The Parkland school shooting post that got Tony Mead banned from Facebook

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Tony Mead is an intrepid Sandy Hook researcher with a Facebook page called “Sandy Hook Hoax“.
Two days ago, on April 8, 2018, Facebook took down his page. In its place, is this message:

The only reason Facebook gave Mead for unilaterally and without warning taking down his “Sandy Hook Hoax” page is the vague catch-all “Something you posted doesn’t follow our Community Standards”:

Before his page was taken down, Mead had published the post, “Investigating the Parkland School Shooting”. This is what Facebook finds to be so threatening that it warrants Facebook resorting to the 21st-century analog of book-burning. Please read and disseminate!
A class action lawsuit against Facebook has been filed with Blood Hurst & O’Reardon LLP in San Diego. To join the lawsuit, call (619) 338-1100.

Investigating the Parkland School Shooting

by Tony Mead
Originally published on Sandy Hook Hoax, April 4, 2018
Having recently appeared on a Vice Media video on Conspiracies and False Flags, I have been the focus of anger for so many people that were affected by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School shooting. Although I can sincerely empathize with their feelings of grief and loss, it is still my hope that they can suspend that emotional trauma for a few minutes to explore and understand WHY so many people are questioning the validity of this event!

On Feb 14, 2018 I had just arrived home from being in Coral Springs, FL when I was tagged in a Facebook post on WSVN 7 live News that was covering the Parkland shooting! I immediately sat down at my desk to watch as events unfolded. A helicopter approached the school as officers hid behind their cars with rifles draw and pointed into a vast empty area. What were they going to shoot at? Cop cars were EVERYWHERE! Hundreds of them, it appeared. How did they all get there so quickly? Why do they need 200 cops to stop one guy? Why were they so very far away from the school if there was someone shooting inside?
The first thing that struck me as I watched the footage was that there were “victims” at the corner of Holmberg & Pine Island Rd. I stared intently to see if anyone was bleeding or appeared to be seriously injured! It was hard to see clearly, but I couldn’t see a single drop of blood! What could they be injured from? Gunshots? If so, how did they get all the way from the school to the corner which was over 200 yards away? Why did they go to that corner? Why didn’t the ambulance go closer to the school? Then they announced that the shooter was still at large! Suddenly dozens of kids begin to parade past the “injured victims” and ambulance workers who have by now loaded two kids into an ambulance. The children walking by seem disinterested in what’s going on by the ambulance. They keep their eyes forward or focused on their cell phones instead. That seemed odd to me since like many of us, I have been stuck in traffic for hours as a result of “rubber necking”. We always want to see what’s going on when somebody is injured!

Read the rest of Mead’s post here.

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  1. Scott Jay Israel
    Age: 61 (Born May 22, 1956)
    Contact Information
    (954) 985-1953
    (954) 831-8700
    Susan Israel (spouse)
    Blair Israel
    Elaine Israel
    Ira Israel
    Sonny Israel
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    Leslie Milgrim
    Brett Israel
    Rebecca Galla
    Blake Israel
    County of Broward
    Scott Israel
    61 years old
    Has Lived At:
    10731 SW 30th PL
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    6508 NW 78th DR
    Pompano Beach, FL
    945 Washington ST
    Baldwin, NY
    18078 Clear Brook CIR
    Boca Raton, FL
    13891 Packard TER
    Delray Beach, FL
    1300 W Broward BLVD
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    3201 W Hallandale Beach BLVD
    Hollywood, FL
    2601 W Broward BLVD
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

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  3. Dr. Eowyn,
    Have you seen John Bolton forced Tom Bossert to resign? Any thoughts? I know Bolton is a huge pro Israel guy but what of Bossert?

  4. Interesting that the commie zombies still try to gaslight the hell out of the “Nobody wants to take your guns” jive…

  5. God Bless You for posting the phone number of those who wish to be included in the Class Action Suit against Facebook. I have ready left my name, phone number and email address for them to contact me if necessary. I would humbly suggest that anyone who has EVER had Facebook, join in this suit. It is a most curious fact that Zuckerberg, who was to appear before Congress starting yesterday, met with various officials before his schedules appearances. Tell me, how in the Sam Hill does that happen that you “visit” with those who will be judging your testimony. Mr Zuckerberg has amassed a 66 Billion fortune off the selling of the private information that belongs to you and I. Have you ever noticed when attempting to “login” to anything (Netflix, Amazon, all kind of other organizations) you are told “You can use you Facebook Login.” I suppose for those who do–then Facebook captures whatever business you do with that concern also! When all is said and done, I want Mr Zuckerberg to be worth closer to Zero.
    The more we know about the occurrence in Parkland, we know this could not possibly be what the Deep State is claiming that it is.
    Bravo to Dr Eowyn, and each and every person who delves into this nasty Deep State business.

    • I read that Facebook had given large donations to the Congress critters Zuckerberg is supposed to meet.

    • I watched Zuckerman today (and part of yesterday’s recorded video as well.) I think it was today’s testimony where he FLAT OUT lied under oath! I can explain to you why you are urged to use a FB-assisted “log in” – you see, Zuckerman (burg? I forgot!), when asked how long your data exists in their servers AFTER you delete your account, flat out, loud-and-proud, stated something to the effect of: “It deletes immediately!” The h-e-double-toothpick it does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see, when you go back to whatever site “assisted you” by “letting you” use your FB account to sign in, if you forget and click on it again, your account is “reactivated” and more advertisers can try to suck you dry! See, my granddaughter kept trying to delete HER account, but she used her FB account exactly at Hulu and her browser remembers her log-in credentials, same as mine does, (Chome –> Google, natch!) Well, she starts getting emails again – “So-and-so said this and this other person tagged you there” etc., etc. Her account was now – to use a YouTube term we’ve all become so familiar with lately – her account was “RE-monetized”! Uh huh. Another “cha-ching” into Zuckerberg’s pants pockets and that of his handlers. Straight up, that’s why.
      So there’s the reason, and there’s your money trail. When, and if you haven’t already tried, to kill your FB account, MAKE SURE you detach ALL associated “apps” before you kill it, because it will reinstate it again, by accidentally clicking on a link you just use so often that you’ve forgotten. You might be MIIIIIIIIGHTY surprised, from when you were far less leery of FB, to find out what’s been sucking up all your’s – AND YOUR FRIEND’S – info up, at least since (supposedly) either 2014 (BS!!!!!!!!!!) or 2016 and I so rarely use them anymore except maybe here that, I don’t know if the latter part of 2016 isn’t when they sucked you dry for EVERY piece of your info and all 9000 of you friends! Hey, I’m a Pinterest addict now! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
      I must say, however, Sen. Cruz and one other Repub (I guess) Sen. gave Zuckerberg a SOLID dose of What-Fer!!! HAHA!! It had to be Cruz who wanted to know A) Where Zucky was spending the night, (knowing he wouldn’t tell for being “mobbed”) and B) some other, equally pertinent questions, (knowing, as did Zucky, that Ol’ Zucky there wasn’t gonna give out his private info!) The other gentleman told him “His TOS [terms of service] agreement SUCKS, to take his (very good) $1200/hr lawyers home w/ him and this time, WRITE IT IN ENGLISH!” Someone held the printed version up once or twice and it was TWENTY SEVEN PAGES LONG!!! I doubt that was double spaced, but you don’t know, they’re all lawyers, just about! And that’s another thing that second guy said, after reading the first 2 or 3 sentences of the TOS outloud, “I’m a lawyer and I have no idea what this says!” Oh it was GREAT!!! LOLOL!!!
      Oh a third thought – Diamond and Silk, both days, got their FAIR share of being named as an extreme example of who is exactly a “danger to the larger community” and boy did ol’ Zucky get his butt drug over the coals for THAT one, lemme tell you!! Even the DEMS were giving him what-fer for that one!!
      So Zucky there, I sure hope he was wined and dined well both nights and had a cushy hotel room for what his handlers put him through these last two days! HA!!!

  6. I kept getting my Facebook posts deleted with comment “Your post
    does not comply with our community standards.” My reply
    every time was “Whose community standards’? Tel Aviv’s?)
    Closed my Facebook account years ago.

    • I was told yesterday on a board that just bc Zuck has a Jewish name doesnt mean he is jewish… they said the same for Soros. My reply back was if Soros is an enemy of Israel as a judenrat and Putin wants him so bad why is he free? Also told the person when either zuck or soros pass they will be buried in israel

  7. Facebook or say Spybook is a site not known for its activities until recently, Suckerboy, hiding behind his boyish looks and all his grandeur is a hypocrite, another globalist not to be trusted in anyway.

  8. Does billionaire Zuckerberg still plan to run for president?

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    You can’t fool all of the people all of the time, but some people won’t stop trying.

  10. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Tony Mead’s article was EXCELLENT! No wonder Phuqerberg’s Fakebook took it down.
    Of the piled-high mountain of anomalies that conclusively proves to me that this shooting was just another False Flag fake Uncle Scam event, I think perhaps the single most outrageous item may be the fact that David “Piglet” Hogg later claimed to have learned of the shooting-in-progress and then pedaled his bicycle to the school (because he wasn’t in class already that morning).
    Piglet rode his bike to the school, knowing there was an active shooter on the loose there, and THEN he somehow got himself inside of that classroom where he quietly, in the dark, conducted his interviews of fellow students while the shooter was still roaming the hallways just outside the classroom’s door.
    No sane person could POSSIBLY believe that story! No, not ONE sane, intelligent person. And yet THAT is the story that the Mainstream Media in cahoots with Uncle Scam is trying to get us to accept? BALDERDASH! Just that ALONE would be enough for me to call “B.S.” on this fake tragedy. What do they think I am, some stupid two-year old who will believe any cockamamie story that they feed to me?!!
    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

    • Right, and as far as Hogg’s testimony goes, there’s a legal principle going all the way back to Roman days that goes “falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus,” or, in other words, if the little bastard can be shown to have lied about one thing, the presumption is he’s lying about it all.

      • Stephen T. McCarthy

        Hadn’t heard that principle before, DAN, but it’s one I’ve always instinctively embraced.
        ~ D-FensDogG
        STMcC Presents ‘BATTLE OF THE BANDS’

        • Stephen, you earlier comment suggests we discuss the appropriate standard of proof in these “noisy” cases. Before considering the standard itself we need to ask if these many pieces of independent evidence tending toward the same conclusion can provide strong support for our conclusion; namely, that Parkland was staged and either a false flag with casualties or a hoax with only crisis actors. The answer, going all the way back to commentators such as Quintilian, is most definitely yes.
          Since we’re not involved in judging the guilt or innocence of someone accused of a crime, the standard of proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” isn’t applicable, let alone proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. In fact, all we need do to prevail in the court of public opinion is show that our conclusion is more probable than the official one. What we have to be on the alert for are trolls poisoning the well with fabrications and out-of-context, irrelevant nonsense designed to trigger “falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus” responses among undecided parties. I’d ask a simple question, which is whether this or that article or comment tends toward being constructive or whether it’s something opponents could use to poison the well.

          • Yes, I suppose the standard would be the “preponderance of the evidence”. In point of fact, few things are ever “scientifically proven”. Most are simply based on anecdotal evidence.
            Despite some people’s protestations to the contrary, our conclusions certainly make better sense than the official lies associated with these operations. It would be nice if most could see that, but it isn’t necessary and it doesn’t change a thing.

            • The constraints imposed by formalized standards of proof are critical. Adhering to them disarms those accusing us of being conspiracy nutcases in tinfoil hats, as well as red flagging trolls poisoning the well with nonsense. It very much matters how our standards or lack of them are judged by open-minded but undecided people since the larger issue is persuasion.
              Try sifting through the comments on other conservative, truther sites some time. The standard of approval is typically clever, backbiting repartee and juvenile potty humor, like you’d hear on left-leaning late night talk shows. This effectively renders these sites irrelevant in the public arena, which is something I at least find suspicious.

              • Yeah, I agree. However, I like humor. I think its healthy and, frankly, nothing disarms the opposition more than deflation. No matter how good the evidence, they will NEVER admit to their frauds. If that is the goal, it isn’t worth the effort.
                Now, what CAN be done is to make belief in these operations so ridiculous that they become meaningless. That doesn’t require third validation. I think that legitimate critique of these is important. I do not, however, wish to fall into the trap of being pompous and dead sober in the uncertain hope that somebody else will agree.
                If they become aware by something we say, I think that’s great. Do I expect someone to be prosecuted or stopped? No I do not. That is a sad fact, but a fact all the same.

                • Stephen T. McCarthy

                  Lophatt, based on what you wrote above, I think you and I may approach these things with a somewhat similar mindset.
                  >>… No matter how good the evidence, they will NEVER admit to their frauds.
                  That is true. And those people who hold ideologies which are further promoted by “their” frauds, will never admit that they too see through the deception. And I am one of those who believes that above all else, the devil and his minions hate to be mocked. Knowing that I am incapable of changing their minds, I usually chose instead to mock them.
                  When I first learned the reality of what’s happening (i.e., the N.W.O. and everything associated with it, such as The Fed, satanic worship, et al.), I expended a lot of time and energy trying to prevent the creation of the Global Government that’s coming. I was worried, and like most other NWO newbies, I was frantically trying to awaken the Americonned Sheeple to the danger.
                  And then it dawned on me: “It is written.” How many times is that expression used in The Bible to imply that once something has been inscribed into The Word Of God, it is a DONE DEAL, and no human effort could possibly alter it for weal or woe?
                  That’s when I was finally able to calm down. I KNEW that everything would occur in this country and in this world just exactly as “it is written”. Neither I or anyone else can save America; none of us can prevent the (temporary) satanic Global Government from forming.
                  I accepted the fact that the best any of us might possibly be able to do is buy a little more time in order that more people will have the opportunity to accept Christ and get right with God before the chance to choose aright is no longer an option. I’m no longer under the delusion that I can somehow help to “save the world”.
                  So, really, when one gets past all my twisted humor and my willingness to square off against satan’s minions and mock them, my real underlying goal is and has been (since about 1996 — two years after I learned The Truth) to try to get people to think about their relationship with God and Yeshua. Yeah, I’m trying to use what personality God has given me to win souls for Christ. I’m not very good at it, but by Grace I HAVE managed to help a few people deepen their Spiritual relationships.
                  ~ D-FensDogG
                  Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

                  • Well Stephen, I think we think a LOT alike. I do what I can. While l’m at it I have no intention of losing my sense of humor. Nothing makes me happier than letting the air out of a pompous ass.

      • Dan . . . . Great addition to this discussion. I just wish someone would actually nail Piglet to the wall for all his making up of facts.

    • Stephen, balderdash is exactly right! Nobody who is playing with a full deck would believe this completely fabricated fairy tale. Santa Claus 🎅is far more believable.

    • Stephen . . . . Congratulations! You are right on the money on this nonsensical theatrical production being put on by Piglet and Baldy. It just burns my cookies that so far they are getting away with it.

      • Stephen T. McCarthy

        Thanks, AUNTIE!
        Yeah, they’re gonna have to do a lot better than THAT to pull the sheep dip over this wolf’s eyes. (Methinks I’m muddlin’ my metaphors. ;^)
        I was Red-Pilled five years before the “Red Pill / Blue Pill” was a thing. I’m at the point where I automatically assume any event like this is a False Flag until the evidence indicates otherwise. IMO, Uncle Scam has lost the right to be assumed innocent until proven guilty.
        ~ D-FensDogG
        Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  12. That’s what was “settled” on. There are conflicting versions. When I researched it I settled on Bldg. 1200 (the “Freshman Building”), because that was the most common and it only lasted six minutes.
    In truth, you can’t make a believable whole from what was provided. Why the building was called that is an open question. I, likewise do not know why they would claim that students other than freshmen were shot in “The Freshman Building”.
    There are also conflicting reports of “lockdowns” and “fire drills”. The video footage does not match the official time line either. There is a very interesting video out there analyzing some of this. I’ll post it here. It’s worth reviewing.

      • I’m very glad you liked it. I can’t speak for her as to the other questions, but I totally understand.
        She claims to be “progressive” but the more research she does the more sense she seems to acquire.
        Anyway, I have seen that pattern you describe in all of these. 9-11 was full of those too. I distinctly remember many “memes” that came into being, only to disappear. Those are part of the overall psych-op I think.
        There are “levels” to these. If you can stay on the upper levels, while observing the lower ones, patterns emerge. You can almost visualize how and why they happened. It is all about controlling the narrative and the information.
        The information is harder for them to control. It gets out there and starts to interfere with the narrative (because it is a lie). That is why it is so important to prevent discussion of actual information.

        • The censorship is both deliberate and disgusting. The reaction to it is more so. There are a few other video hosting sites now. The stuff on Too-Tube should be moved before its lost.

        • I watched a video by a German scientist, Harald Kautz-Velle. It was very good, but at the same time disturbing for a number of reasons. One thing that he said that “connected” was that, since we are already in the NWO, the only sort of war that exists is between the Elite and us.
          His talk was on Chemtrails, Morgellans, Smart Dust and Black Goo. I don’t know much about these but he did a masterful job explaining them, how they work, and what they do. I suppose the short version would be that we’re being programmed and these are some of the methods used to do that.
          He spoke from a scientific perspective utilizing chemical, physical and even spiritual models and how what his theories are based upon work. It is very spooky but there really isn’t anything to be done for it.
          Taken in that light the machinations of these guys we observe are pretty paltry. His theories do explain why a lot of people react to stimuli the way that they do.

      • lophatt . . . . Wow! That is a really great condense version of the anomalies of this “tragedy.” I feel it a great blessing that “you are on our side” as your abilities and knowledge are certainly an asset that I would hate the Progressive’s to have.

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    For your information.

  14. One question I ask is, Why Hogg? Everything about him reeks, and it’s almost as if it is planned that this poster boy is “perfectly” designed to draw out all the attention and take the heat. Should we not really be looking more deeply at the others? I have little doubt that the entire gamut of the jews who were there are involved to extensive amounts. Could it be that he is intended to draw examination to himself, but not to the others or to the Rabbi’s, or other to their other jewish front organizations? Take this for instance, which has never sounded straight to me and it still sounds flaky the more I have examined it, for instance, what “reports” was a Rabbi reading so soon after the initial occurrence, and how did he obtain these “from the police reports” that fast? – And, a “sudden realization” that the grainy photo he found and provided to police that allegedly showed the “shooter” walking down the steet doesn’t sound credible. There’s a lot that seems screwy and this and a couple of other Rabbi’s seem to be involved from elsewhere.
    “A security camera at the Chai Center Chabad in Coral Springs, Fla., captured Nikolas Cruz, 19, walking down the street towards a fast-food restaurant after allegedly killing 17 people at a public high school.
    As the nation’s attention was riveted on reports of the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., Rabbi Hershy Bronstein read a report from the local sheriff’s office…”.

    • During “The Great Leap Forward”, Maoists were manipulated to direct all of their hatred toward their teachers and adult people in power. I sense the same thing is happening here.
      First, they wish to make hatred acceptable and desirable. That’s where the “Antifa” and similar groups come into play. Then they make this Hogg ham the poster boy for leftists everywhere. What is his defining characteristic? Hatred.
      There communist movements work on an emotional, not an intellectual level. Just like not of these operations will stand scrutiny, none of their tactics will either. It is necessary for them to inflame and keep people’s emotions on a boil in order for them to make progress.

    • Does “Mumbai” ring a bell?

    • Chabad huh? My, small world.

  15. Something I saw this morning on hogg
    Breitbart reports:
    “On the heels of last month’s anti-gun, anti-Trump March for Our Lives adult-funded and backed protest by teen survivors of the Florida school shooting that killed 17 people at a Florida high school, another left-wing event is planned for Saturday.
    The event is organized by the Town Hall Project website, started by former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer Jimmy Dahman last year. That entity is now connected with and promoting a “teen-led” series of meetings with members of Congress or candidates running against them over this week, culminating on Saturday with the Town Hall for Our Lives.
    The website is backed and funded by a coalition of leftists, including Tom Steyer’s NextGen America, the Center for American Progress (CAP), Indivisible, and former President Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action, among others.”

  16. Good morning Tony. I saw your video about the shooting in Florida. Yes I too believe it was a hoax perpetrated by unknown groups that want to do away with the 2nd amendment. I’ve been a cop for 38 years in Los Angeles. You know the old saying you can’t BS the master of BS. I did some research and I found some amazing information about the Hogg Family.
    Good morning Tony. I saw your video about the shooting in Florida. Yes I too believe it was a hoax perpetrated by unknown groups that want to do away with the 2nd amendment. I’ve been a cop for 38 years in Los Angeles. You know the old saying you can’t BS the master of BS. I did some research and I found some amazing information about the Hogg Family.
    Rebecca Hogg Age 51
    Current Address
    7819 NW 112th Way
    Parkland, FL 33076-4714
    Phone Numbers
    (310) 543-9711 – Landline
    (310) 322-4060 – Landline
    (619) 298-6404 – Landline
    (619) 435-2596 – Landline
    (619) 488-2770 – Landline
    (949) 322-4060 – Wireless
    Associated Names
    Rebecca Boldrick
    Previous Addresses
    10950 NW 78th Pl
    Parkland, FL 33076-4722
    (Dec 2014 – Jan 2017)
    4818 Reese Rd
    Torrance, CA 90505-3302
    (Sep 2003 – Jan 2014)
    3559 Ocean View Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92113-1628
    (Jul 2001 – Oct 2012)
    25651 Minos St
    Mission Viejo, CA 92691-4634
    (Nov 2000 – Oct 2012)
    1892 Magdalene Way
    San Diego, CA 92110-3507
    (Aug 2000 – Oct 2012)
    5103 Ruby St
    Torrance, CA 90503-5340
    (Aug 2000 – Sep 2010)
    759 G Ave
    Coronado, CA 92118-2178
    (Jun 1993 – Sep 2003)
    1211 Mear Ln
    Tustin, CA 92780-6176
    (Jun 2003)
    759 Av
    Coronado, CA 92118
    (Jul 2001)
    231 C Rd
    San Diego, CA 92140-5303
    (Jul 2001)
    231 St
    San Diego, CA 92101
    (Jul 2001)
    PO Box 24446
    Los Angeles, CA 90024-0446
    (Jul 1998 – May 2001)
    3450 3rd Ave #407
    San Diego, CA 92103-4939
    (Jun 1994 – Oct 2000)
    314 Virginia St #6
    El Segundo, CA 90245-2900
    (Oct 1998 – Mar 1999)
    231 W B St
    San Diego, CA 92101-3601
    (Oct 1990 – Jul 1998)
    3559 Ocean Front Walk
    San Diego, CA 92109-7418
    (Jun 1994 – Jan 1996)
    759 G Ave
    San Diego, CA 92118-2178
    (Aug 1993 – Aug 1993)
    231C B Ave #B
    San Diego, CA 92118-1954
    (Oct 1990 – Jul 1993)
    231 C Ave #B
    Coronado, CA 92118-1421
    (Sep 1990 – Jan 1992)
    3559 Ocean Frank Wk B
    San Diego, CA 92109
    (Sep 1990)
    Sponsored Links
    Possible Relatives
    Kevin R Hogg, Betty L Boldrick, Dorothy J Hogg, Ernest H Boldrick, Katherine J Gonzalez, Robert L Hogg, Robert Lee Hogg Sr
    Possible Associates
    Cameron Lee Matson, Hanis J Cavin, Jacqueline M Cantwell, Joseph R Cook, Melissa W Cook, Michele M Cavin, Beth E Molasky, Joseph N Schneider, Kenneth Collin Cornell, Kenneth C Cornell, Kristin Schneider, Kristofer J Schneider, Susan Ackel, Amy Heather Morton, Albert G Gonzalez, Guadalupe M Gonzalez, Jennifer J Gonzalez, Vincent Anthony Gonzalez
    KEVIN HOGG………..
    Kevin R Hogg Age 51
    Current Address
    7819 NW 112th Way
    Parkland, FL 33076-4714
    Previous Addresses
    10950 NW 78th Pl
    Parkland, FL 33076-4722
    (Dec 2014 – Jan 2017)
    4818 Reese Rd
    Torrance, CA 90505-3302
    (Aug 2004 – Apr 2015)
    5103 Ruby St
    Torrance, CA 90503-5340
    (Dec 1999 – Sep 2010)
    25651 Minos St
    Mission Viejo, CA 92691-4634
    (Sep 2003 – Aug 2004)
    15 Via Palma
    Laguna Niguel, CA 92677-5144
    (Jan 2004)
    PO Box 7332
    Los Angeles, CA 90007-0332
    (Jun 2001)
    PO Box 24446
    Los Angeles, CA 90024-0446
    (Jul 1998 – Dec 2000)
    15 Via Palma
    Laguna Beach, CA 92677-5144
    (Jan 1995 – Jan 1998)
    3450 3rd Ave #407
    San Diego, CA 92103-4939
    (Oct 1997 – Dec 1997)
    3021 29th St
    San Diego, CA 92104-4913
    (Jul 1996 – Oct 1996)
    PO Box 181985
    Coronado, CA 92178-1985
    (Oct 1992 – Jan 1994)
    PO Box 181985
    San Diego, CA 92178-1985
    (Sep 1992 – Jun 1993)
    25651 Minos St
    San Juan Capistrano, CA 92691-4634
    (Jan 1988 – Aug 1992)
    Sponsored Links
    Possible Relatives
    Rebecca Boldrick, Dorothy J Hogg, Katherine J Gonzalez, Robert Lee Hogg Sr, Robert L Hogg
    Possible Associates
    Albert G Gonzalez, Darci L Crawford, Michael J Golden, Ernest H Boldrick, Joseph N Schneider, Kristin Schneider, Kristofer J Schneider, Angela S Flamand, Betty L Boldrick, Guadalupe M Gonzalez, Jennifer J Gonzalez, Vincent Anthony Gonzalez
    EMMA GONZALEZ…..Your search for emma gonzalez redondo beach Redondo Shores High School returned 1 result.
    People (1 match found)
    Emma (Gonzalez) Smith
    DAVID HOGG……………Your search for david hogg redondo beach Redondo Shores High Redondo Shores High School returned 14 results.
    People (14 matches found)
    David Hogg
    Redondo Shores High School, Redondo Beach, CA, 2011-2015
    David Hogg
    Redondo Shores High School, Redondo Beach, CA, 2011-2015
    David Hogg
    Redondo Shores High School, Redondo Beach, CA, 2011-2015
    David Hogg
    Redondo Shores High School, Redondo Beach, CA, 2011-2015
    David Hogg
    Redondo Shores High School, Redondo Beach, CA, 2011-2015
    Apr 1st, 5:09pm

    • Well, it looks like Emma Gonzales and David Hogg attended a full four years of high school there at Redondo Beach. What will Joey Wong say?
      I wonder what would cause them both to pull up stakes and head East in 2015?

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    Before his page was taken down, Mead had published the post, “Investigating the Parkland School Shooting”. This is what Facebook finds to be so threatening that it warrants Facebook resorting to the 21st-century analog of book-burning. Please read and disseminate!
    A class action lawsuit against Facebook has been filed with Blood Hurst & O’Reardon LLP in San Diego. To join the lawsuit, call (619) 338-1100.
    The only reason Facebook gave Mead for unilaterally and without warning taking down his “Sandy Hook Hoax” page is the vague catch-all “Something you posted doesn’t follow our Community Standards”:

    • Well there’s the school information. Theres the Chabad information. The fact is, there’s more wrong than right with this tale. Of course no one is supposed to analyze it.
      This one has another obvious aspect that wasn’t quite so obvious in the others. We have the Chabad involvement. We have Sheriff “Israel”. We have the predominantly Jewish school.
      I’m sure this is all just happenstance.

  18. Oh there’s WAAAAAY more than just the Bank of America! I can’t list them all, my last brain cell gave up the ghost years ago! LOL But I do know that either you can’t now, or you soon won’t be able to, use ANY bank’s form of VISA, credit OR debit, to buy A N Y T H I N G associated w/ guns – the guns themselves, ammo, magazines, even gun lockers! – even the old blunderbusses and single shot Marlins they’re “ever-so-kindly” leaving us have, once the Gun Control bill of 2018 gets passed, (cuz you KNOW it will!)

  19. Parkland Survivors Insist Multiple Shooters Fired Shots
    We need to know why investigators and media are ignoring evidence for multiple shooters

  20. By sponsoring Facebook and others the Government set up a “private” entity to control the narrative. That way no one can accuse “The Government” of censorship. Even with a lawsuit, they are simply going to say “we’re a private entity and we can shut down whatever we like”.
    What’s really needed are similar services that weren’t set up by the Government. I realize that people get very addicted to their social media sites. I haven’t had one and I’m quite OK with that.
    This censorship is VERY obvious. They don’t have to worry though, nothing will come of any complaint. The solution is to make them irrelevant.

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  22. looks like someone is planning a class action lawsuit to get to the truth!


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