The Next Crusade

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How do you deal with an active shooter incident? Shoot back. 
How do you deal with an approaching jihadist? Shoot first.
Put aside any narcissistic dreams of Christian pacifism. If we are going to be worth anything to the next generation, we need to rise up.

Christian Militias On The Rise; A New Crusade Coming

By Theodore Shoebat
…Not a campus crusade, but a true crusade, in which the saints carry their cross to fight with the forces of darkness.
Christians in the Middle East have for a long time been accustomed to staying away from the fray with Muslims. This has come as a result of both comfort and suppression, but the persecution against the saints has reached an intensity almost unheard of in our times, and the apex of this oppression is at hand.
With this diabolical torment and violence becoming more fierce and cruel, Christians are now being confronted with the choice to fight or die. Many of the saints have taken up their cross and decided that to die is to live, and as Christ picked up the Holy Cross to defeat the devil, these true crusaders have picked up guns to vanquish the Muslim devils who seek their destruction.
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The vicious murderous behavior of muhammad’s followers has made the next crusade inevitable. Combined with the weakness of political leaders in Europe and the Americas, the only answer left is an international Christian militia. 
Let me change that to include another solution: The Lord. Let us all cast off anything that holds us back, get right with God, pray for forgiveness, and seek to do His will. Perhaps we may yet avoid a crusade. 
But it is time to weapon up, both militarily and spiritually. It is time for the new Minute Man. 

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  2. As proven over Time-“When all else isn’t enough,GOD always has you covered;better yet,go to GOD FIRST,and the “all else” probably won’t be necessary.

  3. TD . . .excellent post! May our God bless and sustain these individuals in their quest for freedom from enslavement. Unfortunately, there are times when it is appropriate to fight.

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    I’ve been seeing this coming for some time now, as I imagine many other Christians have. I see some similarities between today’s destructive and hate filled behaviors as with the NAZI party as it came to full power. Was the Anti-Christ involved with Hitler’s plans for world domination? Did he fail at that time and is now trying one more time? Hard to tell, but know this…. Christians are awakening to this horrific and Satanic cult that is growing faster than any other “religion” on the planet. How people can see Islam as a “peaceful” religion, is beyond rational thinking.

  5. The only thing muslims understand is the muzzle of a gun pointed right between the horns.
    They’re like mad dogs…. and you know what you do with them…..

    • The most feared American weapon in Iraq was the beretta m9 sidearm. It is the same weapon Sadam used for his executions, and when they saw an m9 come out, anyone affiliated with Sadam panicked.
      Unfortunately, the new muslim culture expresses greatness for anyone dying in the name of islam, and no fear is expressed for oneself or innocent people.

  6. Although the word “crusade” has a more general meaning — all wars of a religious nature — it has become synonymous with the medieval Crusades that were military expeditions to recapture Jerusalem and other Holy Places from Muslim tyranny.
    But don’t tell Obama the POS and his liberal defenders that. At the National Prayer Breakfast in Feb. this year, Obama tried to downplay what ISIS is doing in the Mid-East by comparing the Islamic State to the medieval Crusades: people also “committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

    • Lance Jackson

      And Lucifer didn’t hesitate to also add the Salem Witch hunts and ….Gasp! horrors” putting the noble afrikan into bondage, of course bought and traded by afrikan slave traders and the jewish bankers who owned the slave ship fleets and the kkkhristian KKK, can’t leave that one out. So Lucifer did his best to cover all bases on the evil white Christian
      scarier still I think the islamists will conquer and win

  7. Don’t think so


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