The only time you'll ever see a Muslim kiss a pig

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H/t Tina. LOL

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0 responses to “The only time you'll ever see a Muslim kiss a pig

  1. Hehe!

  2. What are they on?

  3. ROFL!

  4. *Truly appalled by the innuendo of the blissful look on her face.

  5. i would rather cut my lips off than kiss her

  6. No barf bag alert…

  7. NOT funny.

  8. Ahhh,yes! doesn’t the truth hurt? this is sooo fitting. These two have made my skin crawl from day 1. Just can’t wait till they both get their come upins! Got to tell you Rich,about your comment,I have seriously wondered from time to time if they both weren’t dipping into something.

  9. with aka obama apologizing to the muzzies today it is even more fitting!

  10. I just had to add something that has been bothering me all night- Pigs,truly are better than Pelosi 🙂

  11. Proof that the Democratic Party is bizarre beyond comprehension. Guess they are both ecstatic that they succeeded in putting one over on the American people….all the way to the bank our bank accounts. Thick as thieves.


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