The News From Assbakistan – Story 3

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This just in:
Muslim jihadists are still complete jackasses!



…where all the women wear trash bags, all the goats are good looking, and all the children are more murderous than average.

You guessed it. The common thread is Assbakistan.
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0 responses to “The News From Assbakistan – Story 3

  1. That joker looks like a snaggle tooth weasel.

  2. What more can we expect from inbred fools? I’m sure this guy’s shoe size is bigger than his IQ.

  3. sociopath celebrating death, destruction, and terrorism….this is the true face of islam….peaceful religion my a**!

    • LOL!! This is what happens when cousins marry cousins, then marry brothers and sisters, etc…. Good One Anonymous!!😆

      • And perhaps an occasional goat.

      • Hi Northern Girl I was in Azzbacwardstan a city close to Assbakistan about a year ago and saw a scene almost identical to this one with two guys, one was even wearing an identical shirt , anyway his mule was raised in the air like just like this photo so the guy starts flogging and screaming at the mule then someone explained to them that the mule couldn’t get traction, so they cut the harness dropping the mule onto the pavement, and then after a loud and lengthy discussion this guy and his helper decided to try and find a fatter mule or one with longer legs{):-}

        • LOL!! Hi Jack. It’s amazing how ignorant these people are. Thanks for passing on the story, I am sure you were stunned watching this unfold. 😃😄

  4. Assbackwardstan.
    Our “leaders” say we need to empathise and learn to understand the religion of death. right?

    • Ti– besides the admonishment of “Billery” to learn/understand/empathize with the “religion of death” of our enemies….when are those enemies going to bow down & worship at Obama’s feet, while he parts seas, & heals the oceans/ceases the seas from rising—& bring peace/love/understanding to all mankind JUST b/c the great OBAMA goes forth to talk to them? Obama thought it was going to materialize after his first big speech….for which he flew to Egypt to spew. But, that failing, we are still waiting for the miracles to spin off the “deity’s” fingertips….Does anyone think “Billery” can do it better with her–now–open, orally-stated future foreign policy??????

  5. “Assbakistan”
    LOL – That’s even better than Ashcanistan.

  6. They may see that as a joke. I’m not laughing. Anyone want to bet on if I could hit the top button that is fastened from 500 yards? Now THAT is comedy.

  7. “Muslim jihadists are still complete jackasses!”
    I don’t expect to see ANY change in THAT in the next stretch to Eternity…

  8. satan’s little helpers….


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