The Peaceful Nature of Islam

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Ad campaign hopes to promote peaceful nature of Islam

The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is approaching and Muslims are now outreaching to Americans to try and help us understand the true nature of their religion.
Via Komo News: Since the 9/11 attacks, more Americans have adopted a negative view of Islam. Before the attacks, 40 percent of Americans had a positive view on Muslims, but that number has dropped to 10 percent in the last decade.
Now, followers of that ancient religion have turned to modern technology to help explain their beliefs and attract new members.  Fatuma Mahmud, 15, learned to speak Arabic specifically so she could read and understand the Koran.  “It’s the holy text of Muslims,” she said. “We read it all the time for our prayers.”  Mahmud’s refugee parents brought their religion with them to Seattle, when they fled violence in Eritrea.  “We pray 5 times a day,” she said.
The Alfera family is contributing to the growth of Islam in our area. From two parents come three new practicing Muslim children. Likewise, the local Islamic community estimates there are roughly twice as many Muslims now in the Seattle Metro area as 20 years ago.
Now, a new ad campaign hopes to build on that growth. is running radio ads, steering people to its website to learn about Islam and to read stories from people who converted to the faith.
“There’s other religions around here, too,” Mahmud said. “We’re OK with each other, we don’t fight and stuff like that.”  The Alfera family lives in a diverse neighborhood, happy to call people of all religions their neighbors and friends.
Excuse me if I’m not quick to get on board with the idea of this “peaceful nature” of Islam. 
No. 1: Unlike Christianity that emphasizes truthfulness, Muslims are allowed to deceive (lie to) non-Muslims if doing so protects and helps Islam. This is called the principle of Taqiyya. See “3 Things you should know about Islam“.
No. 2: “Moderate” Muslims remain mostly silent when radicals commit their crimes.  They are only quick to decry the violence when it serves their purpose.
No. 3: Statistics prove just how “peaceful” Muslims are.  From

  • Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 17,704 deadly attacks since 9/11.
  • Weekly Jihad report (Aug. 27 – Sept. 2): Jihad attacks – 24, Allah Akbars – 9, dead bodies – 151, and critically injured – 284.

No. 4: Quite a nice summary here if you want to know all about this “peaceful” religion.
Sorry, but this girl ain’t buying their propaganda.

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0 responses to “The Peaceful Nature of Islam

  1. I am sick of the evil twisted inbred hell spawn-that includes the illegal one in the whitehouse!

  2. Well go kill yourself tina. Your bitch ass is useless anyway. All you do is hate and whine all the time. You would be better off dead.

  3. You have NO IDEA how sad this makes us feel

  4. “Since the 9/11 attacks, more Americans have adopted a negative view of Islam. Before the attacks, 40 percent of Americans had a positive view on Muslims, but that number has dropped to 10 percent in the last decade.” Hmm, why could that be? I wonder…

  5. Do not know what that entry above means about making us feel sad. Long before 911 I knew what these boyos were up to! No good as usual, the statistics speak for themselves especially the ones after 911. OMuslim has turned his beady eye on Syria, he won’t be happy till there is a Caliphate in the mid east and israel is gone. When is the next election? I’m an ABO. Anyone but Obama. Even though I’m not one of you i could see through the guy when he started spouting about CHANGE! God bless and protect all my American friends.

  6. Time for some Truth

    The Peaceful Nature of Islam? When I saw the title I thought it was either a bad joke or pure propaganda. Islam is everything but peaceful. It is not a religion but a fascist ideology aiming to kill anyone who is an infidel if they don’t convert. All over the world you have news everyday of the progress of Islam; the more they do the more people hate them. I personally never despised and loathed as much a so called religion that kills and slaughter everything, teaching kids to behead, killing girls or forcing them to marry old farts, pedophilia accepted etc etc the more you look into , the more you realize that the antichrist is alive, not for long I think

  7. John Cleese is right.

  8. Well, I can’t add much that hasn’t already been said. But I will add that I am one who believes that Obama is one. He has put too many hints out there. He does not have our country’s best at heart, and clearly doesn’t implement our foundational core ideals. He is he!!-bent on seeing this nation on it’s knees. Making it alot easier for any other nation/people/Islam to further their agenda…Sorry ’bout that…didn’t mean to rant, but his mask of deception can’t be missed, and one with discerning eyes, ( some eyes opened later than I’d hoped), can see he is destroying us,….JMHO…

  9. Time for some Truth

    For those who want to find out about the 9/11 Islamist Attack, here’s a very interesting video about Mahamed Ali (not the boxer) who became American by marriage:
    Peter Lance talked about his book Triple Cross: How Bin Laden’s Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets, and the FBI (Harper Paperbacks; June 16, 2009). He talked about the events leading up to the September 11, 2001, attacks, focusing on failures in acting on intelligence and on Ali Mohamed, an al Qaeda double agent who was able to penetrate the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the U.S. military before being brought to justice in the late 1990s.
    He argued that before September 11, the war on terrorism was largely a legal war, focusing on prosecutions and freezing assets. Mr. Lance, who criticized the performance of then Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in his book Triple Cross: How bin Laden’s Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets, and the FBI–and Why Patrick Fitzgerald Failed to Stop Him (William Morrow; September 5, 2006), also discussed Mr. Fitzgerald’s threats to sue Mr. Lance and his publisher HarperCollins over the publishing of the paperback edition of the book.
    Following his remarks, during which he showed slides and graphics, he answered questions from members of the audience.

  10. Remember, back in the days before political correctness, when left/liberals felt anyone against fun and freedom (like islamic fundamentalists) were bad? The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah,” inspired by Ayatollah Khomeni banning rock music in Iran (banned by Clear Channel radio for a while after 9/11 for being “insensitive” to muslims)…


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