NH legislators challenge Obama's eligibility

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There may be a grand conspiracy — by the Democratic and Republican parties, the Supreme Court, the U.S. Army, the Social Security Administration and, of course, the media — not to verify and investigate Obama’s constitutional eligibility to to be President of the United States of America. But our ingenious Founding Fathers had founded a political system of many built-in checks and balances, which are the resorts of countless dedicated patriots who are determined to thwart the conspiracy.
Yesterday, a valiant judge in Georgia did what all previous Obama eligibility judges had refused to. Michael Malihi, Deputy Chief Judge of the Administrative Court in Georgia, ruled in four eligibility cases that Obama’s motion to dismiss is denied. This means Obama will have to stand trial and prove his eligibility for office.
At the same time, three New Hampshire state legislators — Representatives Laurence Rappaport, Carol Vita, and Lucien Vita — delivered an affidavit to the NH Attorney General Michael Delaney’s office regarding their belief that the people of New Hampshire had been “defrauded” by Obama. In the press conference that followed the delivery of their affidavit, Rep. Rappaport said:

  • The affidavit states the three had met with AG Delaney in 2009 to ask him investigate Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be President, specifically whether he indeed is a “natural born” U.S. citizen. That term is understood to mean both parents must be U.S. citizens at the time of the child’s (Obama’s) birth. But Delaney demurred, saying that Obama’s eligibility is a “federal matter.”
  • More recently, on November 18, 2011, the three state representatives had met with NH’s Ballot Law Commission to review their complaint about Obama being on the state’s primary ballot. But the Commission denied their appeal on the grounds that it is not in their purview to determine whether a person on the state’s ballot is a natural born citizen.
  • However, the Commission at best is inconsistent (and at worst, is covering up for Obama) in that on two occasions — November 15, 2007 and July 19, 2011 — the Commission had disqualified two individuals from being on the ballot because the two men are not natural born citizens. And yet both the Ballot Law Commission and the Attorney General continue to refuse to look into whether Obama is qualified.

Rep. Rappaport vows to pursue this matter up to the Supreme Court.

Send an e-mail of support to these three state representatives!:

H/t our beloved Tina and Obama State Ballot Challenge 2012.

UPDATE (Jan. 10, 2012):

In spite of these three NH state legislators’ efforts, Obama is on the Democratic ballot for New Hampshire’s primary today. Undaunted, Rep. Rappaport is working on the matter with California attorney Orly Taitz, who is pursuing a similar complaint in Georgia state courts. In that case, Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi last week denied a motion by the Obama administration to have eligibility lawsuits dismissed. A hearing on the complaint in Georgia is set for Jan. 26 in Fulton County.

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0 responses to “NH legislators challenge Obama's eligibility

  1. Harry Accornero is the first man to stand up for America. Now,every red-blooded American knows they have violated the Constitution majorly with letting this ineligible foreigner into the whitehouse. There are many out there who claim to stand for our Constitution that have not done a damn thing to help out. (Bill O’reilly,Megan Kelly,Fox news,Rush Limbaugh,Heritage Foundation,Hillsdale Colledge,thee entire Republican party,Beck,Republican Presidential Candidates) for some reason these are a few I was let down the most by. Then of course the MSM communist controlled media. Please let these brave individuals know how much you appreciate their courage. The rest are cowards. Thanks Eo,for posting,this is on its way around the block!

  2. Honest Americans have the right to know and we demand the truth. The guy in the white house has proven on numerous occasions his interests are not those of true Americans. He has circumvented and stepped on the Constitution every chance he gets. He views the oath of office which he swore to as a obsticle to accomplish his un-American policies.

  3. Thanks for spreading the word! We must get rid of people like Obama if we are to get back our country.
    You, too can challenge Obama on the ballot in your state and others. Dozens of people are filing them! More than a dozen were filed in New Hampshire alone! At least 5 were filed in Texas in the deadline week. There will be opportunities to file for the general election even after primary deadlines are past.

  4. How is the ballot challenged in CA? Is there a form to fill in or a specific department or agency that deals with challenged? Anyone know?

  5. What’s the penalty for High Treason? (DEATH) That’s a freebie. Now, for the really trick question: If he’s found guilty of fraud, and legally ineligible for the office, then what about his illegally appointed cabinet? (CONSTITUTIONALLY, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MUST BE “REBOOTED” WITH A NEW ADMINISTRATION) Aren’t they ineligible to succeed him without a general election? (YES, THAT MAKES BIDEN AND CLINTON, ET AL, ILLEGAL OFFICE HOLDERS, TOO) Aren’t all the laws he signed into effect also disqualified? (YES)
    Happy 2012. May civili liberty and the rule of law return to the USA.

  6. p.s. Let us not forget, btw, that his birthplace is not issue. Eligibilty for POTUS requires that the office holder be BORN OF TWO US CITIZENS, which is NOT true of “Barack Obama”.

  7. @ Alice Wolf, above:
    We need 10,000 signatures in CA. The Jon Stewart show produced a good piece on challenges of (and to) direct democracy and the matter of CA ballot measures in the last month or so.

  8. UPDATE:
    In spite of these three NH state legislators’ efforts, Obama is on the Democratic ballot for New Hampshire’s primary today. Isn’t our democracy grand? [heavy sarcasm alert]

  9. the Washington Times wrote an article today about his citizenship being questioned in New Hampshire. Heh! that is only the tip of the iceberg.

  10. The states had better get on the ball, before Bama has the FINAL foothold to finish off America, and don’t send him back to Keyna send the son of a whore to Leavenworth to make little rocks out of big rocks! For the rest of his days for the DAMAGE he has done to America. It will take us years to correct the damsge he has done! Semper Fi.

  11. Leavenworth is a little lame … a permanent residency at Gitmo is a lot more fitting … along with his comrade Michelle, with no conjugal rights. That place would also be perfect for Holder, Napolatino, etc.
    Just be sure to remove all those programs that were put in place for the pleasure and comfort of those who are inmates there,
    Hard labor at Leavenworth will be excellent for likes of Pelosi, Reid, Boehner, etc … strip their citizenship for their conspiracy and traitorous acts, too.

  12. Leavenworth? Gitmo? Puh-leez. The penalty for High Treason is death. If he’s found guilty of ineligibility (and as a constitutional professor, it would be a knowing ineligibility), then he’s also guilty of impersonating an officer (commander in chief), which bears a stiff penalty.
    Whatever happens, let us remember that he has handlers, men beind the scene (Red Shields and others) who are the real criminals. We should not let them hide puppet their puppet and go unpunished. They fear us; let us give them good reason to do so.
    Happy, prosperous and safe 2012 to fellow readers. Cheers.


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