The Problem with Gubbermint Skools – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (Updated)

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This is a picture of a graded test that came from a WGST Radio caller that has a child attending a government school in Rockmart, Georgia.

Notice something a little odd?

For those of you that may not have had your morning coffee or tea yet, in the right margin you will see the phrase ‘new all.’

-Notice it appears not just once, but twice.

And many seem so puzzled as to why American kids are falling so far behind the rest of the world educationally, despite the fact that this country spends far more per student than any other nation on Earth.

Update: I did not listen to the show on Friday, which was when the call was on the air live, but I heard them discussing it today, and they both sounded pretty adamant that this was a misspelling of the word “knew.”

And judging from the misspelled signs at teacher protest rallies in Chicago last week, I would say this is not just a problem here in Georgia.


(h/t: The Rob and Dave Show)

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0 responses to “The Problem with Gubbermint Skools – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (Updated)

  1. Richard T. Fowler

    I don’t see anything obviously wrong in the photograph.

    It is testing pattern recognition. The words “new all” could mean that “This is a new pattern compared to the previous one” and “All the items belong in the pattern”. In other words, two separate answers, both of which the student got wrong by not writing anything.

    If this is actually from a government elementary school, it looks like pretty challenging stuff by their standards. I’d bet that most likely it is an AP or honors class. The notion that such a teacher would not know how to spell “knew” is ludicrous. Plus, the idea that the student somehow got full credit for both questions without writing anything just doesn’t add up. Plus, if the student is so bright as to get both of those questions right, and the teacher graded it properly, what’s the motive for doing this to the teacher?

    The government schools are full of lots of problems, and most of them today are no place for the Church to be sending their children. But I don’t see anything obviously wrong with this paper. For all I know, it’s a liberal vendetta against a teacher who refused to cut someone’s child a break so that they could stay in an accelerated math class.


    • James L Habermehl

      This is my guess as to what the photo is dipicting: This is not the test answer sheet per se. This is the sheet the teacher is using as a checklist to see what the student knows–as in she is going down the list, asking the pupil to write or identify the letters, shapes, etc., and then indicating on this checklist which ones the student “new.” Hence some at the top were circled because they were not correctly identified or whatever, whileothers were just marked as “new all” because the student got them all correct.

      • James L Habermehl

        Whoops! “depicting”
        Hit post before I went back and reviewed my own spelling. Well, at least I didn’t insult her too much before posting my own typo!

  2. Government Schools, now more than before, education to the lowest common denominator.

    Escuelas del Gobierno, ahora más que antes, la educación para el mínimo común denominador.

  3. Sonja Schmidt address the issue of the failure of politically-correct public schools by comparing it with the poorly-funded, high achieving inner city schools of the far distant past.

  4. But she has nice handwriting… 🙁

    • I agree with you Grouchy that we don’t know the context and therefore, we do not know what to conclude. However, in her handwriting, I see kindness, generosity and good social skills.

  5. I don’t get it!???

  6. democrats-have used education as a tool on the American people for many, many years. They fell hook, line and sinker. At current both parties are guilty of this. Education, a priority on the “Communist” agenda. The states have got to take education back. This latest display by teachers in Chicago was just the lowest form. They should every one be replaced. Teachers, this day– a good one is hard to find.

  7. She’s a hilee kwalifyed ejukation gradoot wit a 4.6 GPS from her AP kurses in skool! (Competence is “elitist” for progressives, of course– the Social Justice card, don’t leave home w/o it!)

  8. Just finished reading Anthem by Ayn Rand. Eerie how much forshadowing is in this book that relates to current public education, esp as to educating the masses enough to work but not enough to think. Although, I do not agree with her humanistic bent, she was an advanced thinker for her time.

  9. Grouchy,

    Perhaps so, but to this point, there has been no protest mounted from the school involved.

    I’ll keep up with it, though, as a big plate of steaming humble crow just might be awaiting me. 🙂

    LOL – Not as if it would be a new experience or anything.


  10. “And judging from the misspelled signs at teacher protest rallies in Chicago last week…”. Chicago? Last week? Then why did I see this when I click on the link?: “February 24, 2011 Wisconsin Teachers Protesting with Misspelled Signs”

  11. Mystifying. I would love to know what that means.


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