The Republicans are Hopeless

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Unless you were swept out to sea by Colin over the weekend, you are probably keenly aware of the latest dust-up involving certain comments Donald Trump made concerning the “judge” that is overseeing the now famous Trump U case.
Gutless RINOs have been falling out of the rafters ever since, condemning Trump for his “inexcusable” and even “racist” statements questioning the objectivity of U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel.
Now that more information is beginning to surface concerning Judge Curiel and his questionable personal and professional associations, those that have jumped on the Slam Trump bandwagon without so much as looking first are beginning to appear not a little silly.
In fact, they are looking down right stupid.
Trump has every right to raise the issue concerning this judge’s fairness. If I were him, I would have done exactly the same thing. And no, I would not have sugar-coated it, either, as I have heard many talking heads suggest that Trump should have done exactly that.
No, he should not have tempered his comments, and I am very glad that he chose not to.
I have been hearing a lot of commentators suggesting that Trump needs to “tone it down” now that he is the republican nominee apparent.
My question is, why? Trump being Trump is what has gotten him this far. Why screw with the formula now?
Sadly, it appears the affliction known as Political Correctness has infected all areas of American life, even in people that you would think should know better.
Erick Erickson, who is definitely not a Trump supporter, is falling all over himself ripping the man, and has taken to pronouncing from his WSB studio here in Atlanta that Trump is going to destroy the Republican Party.
Personally, I hope Trump burns the whole corrupt RINO zoo to the ground.
Then I hope he bombs the ashes – just to be sure.

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15 responses to “The Republicans are Hopeless

  1. I thoroughly agree 100% — Trump cannot be stopped, he is under divine protection, and what he says is true. All those who oppose him will go down to utter ruin — wait and see what happens to Erick Erickson. And the crooked judge may even be removed — I hope so.

  2. Polls show that a majority of Americans are disgusted with both political parties — Democrat and Republican. If Trump doesn’t accomplish anything else, he can still claim this achievement — exposing the GOP for the corrupt, debased party it is.

    • Do you have any thoughts about Ryan coming to Washington as part of a gay takeover of Rep Party staff positions during the early 90s? I read something to that effect, but can’t find it again. He sure looks and acts like a compromised homo, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it explains his betrayal of everything the party once claimed to support.

      • A recent Wayne Madsen for-subscribers-only report said Hillary has dispatched former Congressman Barney Frank on a black-mailing campaign to compel Democrat delegates to support her. The report said that Frank, a homosexual, had done this before in Congress, threatening to expose closeted homosexuals to vote against impeaching Bill Clinton. No mention of Paul Ryan though.

    • I wonder if the Paul Ryan’s out there bashing Trump over this realize they are playing right into the hands of the race-baiting lefties?

  3. God’s bulldozer uprooting and exposing the evil political spirit destroying our countries covenant root.

  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Bunch of loons; still falling for that “strength in diversity” nonsense. They surely can’t truly believe we are all that stupid.

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  6. I heard (I think it was on a radio program) something about this “Mexican Judge” being heavily involved with La Raza too. The person who was a guest was saying there’s TWO La Raza’s-one is the one we keep hearing about,but there’s ANOTHER one that handles LEGAL matters,you know,the GOOD guys,and this Judge is involved with THIS La Raza. Yeah-sure-THAT could happen….

  7. I’m unsure of where I heard this-I heard it in the early waking stages yesterday,while my eyes were still closed,and I’m not sure if it was on the radio or TV. Once I’m awake I often listen to both during the day….

  8. There are two associations. They are the Council for La Raza, and the La Raza Lawyers assocostion. But at the bottom of the La Raza Lawyers page you will see a list of links- one to the Council for La Raza.
    So the two groups ARE in association. And I would ask, Would it be OK for a judge who is a part of a lawyers group that is affiliated with the KKK to sit in judgment on a Black man accused of a crime against a White person? Curiel has already shown himself to not be an upholder of the law by the fact that he is part of a lawyers guild that promotes illegal immigration. The problem is not that he is of Mexican heritage, the problem is the fact that he is clearly has sympathies with Mexican racial superiority and seems to identify more with his heritage than being an American and upholding American law unless it’s something that he happens to agree with.
    I have to wonder why in hell Trump has not elaborated on this. Is he trying to throw the thing to Hillary ???! Really, for a man who is supposed to be very bright, all he keeps saying is that the man is a Mexican. He sounds like a moron. Why in hell doesn’t he just come out and say the man is part of an association that promotes illegal immigration, and is affiliated with La Raza Lawyers as stated on their own website; that in Curiel is associating with racists. Surely he or his aids have to know this. He could turn this one around in a flash but just keeps blithering “he’s a Mexican”. What ?

  9. Amazing that Trump,has been in the public eye for over 30 years and when he is now running against a democrat he suddenly is labeled a racist.
    I can feel his frustration. His people are getting attacked at rally’s while the police look on and somehow it is his fault. The media can no longer be called then media. Media is a group that is suppose to expose the truth while remaining non political.
    This judge, regardless of where he was born, is still Hispanic and believes,in open borders. He was a Clinton appointee and his group has given hundreds of thousands supporting the Clintons. And Trump is suppose to remain silent? Maybe one of the other pantywaist Republicans. But Trump continues to expose the truth. Thank God for that.
    Hillary said Trump is out of control and unfit to be President. Amazing coming from a hot headed cussing, and nasty hypocrite that fixes elections and is under federal investigation.

  10. How can Donald Trump’s critics be such totally Stupid Sheep!
    —If you told them, “All Trump critics line up over there on the other side of that cliff, they would all rush over there, and dive off, Criticizing Him For Their Stupidity All The Way Down,”TRUMP THIS, AND TRUMP THAT, SPLAT!”


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