the lesser of two evils.
        I haven’t seen anything useful or practical coming from your side. Just a lot of bellyaching and standing on grand principles. As my bud Steve said in his comment:
        If you don’t vote, then you’ve lost your right to complain afterwards. Or as he put it so much better, STFU!

  11. Ross Perot did that way back when and they threatened his family. The problem is that everyone sits back and doesn’t help. When the fox gets one of the sheeple, they just go bababa….. It really is pathetic.

  12. You must be a communist. Nazi? Oh, you must be a mind numbed statist.
    Your manners need a little work. Neither one of us said anything offensive, just calling it the way it is, if you can’t observe reality for what it is then you’ll flounder in your own delusion.
    People like you would watch your friends and family be raped by the feds, and then expect everyone to sing the Star Spangled Banner.

    • If you think Steve is a communist, Nazi, or statist, THEN YOU MUST BE REALLY REALLY STUPID because you’ve been reading FOTM for months.
      The only other explanation is that you’re a sick evil man.
      Whatever, you’ve insulted my dearest friend and the co-founder of FOTM. If you think Steve has no manners, you haven’t seen bad manners yet.
      Screw you, Al Thompson. Don’t let the door hit your ugly skinny ass on your way out of here.
      Photo of Al Thompson

  13. Bravo to Dr. Eowyn and Steve! I have read so much idiotic, illogical, nonsensical garbage from these people that it makes me sick. If you are so stupid so as not to vote, then you are a true and unadulterated stupid idiot! As a matter of fact, with that a priori position of not voting, you have lost your right to bitch and complain. Grow up and be men!


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