The one religion you can't speak of

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Harry Potter referred to an evil wizard as “He who must not be named”

We have an equivalent entity in our real world today.The press is so frightened they make up other names to divert retaliation.

The most important video you will ever see about islam:


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  1. Why? That is the part I don’t get. What do those that would supress a conversation about militant Islam have to gain? I can see how much they have to loose. But I don’t see how they “gain” anything by striking the language out of official documents. I also thought we talked about “militant islam” all the time. After all, isn’t ISIS activities one of the things we see almost daily in the news? While I’m against censorship, and definitely against the attempt to remove information about our most deadly enemies, I actually don’t see where we are doing all that much censorship the video talked about. Especially the part on the guy that went nuts on the military base. I got through the news, everything he said was covered up. So where is the real crime at?

    • You have valid concerns, personally I see far more censorship on the subject of the zionist supremacists that have control of various things. The threat that islam may pose, is likely played off as larger than it actually is at present (I don’t believe for a second that the “isis” is anything more than a bunch of criminal mercs hired by the hands of those that they don’t attack (A.K.A. oholibah, see ezekiel 23)), and I am sure the muslims themselves are being exploited as a distraction, after all from their angle it looks like everyones persecuting them and that their successes come from “god”, they don’t suspect that their “victories” have diabolical origins, far removed from God. The islamic scare tactic serves well to distract from people looking to the back door to see where the other enemies might be trying to come in. Move the right hand about in an interesting fashion, and folks won’t notice the left one pulling a revolver. Not that a distraction cannot become a threat itself, if the ones trying to sneak in the back way are exposed, then the ones attempting to get in the back way will become the distraction and the ones at the front door will become the threat. This whole mess is a matter of attention, and if everyone can be made to look one direction, then there won’t be any left to see the threat approaching from an unexpected angle, All threats must be watched, and none focused on to the exclusion of others, lest one of them pull something sneaky while people look away to the other threats.
      We should also remember that the treatment muslims are getting presently is a beta test for what the real enemy, the devil, and his human minions the puppets of evil/satanists/luciferians/etc. have in store for Christians, and worse. Muslims are people too and should be ministered to as such, never let the devil worshipers trick you into thinking anyone is beyond salvation by Yeshua Christ.

  2. Like fish that rots from the head down, censoring our speech and minds about Islam begins with government, going back to George W. Bush (who, in the aftermath of 9/11, was quick to rhapsodize about Islam being “a religion of peace”) to the apotheosis of Barack Hussein Obama, who refuses to identify the ISLAMIC State or ISIS as Islamic.
    From government the rot extends to the so-called Mainstream Media (that really should be called Government Toady Media), the liberal intelligentsia, and even our public schools. See:

    • “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.” –Joseph Stalin (echoing why gun control and Dewey’s not wanting people to think independently are big among liberals)

  3. People need to push back HARD against these Islamic dogs. They are not exempt from criticism like they think they are. It starts from the top down with our wimpy politicians who need to grow a backbone and start standing up to these fools and kicking them the hell out of our country. We do not need nor want people that follow the dictates of a murderous cult in our country, they bring nothing but trouble and zero benefit. They are not here to fit in and become an American they are here to eventually try to make us fit in with their cult and it’s hideous laws.

  4. Islam is the religion of the antichrist. Once you realise this, a lot of things start to make sense.

    • I agree with your conclusion, finka.

    • Islam is the religion of the antichrist. Once you realise this, a lot of things start to make sense.
      I must be very brief, I could write a LOT about this but these danged snowflakes have rendered the site almost completely unusable for me even to read, let alone try write, but decades of studying both history and prophecy led me to this same conclusion many years ago. I wish more folks saw this as finka does; many things do fall into place with this understanding.

      • If you think islam is bad, look into baha’ism, in my opinion they seem more qualified for the fact that they openly seek a one world government (theirs) a one world religion (theirs) a one world language (currently arabic, but may change, they fronted for esperanto in the past) etc. and their religion is composed of a mishmash of islam and various other religions (Think the crazy legalism of the pharisees plus the militancy of islam, plus the superstition of various occult groups as well as secrecy), their adherents are versed in most major religions as well, to sneakily win converts. That, and islam tends to be despised worldwide, which wouldn’t be good for building charisma, much less so for the popularity of a would-be world leader. It is a false religion started by a sick illiterate pedophile, sure, but those are about a dime a dozen these days.
        What is the criteria for the “religion of the antichrist”, anyhow?

  5. Terrific post, TD!

  6. Very much needed motivation effort, thanks for posting it. The general silence on this cannot be understood. Are people stunned or frightened into silence? They are like rabbits frozen when in danger.

  7. like any cult, they want complete control and submission


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