The News From Assbakistan: Story 6

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The “Protests” Are Jihad

I know this sounds crazy, but look at who’s behind the organization of the riots in NYC. At another time I would have said that the atheistic communists and the hyper-theistic nutbag islamists are like oil and water. But the 20th Century dealings of leftists and islamists, from the Muslim Brotherhood to the PLO, prove these 2 groups make good bed fellows. Ask anyone who knew Lebanon before the PLO murderers showed up. Aaron Klein’s excerpted article below, puts flesh on the bones of this emerging story. ~ TD 
PS: Clearly these protests are not simply a covert jihad. To the people marching in the streets they represent a response to a number of grievances, mostly unrelated to anything like islam. But what we are seeing is that there is manipulation towards other ends by a disturbing number of covert operators who represent radical islam. 

<> on December 19, 2014 in New York City.



Radical leftists behind anti-police rallies

Missing from most news coverage is that the anti-police protests rocking New York are being openly coordinated and led by professional radical leftist agitators, primarily Occupy Wall Street and a communist aligned anti-war, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian extremist organization…

Edit mine. ~ TD

The headlines and coverage largely leave the impression the demonstrations are spontaneous reactions to recent actions by law enforcement…

Please pardon my editorial hand. I’m trying to get to the heart of the message in Aaron Klein’s well researched article. ~ TD

Some of the news articles entirely fail to mention the protests were organized by the Act Now To End War & Stop Racism Coalition, or ANSWER, together with Occupy Wall Street and at least 10 other so-called economic justice and pro-Palestinian groups.
Scores of article note the protests were coordinated by ANSWER but fail to give any context, such as ANSWER’s radical background and history, or mention of the other groups supporting the protest movement…

So now let’s find out who this euphemistically named ANSWER group really is. ~ TD

Founded in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, ANSWER is an umbrella group famous for its protests against Israel and against America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The group is known to be one of the most extreme among the progressive community in its positions on Israel and on U.S. military action. Its steering committee is made up of progressive groups, socialists and advocates from the Muslim, Arab, Palestinian, Filipino, Haitian and Latin American communities

What I want you to notice is the hidden hand. This has the same fingerprints as  “Arab Spring,” which turned all of North Africa into a living hell, and “Occupy Wall Street.”  This is also deeply connected to the Benghazi coverup, in which president Obama was secretly supplying arms to a group we now call ISIS. Obama’s hand is involved in all of these these things. And while American cities burn, where is the president? He’s in Hawaii. Can anyone say, “plausible deniability?”

ANSWER has expressed support for the Palestinian intifada. Discover The Networks notes the group released a statement expressing its “solidarity with the call issued [to hold]… activities timed to coincide with the third anniversary of the second Palestinian Intifada.”

Back to my point, these “spontaneous protests” are highly organized, and are pressing toward a goal that has nothing to do with racial justice. The African American community is being falsely portrayed. Most are not in support of violence and rioting. Most are asking for more, not less, police presence in their neighborhoods.
An article in Creeping exposes the unreported fact that the NYC cop killer last week is in truth a jihadist connected to the Muslim Brotherhood:
We also have ISIS using social media to recruit the Black protestors, as seen on Breitbart.
pres-luciferMuslim Brotherhood, Palestinian Intifada, ISIS, and Eric Holder are all together working overtime to drive and control the protests in cities across America. Our Pentagon is filthy with jihadists placed there by Obama. And FEMA is waiting in the wings to come to our “rescue,” with camps all over the “lower 48” states.
So who is really doing all this? The Jihadists? Occupy Wall Street? Palestinians? Hard line Communists? Obama’s and Holder’s secret operatives and agitators? My conclusion is that the fingerprints on this are a match for all of them. Could it be that they simply are different faces on the same Hideous Strength working to destroy Christianity, Judaism and what we used to call Western freedom. 

Is the Commander in Chief of ISIS currently vacationing in Hawaii?


…where all the women wear trash bags, all the goats are good looking, and all the children are more murderous than average.

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  1. Sadly, it is easy to see exactly what is going on. It came to my mind, for instance, it would appear that all the signs in the picture you present are “printed.” In other words someone when to a print shop to have them made–these are not spur of the moment home made signs. Just this fact backs up what you have brought to us–there is an organized effort behind these horrible riots. Thank you for bringing this article to us.

    • Indeed, Auntie Lulu. I noticed during the “Arab Spring” rioting that some of the signs were identical to those carried by the “Occupy Wall Street” people. And what the heck a signs printed in English doing in a North African jihad?

  2. So much evil has been inflicted upon our country since the mentally deranged president has used his soapbox to make hate flourish. I think every bit of this can be traced right back to Obama and his obvious Muslim ties of which he of course denied at first. He no longer even tries to maintain the “I’m a Christian” lie, it had to have been exhausting to him to maintain such a charade. He is Muslim in every way, through and through.

  3. And to all who want him IMPEACHED,remember,if he’s impeached we still have to live by his policies. But if we ARREST,PROSECUTE AND CONVICT him for his Treasonous acts,blatantly Anti-American policies and illegality by being proven to NOT be a “natural born Citizen of the US”,everything he’s touched as president (and likely as Congressman) would have to be declared NULLIFIED.

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