The Old Cons vs The Patriots

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The Old Cons vs The Patriots
Michele St. Pierre (c) 2011
While watching YouTubes of  CPAC speeches, I was struck by a commonality that is observable at local Republican gatherings and organizational meetings.
There are two kinds of Republicans. There are the older, entrenched, more “moderate” Crony Capitalism ones. They are content with big government as long as it keeps up Big Defense Spending and Crony Corporatism. Often accused of being “neo-cons,” there is nothing new about them. I prefer to call them the Old Cons. They are primarily concerned with self interest, serving the status quo and dishing up business as usual. They have long since written off the country, abandoning the free market and electing officials who are primarily bought and paid for by financial lobbyists. They are of the back slapping, good ol’ boy variety. A solid majority of American citizens (including many in their own party) find them completely untrustworthy and untenable. It is this type of Republican that has caused some to say, “I will never again vote Republican until the day I die.” Nixon, Ford, Dole, the Bushes, McCain and Romney exemplify this group.
Then there are the patriot/constitutionalist/liberty-oriented Republicans. They include an older, core group of Goldwater Republicans, Buchanan supporters and a host of ornery independents who will vote for Republican candidates of the principled conservative stripe. They also incorporate a new group of younger, technically savvy, freedom-espousing people who have studied history and revere the Founding Fathers’ vision. Ron and Rand Paul They do not support the empire building and rash of constitutionally questionable wars that are bankrupting the Nation. Contrary to what their Old Con detractors say, they believe in a strong defense for America, just not endless war and endless debt, which only serves to line the pockets of banksters and financiers to the detriment of the Country. They believe common sense tells us that if we bankrupt the country, our enemies win without firing a shot. Massive Tank They believe that a streamlined, stripped-down, limited government is the best protector of liberty. Ron Paul and now Rand Paul exemplify this group. I prefer to call them the Patriots, of the old style Jeffersonian/Madison/Paine/Adams/Washington variety. The Tea Party is largely composed of this group, with some co-opted bleed over to the Old Cons.
I have watched the Old Cons and the Patriots face off at various events. It is always the same split.
At CPAC you saw the split when Cheney gave his speech and was heckled and booed, mostly by the younger people. You saw it when Cheney gave Rumsfeld the award for “Defender of the Constitution” to jeers and boos from a number of the participants. Some walked out. The Republican old guard is not universally revered by everyone in their own party. That much is clear.
You saw it when Ron Paul won the Straw Poll at CPAC AGAIN with 30% of the vote and the Old Cons sagely say, “But what’s really important is that Mitt Romney came in second, because after all, Donald Trump said that Ron Paul can’t win and we agree!” Wow, because no one cares about a winner, right? Everyone is always interested in the second place finisher. Bankrupt PiggyLet’s not talk about the “winner” and what HIS ideas and principles are, lets just hump Romney’s leg because he’s slick, oily, and pretty. Or “Trump would be great for the Country, right?” After all, he knows everything about bankruptcy.
Interestingly enough, Rand Paul received a standing ovation from nearly everyone. This was a heartening sign, signaling that maybe there is some hope.Gold Plated Tank It is hard not to be thrilled by his message of change through bold, new leadership and adherence to the Constitution with a fiscally sane foreign policy. Even the Old Elite couldn’t help but marvel. “Wow, someone with principles actually won against all we could throw at him. And we thought we had made it impossible.”
Roman Army Standing organizations harbor  unwillingness for any major change. People are used to the way things are and are comfortable with familiarity in how things are run. Anything else seems foreign, threatening and most people react by heaping ridicule upon anyone who challenges the status quo. Reformers are never popular as they point out corruption because this makes people squirm even if they weren’t an active, aware part of it. Because deep down they feel guilt. Deep down they realize they should have known. Deep down they know they should have stood up, had courage, and done something. The only way they can expiate that guilt is to keep the coverup going, keep supporting the ones who paint over the rot with pretty colors. The Old Con leaders keep telling the mass of Republicans, “You can’t win without us. You need us.Jesus was a Rebel We will make sure that the corruption is never addressed, so you will never need to feel guilt in having supported us. And anyways, next time it will be different. Next time we will address your issues. Next time we will vote conservatively. You’ll see.” And that next time never comes and we drag over into a new election cycle with the rank and file Old Con Republicans barely able to look into the eyes of the Patriots except to flash their extreme discomfort and hostility, based primarily on a sense of deeply buried shame.
They scoff at newcomers. “You don’t have a majority. You aren’t really Republicans. We don’t want you. You’re just Libertarians. Your candidates are loony. You aren’t conservatives. You can’t win. You’d better get with the program. We’ll teach you what you need to know about how the system works. You’ve got to get real. Politics isn’t about principles, it’s about winning. You can’t accomplish anything if you don’t win. Real conservatives don’t get elected. You have to compromise.
Sell Your Soul And the Patriots just look at them in wonder. “Ah, yes, you are saying we should sell our souls like you did and become a part of the very machine that has taken our country to ruin and bankruptcy, destroyed the American dream for coming generations, put us in more debt than the world has ever seen, devastated our economy and wrecked our infrastructure.” They should listen to the very people who have engineered the disaster that we have now. Not only should they listen to them, they should vote in the same evil fools again and again until the Country they once knew and loved as America exists no more, wrecked beneath the lies, the deceit and the corruption of the Old Cons, who supported only a marginally different breed of socialism than their supposed enemies, the Democrats.
In past times, the Old Cons have been successful in getting rid of Patriot reformers, through deceit, manipulation of the rules and because those entrenched in power have the built-in advantage of knowing how to game the system to their advantage. Newcomers see the corruption, feel helpless to withstand it and either join in or leave. This leaves a party with a shrinking circle of dedicated yes-people to rubber stamp and legitimize corrupt leadership, to exclude new blood, savoring their ego-stroking miniscule power trips, breaking their arms patting each other on the back falsely claiming to be “helping” save America from the evil Democrats. This is especially a complete turn-off for young people who might idealistically join the party based on conservative principles but immediately get out when they see what is really going on.
Dollar Whirlpool
There are really only a few ways that this can play out.
(1) The patriots, bolstered by the Tea Party and Paul supporters, take over the party by sheer numbers. This has happened in some places, but failed in others, where people were so completely disgusted with the Old Cons that they dropped out instead. If Patriots prevail, there might be a chance of turning back the statism that is destroying the country.
(2) There could be a significant third party. This could be disastrous for conservatism, and terminal for the Republican Party, since it splits the vote and might prevent any conservative from getting elected. The only way it could possibly have a chance is with a hugely charismatic and powerful leader.
(3) The Old Cons will stay in power and continue the looting and ruination of the country and currency through unpayable debt promulgated by the Criminal Banking Syndicate. They will join with their counterparts across the aisle in the destruction of America, destroying themselves as well, because they conscientiously and maniacally kept from power those that could have saved us.
Washington Prayer
Not since 1775 has the country needed Patriots like it needs them now. It is time to join the army. It is time to get involved. You’re drafted. America needs your time and talents. The war is on and it will be fought on the battleground of ideas, through the political process, using the toolbox the Founders gave us.

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9 years ago

Yo, Steve! Ditto to all you wrote, and we’ve GOT to meet sometime soon! I’d offer this thought re the “significant third party” idea: We’ve been suffering under that for the last half-century here in Canada, so it’s clear that the MSM and other factors won’t let that come to be, however much that party may be relevant. Instead, we languish under a regime exactly the same as Hitler’s and Mussolini’s, where 35% of the voters elect a “one size fits all” leader. This is why I have a LOT of difficulty accepting the idea that a democracy is the… Read more »

9 years ago

Time is the problem here.
And I don’t think we have as much of it as many seem to think.