The NFL, Feminism and the War on Women

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As the NFL struggles to deal with the Ray Rice domestic violence incident, feminists and liberals have come out in force to decry the violence against women and re-ignite the “War on Women”. The NFL and players have been labeled as sexist, as noted on Huffington Post: “By some tiny amount each one of those things lowers the level of basic human respect for women in sports. And sooner or later, there are so many tiny amounts that the level of basic human respect is gone altogether.”
The NFL has also been labeled as misogynistic according to this feminist, “In addition to the whole ‘One of our teams is named for a racial slur’ thing, the NFL has a culture of sexism bordering on misogyny. There, I said it. And I meant it too. From the cheerleaders for my beloved Oakland Raiders being forced to sue for their pay to the rather ridiculous hygiene rules placed on the Buffalo Bills’ pom-pom wielders, what women have to put up with to be involved with football makes my feminist skin crawl.”
Yet are they selective in their outrage of violence against women and how it is interpreted?
50shadesThe media is promoting the well-celebrated Fifty Shades of Grey – an erotic novel notable for its explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism. The “mommy porn” book is being made into a movie that has been described as “tasteful and artistic” and a female actress in the movie has said, “It’s going to be beautiful”.
Controversy surrounds the explicit nature of violence in this novel, questioning whether being submissive sexually is not tantamount to being the victim of abuse.
50shades2Of course, liberals deride this opinion and insist that this is a “result of women’s ‘current anxieties about equality’ and that it ‘doesn’t mean that it’s ‘evidence of unhappiness, or an invalidation of feminism,’ …it might actually be a sign of progress that millions of women are so hungrily pursuing sexual fantasies independent of men.” A Huffington Post critic argued that interest in the series was not a trend, but squarely within the tradition and success of the romance category which is driven by tales of virgins, damaged men and submission/dominance themes.
websiteViolence against women can be found on Web sites/Tumblr pages promoting bondage/dominance/S&M/BDSM, which are ABUNDANT. There’s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, fuckandchokeme.tumblr, pullmyhair.tumblr, etc.
What is not romantic is the spousal abuse that Janay Rice suffered at the hands of her then-fiancée. The feminists and liberals, as warranted, decried this abuse (and the NFL):
 “The NFL’s stance is clear. It is more concerned about making money than it is about holding men accountable for violent and abhorrent behavior toward women.”
This violence (against women) manifests from the culture of sexism in football. From the skimpy, sexualized “uniforms” cheerleaders are forced to wear to the denigrating ads during big games from companies like GoDaddy, the message is clear: Women are objects and it’s OK to use, abuse and disrespect them.
“That is a deal breaker. It should be over. There are things you accept in relationships with people. There are things you accept in partnerships, and on teams. There are things you don’t accept.
“As Americans grow increasingly frustrated with the way National Football League officials handle incidents of violence against women, the country has been engaged in a national conversation about intimate partner violence.”
“This isn’t just a domestic abuse issue. This is an issue of basic human dignity and respect.”
What about human dignity and respect? I’ve wondered why the feminists are not outraged about the violence that women condone –  women who say “yes” to violence. Does “yes” to violence mean it is acceptable? Does it not send a mixed message? How can one reconcile that “human dignity” and “respect” means acceptable levels of violence? Does this consensual violence not perpetuate more violence against women?
You will find acceptable levels of violence against women all over the Internet. Slapping, scratching, choking, and many other acts of violence that women allow to happen to them. Are these examples of things you accept in a relationship or that you don’t (or that you want women to accept)? Below are pictures of consensual violence that I found on the Internet. NOTE: These are some of the most “respectable” pictures I could post here. Pictures considered porn are not suitable to publish here.
I understand the difference between domestic violence and consensual violence between people in the privacy of their bedroom. What concerns me is the perception that consensual violence against women is promoted and celebrated and is considered “empowering”. This sends a confusing message to men (yes, some men are confused by feminists’ objectives) and to the young women of today: How can a young man or woman decry violence against women while at the same time find violence makes them more powerful?
2This type of “respect” and “dignity” is prevalent on Tumblr, especially on teens/young women’s pages. Is this what parents want for their children? For their young teen/woman to be seen as a sexual object or to have them give approval to violence against their bodies? It’s a disturbing trend that shows a level of disrespect for women wrapped in the guise of “empowerment” that I would hope people would recognize as a part of the war on women.
last picture
My post does not seek to condone any violence against women. If you or someone you know needs help with domestic violence, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233.

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0 responses to “The NFL, Feminism and the War on Women

  1. Excellent post, DCG!

  2. Well, it’s meant to destroy but I wouldn’t call it Jewish… cultural Marxism that calls this stuff Feminism wants to destroy them too.

  3. Seriously: what part of safe, sane and consensual you don’t understand??
    Being a feminist is not about wearing trousers and emasculate men. They are wired differently, want different things – control and power – and thrive in that, LOVE in that way more, for it feels nurturing to their needs.
    Being a feminist means fight to obtain same CIVIL rights: nothing to do with couples dynamics. Stop telling yourselves that we submissive are poor abused women. Or ignorant chavs that knows no better. I grew up in a normal family, loved and nurtured and respect; who I am today is MY choice, my kink, my need. We submissive make choices alike any other woman, no more no less consciously: we just happen to LIKE a man in control of us.
    I hope this clarifies the misconceptions I read around (not to call them plain BS).
    Regards and best of luck to all.

    • “Being a feminist means fight to obtain same CIVIL rights.” The “civil right” to have someone else pay for your birth control and bare your nipples is sooo empowering.
      Kudos to you to choose whatever kink turns you on. If you “read around” my post you would note my main concern is with young women (and teens [minors]) being exposed to this form of “empowerment”. And the confusion that could be construed between unacceptable violence and the choice to accept violence.
      Call it plain BS – that’s your opinion. I’m entitled to my own.

      • Young or old won’t make a difference: to be a submissive is part of their nature, not something, an “interest” they pick up along the way to maturity. Just so as you all know.
        Time to make a big distinction between abuses and the misconception that BDSM involves only that.
        For your knowledge, given the implications that such lifestyle embodies, the level of trust, care, dialogue and concerns in a relationship of that type is by far the deepest known. I haven’t seen many “vanilla” couples going far as to entrust their welfare as successfully to a partner. But that is the norm with D/s relationships, for before they embark onto anything they get to know one another much deeply.
        So please stop associating the many perverts around – which are actually mingling with us for their benefit, whilst NOT belonging there at all – with BDSM.
        That is BS, not an opinion at all, being you have no idea whatsoever of what BDSM is about and have based your statements on mere perceptions, things with no other foundations than your personal, ignorant (literally) ideas.
        Get some knowledge and your misconception could easily be dismantled by attending any of our events, or reading proper related material.

        • Call me ignorant all you want, won’t change what I see on Tumblr. You’re right, I don’t know much about the BSDM world. But that doesn’t mean I can’t offer an opinion about the amount of porn/violence of women during sex that is floated around by teens (minors), which should be disturbing to anyone. Since when are young women/men minors equipped to know that inherently they are “submissive”? Would you invite minors to attend any one of your events?
          In case you “read around” my post, I did say “I understand the difference between domestic violence and consensual violence between people in the privacy of their bedroom.” Doesn’t mean I want young people and MINORS to be exposed to it. And my opinion remains the same – women who decry domestic violence then condone violence against themselves sends a mixed message to young people.

        • Where DCG may not know extensively about BDSM, I know a piece, are you aware that sadism stems directly from a practicing satanist, de sade, who wrote novels detailing sexual debauchery with satanic ceremonies? Are you aware that masochism stems directly from a luciferian, sacher-masoch, who was a proto-feminist in the early days? Are you further aware that when you made it a “kink and a need” that you granted it too much control over you and that it poses a risk to your health, spiritual as well as physical, as “need” implies an inability to have successful satisfaction without it, which is equal to becoming dependent on a drug, which is never healthy, regardless of how “safe” the method of obtaining it is.
          Also are you aware that such things show a lack of mental health and personal respect? sadism demonstrates a trend towards psychopathy, as does masochism, as both involve satisfaction from pain, which is an evil trait, and grants evil a place of influence in one’s mind?
          Nothing good comes from fetishes (which itself is term that originally meant a small idol with a spirit in it), and they subject people to spiritual influences that the people neither understand nor control, but people do end up being controlling by them.
          Modern feminism as demonstrated by groups such as “femen” and “p**sy riot” certainly don’t scream “rights” or “respect” and certainly are not civil (does cutting down a cross that isn’t bothering anyone seem civil to you?), their actions actually are the exact opposite, protesting topless doesn’t serve any purpose except to defame themselves and their own bodies by showing what should properly belong to their husbands *only*, to anyone that sees them, this is an offense against themselves, and against any future husbands they may have. Frankly feminism is presently the worst, most misogynistic, and hateful movement against women and all things feminine since prostitution was invented.
          I should also mention that sado-masochism demonstrates a lack of respect of both participants, none of it demonstrates actual Love. You might argue that it builds trust, but if such were the case shouldn’t you be able to trust a person to *not* cause you pain than to trust they will cause you pain “responsibly”? Finally it is wrong from a simply biological standpoint as well, pain being utilized as pleasure demonstrates a corruption of the proper responses that people should have towards given stimuli, pain is not supposed to induce pleasure, that is an indication of a problem, that is what pain’s function is, to relay that there is a problem, usually damage, to the brain and to request repairs. How is enjoying pain (mental or physical) any different from a drug-abuser who takes pain killers to get high?
          I would strongly advise you divest yourself from that sub-Cult. and look up better sexual practices that don’t involve pain or defamation. If you’re married (and if not, then why are you having sex and robbing any future mate of that treasure?) it will be more healthy (mentally, spiritually, and physically) for you, and your husband.
          You may have heard the old native american proverb “there are two wolves that fight within people, one good, the other evil” and the son of the one speaking asked “which wolf wins?” and the wise man answered “the one you feed.” What does sado-masochism feed? When research is done, there is only one conclusion, it feeds the evil wolf.

          • Excellent response, Seumas!

            • Thanks Mike. It is very disturbing the sort of things being peddled these days, especially with buzzwords… like satanism has several little-mentioned fronts that are very active through yahoo and other social ventures, and one of their main advertising lines is responsibility, and claiming Christians don’t have any… Downright hilarious that is, especially since they actually seriously mean it. Such is the way of evil, such as claiming unhealthy sexual actions will lead to trust, respect, and of course, power, while delivering nothing but sorrow and emptiness. Hopefully the 50 shades devilry will fail completely.

      • PS: and yes, not to fear nudity when in proximity of the One that protects you, even amongst thousands, IS empowering.
        New age moms show their nipples too, are they as wrong as us? No, as it’s natural. Well even having sex, to pee, or po is natural and yet they won’t do it in public, would they? So please, reserve the cliches for those that believe your BS.
        About birth control I won’t even dignify you of a reply: it’s a vile comment you made and I’ll leave you to bear its weight.

        • “About birth control I won’t even dignify you of a reply: it’s a vile comment you made and I’ll leave you to bear its weight.” I’ll bear the weight alright – in the form of taxes.
          “not to fear nudity when in proximity of the One that protects you, even amongst thousands, IS empowering.” That’s your opinion. Others prefer to be modest.

        • @Jade Forbidden:
          “empowering” this, “empowering” that.
          So sado-masochism (“submission”) and inflicting one’s nakedness and nipples on the public who don’t want to see your parts is “empowering”. It’s all about “power” — exerting your imagined “power” over others. Nothing about LOVE for a husband or wife. Nothing about RESPECT for others and for oneself. It’s all about “power.”
          How Luciferian of you.
 said it best: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)
          To that I add: “In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers.” 2 Corinthians 4:4
          I’m the owner of FOTM and I’m thoroughly sick of you. Now leave this blog!
          St. Mike-be gone!

          • To Jade Forbidden in or near Newcastle Under Lyme, UK:
            DCG’s post is about the United States’ NFL. Why don’t you try minding your own business? Or don’t you have minds enough in the UK for you to corrupt.
            P.S. Just so you know, I’ve deleted the link to your blog which you had embedded in your alias. You don’t get free publicity from us. Cheers!

    • Well, you’ve missed third-wave “sex-positive” Feminism… gettin’ one’s “jollies” is the validation of being a woman and “strong” men arouse women, marriages and other people’s feelings be damned! (Don’t forget to take the house, the kids and half youre now ex-husband’s income to hook-up with your next “soulmate” because it’s your right and hubby’s fault he couldn’t keep you interested– you go, girl!) Today, that’s Feminism– personally, I’m waiting for fourth-wave Feminism where people think everyone having equal rights and responsibilities is a good thing again.

  4. I’m of the understanding that “fifty shades” is also pedophilic, and promoting of pedophilia in it’s tone of writing as per: and
    For a feminist to promote such a book as “empowering” is a sure sign of unhealthiness, but also serves to push the pedophile (or rather hebephile and the other sub-divisions of pedophilia) “pedosexual” agenda. Here is a question that must be asked, does modern satanic feminism support pedophilia?

  5. We’ve always had people among us who were drawn toward the dark desires of sexual perversions, but only in recent years have they begun to proclaim that those twisted needs are good and wholesome, normal and natural, and even beautiful.
    “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
    Can there be any finer example of exchanging sweet and bitter than changing the special marital relationship, with its tender sharing, into something that is based upon cruelty and control?

  6. I think the goal is to confuse the youth to the extent that they will believe anything told them. Instead of following Christ, males and females today are being led around by their genitals and egos.

  7. Adding to this topic: The Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) is so very proud that their very own, Jen Welter is the first female NFL coach.. Jen Welter certainly appears to be a transgender. Why would a female football “alliance” even allow a male to play and coach within their ranks? I thought feminism was about equality, and consider all men to be rapists!


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