The Palin Doctrine: Obama's Job is to Promote America First

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Following President Obama’s national speech to defend Libyan intervention, Sarah Palin took to Fox News for an eight-minute segment that utterly clownstomped him (click on image to launch video).

Watching this reminded me why I ♥ Palin so much. Unlike some partisan Republicans who have hypocritically become peace doves, she still agrees with the premise of using military power to protect America’s interests.
And unlike certain Republican presidential names (cough, Mike Huckabee) who are not out there articulating their beliefs right now (cough, Newt Gingrich) she is criticizing Obama very effectively.
The main points outlined in the segment are such:
-If humanitarian aid is the only reason we are there, someone should go tell the people in Darfur why they are somehow not as important as Libyans.
-If American interests are the real reason we are there, someone needs to explain why European countries are leading the charge.
-If American interests are not the reason we are there, we are there for the wrong reason. Our military exists to promote our own country, plain and simple.
– Obama can’t inspire the American people to support it because there is nothing inspirational about pandering to Muslim power grabbers.
-If we let Gaddafi stay after this intervention, he will swear revenge and fund more terrorism against America.
-Inconsistency with Libya will set the stage for randomly spastic interventions elsewhere.
Thus in less than ten minutes, Palin laid out the best, most articulate, most comprehensive criticism of the Obama administration – more effective than the rest of the Republican party combined.
And she went on Greta less than three hours after the speech. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney promises to let us know his opinion as soon as the campaign committee tells him what to say.

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  1. Candance Moore

    Fox News codes its videos so they can’t be directly embedded. But, it does give each video a unique URL, which you can attach to an image. I took a screenshot of my desktop, pasted it into paint,and cropped the image of the screen to get that photo.

  2. Presidential…

  3. Excellent! Bravo for this wonderful piece.

  4. Obama hates this country, which he not only is failing to promote, but working to destroy.
    Vidkun Quisling is probably somewhere smiling right now.


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