The Quickest Way to Fold a T-Shirt

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My dear friend Lisa sent me an e-mail with this message:

My friend went to Tokyo and brought 50 men’s golf  shirts home so that he could take them to a Golf  Tournament later that week. The shirts were not  folded and so he decided that they needed to be  folded nicely. That takes time!
Happily, the shirts came with this video, and did it ever come in handy. Just watch, don’t try to figure out what she is saying:

I found an English-language version!


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0 responses to “The Quickest Way to Fold a T-Shirt

  1. my husband has been folding his t’s this way as long as i’ve known him! I thought it was a Navy thing!!

  2. Wow, that’s even quicker than the smart-alecky way of just having someone else do it! 🙂

  3. Just yesterday I was musing about the exact Japanese video of the shirt folding, and wanted to view it again. It’s pretty reat, but nothing less than what we’d expect from the land of origami!

  4. Now if they could just do this w/bed sheets!


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