The Price of Peace

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Via The price of peace is paid by the families. Twelve-year-old Alyssa Gaddis knew this only too well when she penned these lyrics as an expression of the sacrifices made by her own family. Click to watch Alyssa and her sister Cassy sing about what it’s like when their beloved dad is deployed. Their video is a loving tribute to the very best among us.

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0 responses to “The Price of Peace

  1. Alyssa has a gift for expressing what so many of our military families feel. God bless them all.

  2. Sincerely wondering when Christians are going to wake up and stop being so deceived by Satan. The world system is not “Christian”. The Federal Government is not “Christian”. The UN is not “Christian”. Serving these militaries is not “Christian’. You’re fighting for the 666 beast – and don’t ask for kudos from me since you won’t get them from God no matter how much you congratulate yourselves on your own false virtue. The US Government installed the Koran as Constitution in Iraq. The US Government is pulling down dictators globally and putting in place the Taliban and Al Qaeda and radical Islam. So, if as a Christian you are “real proud” of yourselves for fighting Jihad for the 666 beast system resulting in the MURDER of your brothers and sisters globally — don’t expect me to join your delusion and congratulate you. Repent and leave all WORLD SYSTEM ARMIES to obey God. I’m quite serous. Delusion and pride are powerful elixirs. Stop drinking the national socialist world system Koolaid.

    • Not saying stuff don’t need to be fixed (which it surely does) but be part of the solution and ensure we do something worthwhile with our hard-earned freedom:

  3. “The price of peace”… I guess you haven’t noticed that the “man of peace” — the COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF US ARMED FORCES — is the 666 beast. But you should at least judge the fruit of the US military — knowing it’s the 666 beast system that is being raised globally. FIGHTING TO SET UP THE GLOBAL MURDER OF ALL SAINTS GLOBALLY!! SHAME ON YOU ALL!!! TRAITORS TO JESUS!!! BLINDED BY YOUR OWN PRIDE AND THE FALSE GODS OF YOUR OWN FLAGS AND NATIONAL SOCIALISM!! SHAME ON YOU ALL!! No, I won’t apologize. The Lord rebuke thee. “Peace, peace”… as you set up the KILL GRID OF ALL SAINTS GLOBALLY!! Shame on you all.

    • Well tell us how you really feel Laura! And thanks for telling us how to feel, too. We’d be so lost without your knowledge.
      And thanks for coming to my post to insult our military personnel and their families. It is because of the brave men who fought, and many that sacrificed their lives, that you are able to freely express your opinion.

  4. Ditto. 🙂

  5. Me too

  6. Dennis H. Bennett

    DCG: This video is the best I’ve seen of what its like to leave for a war theater on the other side of the world. I’ve done it twice and will do it (fight) again, either there or on my front lawn, to maintain freedom. Each time I left country my wife was 3 months pregnant…that I would never see them again was almost too much to bear. This video helps me recall the love that sent me off and took me back in. And yes, a handkerchief handy is a good idea..

  7. Putin is receiving death threats now because he’s against the militarization against Syria and Iran.
    The oligarchs are not playing, they are hell bent.
    Lookit, they just got Al Qaeda on board with the regime change in Syria, their new leader is gungho with Obama and the British special forces together with Qatar so that the training and equipping of the resistance to Assad can topple him as Qadaffi was toppled, and the MEK is doing a good job to destrablize Iran, under the auspices of Israel, empowered and heavily funded by the US Congress headed by Barack Obama. The military can still resist war in Syria and Iran if the American People would stand up and say that the Commander in Chief is not fit to stay in office because he is in bed with known terrorist organizations. Check out the UK Guardian newspaper for details on the words of the new Al Qaeda leader. Russia and China think that US policy, that is the drive to destablize both Syria and Iran by military means under whatever pretext they can come up with reeks of the propaganda that made the war against Iraq possible and the destruction of a way of life in Libya that had a high standard of living before NATO liberated it.
    Thermonuclear War is on the table, and if Russia and China are forced to take a stance against the US because of Obama and his connections with Al Qaeda and MEK, guilty by association, then what is in it for the citizens of the USA? Isn’t it time to indefinitely detain those people who are advocating jumping into bed with governments and their terrorist bedfellows?

  8. The price is unimportant at this moment in time, it’s like the deficit. The value of freedom from oppression in human terms far outweighs any notion of “cost”. When Pearl Harbor was attacked, guys were lining up to enlist to join the army and go to war to protect the USA. This backdoor “attack” on the USA by Obama joining up with known terrorists like Al Qaeda and MEK which will certainly lead to more conflict in Syria and Iran which will cause Russia and China to rush to their defense because it would be an attack on the concept of national sovreignty. Obama is prepared to sacrifice US sovreignty for an alliance with terrorists who are backed by countries who will provide them with mercenary supporters and weapons, is he doing it in the aim for peace. The price for peace is to remove Barack Obama from office right away under constitutional means, and to reinstate the Glass Steagall standard to shut down Wall Street which collectively is his sugar daddy. The cost is for Congress to stop taking money from special interest groups and work for We the People, and open up a Third National Bank here in the US and have Credit issued through it in the form of money currency to fund gigantic infrastructure platform projects, scientific research and repairing the damage done during natural disasters, and prepare for further earthquakes etc so that we are better equipped to deal with the ramifications of these things. Put everyone back to work. Put all the crooks in jail.


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