The price of vanity: When a lip injection goes wrong

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Injecting your lips with collagen to get fuller lips is all the rage in Hollywood because full lips are supposed to be “sexy.”
But if you’re thinking of this procedure, you should look at what happened to Farrah Abraham.
23-year-old Abraham is a desperate fame whore who became pregnant out of wedlock when she was 16. Her claim to “fame” is based on her appearances in the MTV reality television series 16 and Pregnant and its spin-off, Teen Mom. Her 2012 memoir (a 21-year-old has a memoir, imagine that!), My Teenage Dream Ended, actually made it onto The New York Times Best Seller list — which goes to show too many Americans are stupid and utterly devoid of sense or sensibility.
In 2013, in mimicry of how Kim Kardashian became (in)famous, Abraham released an explicit sex porn video, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, in which she appeared with pornographic actor James Deen. In 2014, she released a sequel Farrah 2: Backdoor and More.
Abraham was the most searched reality TV star on Google of 2013 — which goes to show even more Americans than in 2012 are stupid and utterly devoid of sense or sensibility.
Only 23 years old, Abraham is already addicted to plastic surgery.
Here she is in Oct. 2013:
Farrah Abraham Oct 2013
This is what happened to Abraham’s face after a recent botched lip injection:
Farrah Abraham1
Lest you think her big boobs are real, this is what they looked like in 2010 before Abraham inflated them from A- to C- to her present D-cup:
Farrah Abraham A to C in 2010
Source of photos: Daily Mail

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0 responses to “The price of vanity: When a lip injection goes wrong

  1. Thank you God for my body. It’s perfect just the way it is. Sorry I put those little holes in each ear, my head really didn’t need 2 more holes.

  2. As a woman who has always been, shall we way, well-endowed, I would give anything to have had smaller boobs! Why, simply because they hurt. I remember running in high school phys ed class and coming home with ‘sore boobs’ because the muscles bounced to much. I remember going out and purchasing a ‘sports bra’ because it was all the rage, thinking that if it was a ‘sports bra’ that it would support me and I would no longer have hurting boobs after exercise. Wrong! Has anyone besides me noticed that most runners have small boobs? There is a reason for that!
    This woman is nuts. But then, as a society, we lost our way many many years ago.

    • MA in MO . . . Oh! how I feel for you. Yes, everyone thinks gigantic breasts are the be all and end all–but they are not. A year ago last November I underwent reduction surgery at the age of 67. What a nincompoop, I should have done that years ago. It helps with shoulder-neck pain, headaches, aching back, you name it. At first it was odd to reach for things, because that huge mass just wasn’t there, and I was used to having to “reach around” my front when I wanted to wash dishes, get something out of the cupboard, etc. Woman who dink around with increasing the size of their breasts are absolutely out of their minds. If the case is that men don’t love them because they are not well-endowed, then they really don’t love them at all! When I transitioned out of sports bras, which had to be worn 24/7, I was thrilled to go to Macy’s and to be able to actually purchase frilly, wonderful feminine bras, that I had never been able to have before. This young lass who thinks she will make her mark in the world by being as “plastic” as it gets is a fool. What real man wants a woman who is a whore, unless he rolls that way himself. From her picture, she appears to be a rather “horsey” looking female–now she just looks like a cross between horsey and freakish. I agree, her lips were plenty big enough before. I wonder how well she will do in her porn movies now???

  3. With all of that “work” she’s had done to herself, she looks like a male who wants to look female. Pathetic….and it’s too bad she still hasn’t learned her lesson (lesson for many in today’s world) that out of wedlock sex is what got her into this mess and out of wedlock sex is what keeps her in it.

  4. how impossible is our Faith.
    This woman is precious to Jesus & Mary.
    Our Lady weeps to loose even one of her children.
    Jesus came for the whores & prostitutes.
    May her conversion be immediate & complete O Lord,
    for the sake of the suffering of Your Most Holy Mother. †

  5. Women are so beautiful when they smile – which by itself seems to be sufficient to reel me in.
    I have never understood the whole beauty business.

    • outstandingbachelor, God Bless you. Men like you and truckjunkie restore our faith in the masculine gender!

    • While I do enjoy makeup and girl stuff, it’s nice to know that there are men in this world that don’t want the porn girl look for their women. Good for you outstandingbachelor, you show what real men are truly made of. 🙂

  6. Her lips were already massive in 10/13, why go bigger? Yikes!

  7. Help! I cannot help but return and stare at that grotesque ‘duckbill’ lip picture

  8. Now she’s become the true epitome of grotesquely stupid!

  9. Priscilla Presley, Lisa Rinna, why do they ruin their faces? Getting older is the most natural thing in the world.These lady’s must be incredibly insecure.

  10. At one time, the governing body of cosmetic surgeons recommended surgeons send the prospective client to a psychiatrist for screening before making major changes to appearance, especially in the case of very young women. I am not sure they recommend that anymore, cosmetic surgery is so common now.
    In any case, this poor girl has the classic over-exaggerated Trout Pout outcome which is so sad.

  11. Well, when you have more money than brains…

  12. PLEASE do a story on tattoos: I heard one doctor mentioned on the news, about ten years ago, mention that tattoos are to be avoided at all costs. He cited liver and lymph node problems that could occur “25 years down the line.”
    A few women are getting these lip injections for pornographic reasons. (A number of girls and transsexuals are getting buttocks injections for the same reasons). Whatever: Tattoos may be the new tobacco. DON’T GET THEM!

  13. Thats what happens when the demons take over the mind and host…Demoralized….These types get morphed into the demonic really quick.

  14. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Surgery is daunting enough when you must go under the knife for a very important and necessary procedure. What this woman has done is horrific and it was absolutely unnecessary. As DCG pointed out, her lips were already huge before she had the procedure done. What was she thinking? Her gigantic breasts look like a fat reptile. This is an example of the demonic effects of narcissism.


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