The Onion Reveals Obama's Mental Condition

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 This video is by the satire/humor website “The Onion.”  Warning: If you forward this to friends claiming it is a hot news story, you’ll look like a fool.  ~LTG


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0 responses to “The Onion Reveals Obama's Mental Condition

  1. Grumpy in Arizona

    That is funny!

  2. As we say up North, “It couldn’t be better!” Hint: it’s like in ‘Nam, when we said “There it is!” The Obamamama’s now Peter-Principaled to the MAX, short of dropping the Bomb on another third-world country that has oil. Or to paraphrase Ry Cooder’s song, “How can a poor man stand such times as him”.

  3. Your video did not post. YouTube probably pulled it off, per President Obama’s Orders. He covers up any proof of his War on Syria.

  4. Oh. There it is!! On my iPhone. It must be acting up, this morning. Sorry about that last post.

  5. Obama might be Bi-Polar – but he is also as deranged as Hitler.


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