The Oscars Are Racist!!!

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Oscars: Acting Nominees All White(!!!)

For only the second time in nearly two decades, the 20 Academy Awards acting nominations went to a group made up entirely of white actors and actresses.(!!!)
Among the notable snubs was David Oyelowo, who received praise for his turn as the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma.
In 2011, the 20 nominees also was entirely white.(!!!) Before that, one has to go back to 1998 for an entirely all-white acting group.(!!!)
The all-white(!!!) nominees list comes at time when Hollywood is fielding criticism for not doing enough to promote diversity in filmmaking(!!!)

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - December 14, 2014
We (non-blacks) can’t breathe either,
for all the political correctness.

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0 responses to “The Oscars Are Racist!!!

  1. Son of the Rabbit People

    Ho hum. Wake me when basketball is all white.

  2. At what point will the traditional white races who inhabit the West reach a point of totally being fed up with black butt hurt over slavery which took place generations before any of these feral whining beasts were born and will collectively shout back STFU! and go back to Africa if you identify as African and not American. The world in general, not just whites are beyond tired of listening to your threats, reacting to your mass chimpouts, flash mobs, rapes, murders, robberies, etc etc that you blame on “white privilege” well wake up and smell the jenkem. the laws are not meant to keep da black brudda down, they are for everyone so that a society does not wind up like haiti, Africa or othr 3rd world hellhole
    I stopped watching TV and going to the movies years ago, partly due to not bending to the covert and not so covert brainwashing, plus all the obvious negro worship and insistence on race mixing of white women with black men. Then there is the issue of jobs. Where I live only negroes and Hispanics are considered for jobs, even the ones they are not even remotely qualified for
    I could go on and on since I have been studying these trends for 50 years

  3. Fabulous post, TD! 😀

  4. So Oscars are supposed to be based on the color of your skin as opposed to the quality of acting? Got it.

    • Affirmative Action Racial quota for Hollywood!

    • Racial Quotas: It is alive and well in the Literature/Poetry Awards System :
      “As if we could all read Toni Morrison and therefore know everything about the Shakespeare Sonnets. This dear people will never happen.” -Harry Shaw, Historian/Poet
      Terminology of Muliticulturalism and Diversity from Junot Diaz:
      Example #1
      “I didn’t have a great workshop experience. Not at all. In fact by the start of my second year I was like: get me the fuck out of here.
      So what was the problem?
      Oh just the standard problem of MFA programs.
      That shit was too white.”
      Example #2
      “In my workshop the default subject position of reading and writing—of Literature with a capital L—was white, straight and male. This white straight male default was of course not biased in any way by its white straight maleness—no way! Race was the unfortunate condition of nonwhite people that had nothing to do with white people and as such was not a natural part of the Universal of Literature, and anyone that tried to introduce racial consciousness to the Great (White) Universal of Literature would be seen as politicizing the Pure Art and betraying the (White) Universal (no race) ideal of True Literature.”
      Example #3
      “Oh, yes: too white indeed. I could write pages on the unbearable too-whiteness of my workshop—I could write folio, octavo and duodecimo on its terrible whiteness—but you get the idea.
      Simply put: I was a person of color in a workshop whose theory of reality did not include my most fundamental experiences as a person of color—that did not in other words include me.
      No wonder I was unhappy in workshop. No wonder me and some of the other Calibans in the program—my Diné buddy, who I’ll call Ichabod, and this Caribbean-American sister, who I’ll call Athena—talked constantly about the workshop’s race problem, about the shit our peers said to us (shit like: Why is there even Spanish in this story? Or: I don’t want to write about race, I want to write about real literature.) No wonder we all talked at one time or another of dropping out.”
      Examples Source: MFA VS. POC, PAGE-TURNER, on books and the writing life, Posted by Junot Diaz, The New Yorker, April 30, 2014.
      Full Post: Progressive Elites Race Card Politics Pimp: The New Yorker

  5. If they really want to award a statue for the best/worst acting performance it should go to Robbie Parker, and all those other fake parents and bit actors from SH. Better yet, to the man who calls himself Obama.

  6. I can see it coming already……a participation award, just like the schools now have. How great is that?? No one need achieve ANYTHING anymore and yet you’ll be rewarded just for showing up. All this PC, BS makes my head hurt. 😣

  7. Can we have three different societies in our country instead of the two we have now? Separate elected officials, separate taxes, some shared things, the things which have not been infiltrated yet by the communists?
    So it will then be The Elite, the Socialists and the Rest of us.
    Did you hear that parting shot from Rush?
    No toilet paper in Venezuela; the Venezuelan Bishops are telling Pope to shut up; Socialism doesn’t work.

  8. Do as I say, not as I do.

  9. and your point is

  10. Black Crayola Awards coming up sponsored by the DOJ, CRS, CBC and of BET. Get over yourselves…!

  11. Oh my goodness! Perhaps we should call the ‘waaahm-bulence’ for Spike Lee, Chris Rock, Danny Glover, and all those other racist, foul mouthed, ignorant, no talent sons of bitches.
    Race…..Race…..Race…..! That’s all those assholes think of!!!!!!
    They should concern themselves with developing some talent…..
    Perhaps, at the awards ceremony, one of them can run up on the stage and interrupt everything to complain about it, like one of them did at the music awards a couple of years ago……
    Assholes……. they all need to just GROW THE F**K UP!!!!!

  12. Can’t wait until toilet paper is chopped for being R-A-A-A-C-I-S-T!
    Talk about a messed up nation!!

  13. Asians make more money than whites in America. I suppose there is an Asian privilege also?

    • Asians were never slaves. We came here on our accord, along with the other immigrants – that is, non-British whites (Italians, Polish, Germans, Jews, etc.) and we too were discriminated against (for being too strange, too cheap, too whatever). Asians were killed, but we had tenacity and continued to work. Also, a lot of Asians come over with money – Christopher Columbus was looking for Asia, wasn’t he? Asia had the goods (silk & spices) – it was at one time more advanced/developed than the U.S., which belonged to Native Americans, who were picking berries and slaying buffalo, wearing bear skin. Can’t compare apples with oranges. Political history is major baggage for blacks in this country. Whites need to own up to their crimes against blacks and just like they’ve had to make-do without the free labor of slaves, they can also change their mindsets and start seeing blacks and other non-whites as equals, not subservient to them in this country. Let this country truly be GREAT, why can’t whites do that across the border? Why not swallow your pride and go back to TRUE CHRISTIAN ROOTS? It is beyond my comprehension… but then again, I’m not white.

      • When I first started reading your comments, I thought this is going to be a big ‘atta boy’ piece. Sorry you lost me when you started accusing me of being racist. The slave trade was orchestrated and carried out by more blacks than whites. The slaves that were sold out of Africa were sold by fellow blacks, yes their fellow tribesmen, their kiss-‘n-cousins, their own kind. A lot of these slaves were sold out of Africa by muslims. Why the blacks fall for the muslim brotherhood crap, I will never know. I also do not understand how they fall for the planned parenthood mantra and support Margaret Sanger, but that is a different issue.
        I do not doubt that you were not treated fairly growing up. That was not my fault. I grew up with the label ‘white trash.’ Hey we all have those hurts, slurs and other misguided insults. Grow up, get on with life, do the best you can and get over it. Life ain’t fair, it was never meant to be. Our ‘trials by fire’ make us better people.
        PS: There is not one people group in the world, now or ever, that has not at one time been slaves to someone else.


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