The Only Time You'll Ever See A Muslim Kiss A Pig

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bama pelosi

Obama is thinking: “This proves I am not a Muslim – no Muslim would kiss a pig.” 
Pelosi is thinking: “I’ve had so many face lifts, you are actually kissing my ass.”
~Steve~                        H/T   Ken L.
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0 responses to “The Only Time You'll Ever See A Muslim Kiss A Pig

  1. With everything going on here… had to share… we are the redest state… I was hoping the Gov was going to say ‘FEMA we don’t need you’ well cause we don’t…

  2. I can’t comment on this , it will be flushed in a N.Y.minute . How about this ; Azzholes of a feather flock together ? That’s the nice one .

  3. ugh ! but funny

  4. So, witch* one is the pig?
    *That was not a typo, it was just Dave hedging his bet. 😀

  5. Ha – absoutely spot on!
    Steve, God added an extra measure of humor in your mix, and I am so grateful!


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